Review of Cathay Pacific flight Mumbai Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX660
Class Economy
Seat 64A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 06:10
Take-off 01 Jul 18, 01:05
Arrival at 01 Jul 18, 09:45
CX   #2 out of 85 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 482 reviews
By GOLD 2565
Published on 24th November 2018
Trip Report: Cathay Pacific B-LBB CX660 Mumbai - Hong Kong

Flight details:
Airlines: Cathay Pacific
Flight No: CX660 BOM - HKG
Reg: B-LBB
Aircraft: Airbus A330-343
Departure Mumbai Terminal 2 Gate 76 : 01:05 IST
Arrival Hong Kong Terminal 1 : 09:54 HKT
Flight time: 5 hours 54 minutes
Distance: 4276 km or 2657 miles

Full trip video: Cathay Pacific B-LBB CX660 Mumbai - Hong Kong

Do watch the video and experience the flight.


This trip report is return flight from Mumbai in July 2018. Read the here the arrival report on CX663 Hong Kong to Mumbai

Arriving at airport

I checked for the flight online. Yet decided to arrive at the airport 3 hrs before departure as it was peak traffic time in Mumbai even in late hours of the night.

Had a long detour on the way to airport managed to arrive 2.5 hrs early. Booked a Ola through the app which dropped me at the airport. Cost was approx Rs 400.

CX 663 arriving in Mumbai

photo img-20180701-wa0000_resize


As I had check-in the flight earlier and being early, queue was short. Handed passport for inspection and scanned by the ground staff for details. Checked bag all the way to Sydney. Got the boarding pass for both flights. Headed off to the security and immigration

Check -In

photo 20180701_024844_resizephoto 20180701_024848_resize

Security and immigration

I was in no rush as it was busy night at airport, after completing security, headed to immigration. Immigration asked me about NSW and let me pass.

Meal time

I wasn't hungry anyway decided to have something before boarding.

Meal before boarding

photo 20180701_032740_resize

After some window shopping in the food court, decided to settle for a masala dosa as I won't get the flavour in Sydney. Disappointed with the dish, it was hard and with the wooden cutlery , difficult to cut.

photo 20180701_032736_resize

To departure gate

After the meal, headed to the gate taking time as I was early.

photo 20180701_033833_resize

Flight Schedule

Checked the schedule.

photo 20180701_033931_resize

Flight departing gate 76

photo 20180701_033932_resize

Waiting Area

On reaching waiting area, it was empty. Charged my phone and camera while waiting. Flight crew arrived and waited to enter

photo 2018_0101_004544_001_resize

Thai Airways International Boeing 747-400

Watched a TG pushback to Bangkok.

photo 20180701_034636_resize


After waiting for an hour or so, boarding was called. Had boarding pass checked and allowed to proceed to board. Business Class seating was 1-2-1

On getting closer to the aerobridge was directed to board from the business class door as a queue had formed on the bridge. Business class was almost full. Watch trip video.

photo 2018_0101_012027_002_resize


On boarding the flight was directed to the aisle on the right as I had selected window seat in the rear of the aircraft. Economy class seating was 2-4-2.

photo 2018_0101_012453_003_resize

Flight information

Upon placing my bag in the overhead locker and settled in the seat, activated the flight channel.

photo 2018_0101_012407_001_resize

Window view

Checked the window, Jet Airways was parked next gate.

photo 20180701_053409_resize

Cabin view

Flight was full in economy.

photo 2018_0101_073133_001_resize

Cabin announcement

After doors were closed, safety demonstration video was shown on the seat IFE. Flight deck came on the mike, provided flight details , followed by the Flight incharge introducing and informing the flight service.

photo 20180701_060904_resize

Flight information

photo 20180701_061319_resizephoto 20180701_061325_resize

Pusbkback, taxi and departure

Pushback commenced while safety video was shown. Taxi commenced to depart runway 27. A quick roll and takeoff without much wait, soon flying over the Arabian sea, watch trip video for departure

Flight path

After departing Mumbai airport,

photo 2018_0101_020916_001_resize

Headed West for few minutes, before turning North-East to fly over North-Western suburbs.

photo 20180701_061305_resizephoto 20180701_061314_resize


Cabin crew came on the mike and made announcement regarding drinks service. Breakfast would be served 2 hrs prior to landing in Hong Kong.

photo 20180701_060858_resize

Flight path

photo 20180701_061229_resizephoto 20180701_061232_resize

Flight information

photo 20180701_061346_resizephoto 20180701_061409_resize

Cabin view

Cabin service commenced with drinks service. I chose orange juice

photo 2018_0101_055353_002_resize

Cup Holder

photo 20180701_061342_resize

Orange juice

photo 2018_0101_055636_001_resize

Cabin view

Lights were switched off after collecting the cups.

