Review of Delta Air Lines flight Nashville Nashville in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL2939
Class Economy
Seat 31F
Aircraft Boeing 757-200
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 18 Nov 18, 09:45
Arrival at 18 Nov 18, 10:30
DL   #29 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 833 reviews
Published on 25th November 2018


Hi, welcome to my trip report. You're probably wondering why the routing is Nashville-Nashville, and I'll get to that part later, just bear with me. This flight was supposed to be the first leg of my return Nashville-Seattle flight, and it was heading to Atlanta, where I was connecting onto another 757-200 that afternoon with a layover just over 2 hours. You can read the review for my inbound Seattle-Nashville flight here: But anyways, let's get to the flight portion of this report.

Nashville Airport:

I woke up at 6 am for my 9:45 am flight, and after having breakfast and packing, I arrived at the airport at about 7:55. It isn't that far from downtown, which I appreciated.
photo 45980637392_dbc9386b50_k
photo 44214827900_f62e6b09a8_k
photo 32159679718_35554e2ba7_k
photo 45306370264_52778e49db_k
The airport wasn't crowded at this hour, so I was able to get my bags dropped and head to security without much of a wait.
photo 45306371274_cf79264358_k
The line at security wasn't horrible either, and I was airside by 8:15, then I took my grandparents (who I was traveling with) to the gate.
Here's the podium for our