photo 20180701_100222_resize

Seat view

I slept for few hours.

photo 20180701_060930_resize

Inflight entertainment

Being a red-eye flight, skipped the inflight entertainment.

photo 20180701_100210_resize

Flight path

On waking, checked the flight map, Flight was over China.

photo 2018_0101_055407_004_resize

Hong Kong immigration form

Crew distributed Hong Kong immigration form for those wishing to enter Hong Kong.

photo 20180701_095414_resize

I wasn't staying in Hong Kong, left the address space blank.

photo 20180701_095459_resize

I had a transit time of 11 hrs before flight to Sydney. I took a form to fill.

photo 20180701_095547_resize

Flight path

photo 2018_0101_055642_002_resizephoto 2018_0101_055715_004_resize

Cabin Service

Being a late night flight, Breakfast was provided 2 hrs prior to arrival in Hong Kong. During the night, crew distributed orange juice and water.

Breakfast Packaging

photo 20180701_102840_resizephoto 20180701_102847_resize


Breakfast option was Veg or Non-Veg. I selected non-veg. it was minced lamb with roti, fruits and mango flavoured yogurt, which I didn't eat.

photo 20180701_103005_resize

Flight path

photo 20180701_102900_resize

Flight information

photo 20180701_102906_resize

Window view

Flight deck came on the mike to make announcement, flight was running 15 mins behind schedule due to headwinds encountered after departure.

photo 20180701_110819_resize

Transit passenger information

IFE displayed flight gates for connecting passengers

photo 20180701_111046_resizephoto 20180701_111054_resize

Inflight magazine - Discovery

Checked the inflight magazine.

photo 20180701_111228_resizephoto 20180701_111527_resize

Reading material - Inflight magazine and safety card

photo 20180701_111249_resize

Cathay Pacific A330 Safety Card

photo 20180701_111239_resize

Shopping magazine and headphones

photo 20180701_111203_resize

Flight information

After passing near the coast of Hong Kong Island made a turn to line up to land.

photo 20180701_111331_resize

Flight path

photo 20180701_111339_resize

Approaching Hong Kong

After a smooth landing. Had a short taxi to gate in Midfield Concourse.

photo 20180701_111543_resize

Arriving at gate

photo 20180701_121124_resize


Disembarkation was through the business class door

photo 20180701_121358_resize

Business Class

photo 20180701_121416_resizephoto 20180701_121418_resize

Exiting through aerobridge

photo 20180701_121435_resizephoto 20180701_121556_resize

Cathay Pacific B-LBB Airbus A330-300

photo 20180701_121518_resizephoto 20180701_121529_resize

Long walk to immigration

After disembarkation, had a long walk to board the people mover to Terminal 1.

photo 20180701_121750_resize

Walk and train to Immigration

Watch video to experience.

Immigration and Custom

After arriving at the terminal 1, headed to immigration. Long queue had formed, which moved quickly. Observed there were many passengers on my flight who were connecting to China or heading to Shenzhen. As few passengers ahead of me informed the immigration lady, they would be heading to Shenzhen, hence didn't write the address in the form.

When my turn came, she took the passport and form, scanned it and asked for the boarding pass. Stamped the passport was on my way out passing customs. As I was having nothing to declare. walked to exit.

Airport Express Counter

I had been to Hong Kong many years ago, knew where the where to buy the octopus card.

photo te

Counter to buy ticket

photo wew

Ticket and Octopus card

Bought a return ticked to airport and topped for the Hong Kong MRT. I didn't travel on the MRT, instead took a ferry ride from Hong Kong Central to Tsim Sha Shui.

photo goole

To catch Airport Express

A short walk from the counter is the airport express platform. Saw a train train, rushed to catch the train.

photo 20180701_125651_resize

On board Train

photo 20180701_125746_resizephoto 2018_0101_001035_001_resize

Hong Kong Airport Express train ride

Watch and experience.


Disembarked at the Hong Kong Central Terminal, first thing that hit me after exiting out of the building was the heat and humidity, it was the hottest day of the year,

Temperature had reached around 35 degrees by midday.

Headed towards the ferry terminal to catch the inter-island ferry.

photo 2018_0101_001516_001_resizephoto 2018_0101_001538_002_resize

Hope you enjoyed the trip, Thanks for reading.

End of trip

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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew7.5

Mumbai - BOM


Hong Kong - HKG



Cathay Pacific was convenient timing, service was good. Mumbai airport was quick as I had early even though it was busy at the time of the night. Hong Kong airport was easy to navigate as I had travelled there before.

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Cathay Pacific avec 8.4/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 5 heures et 38 minutes.

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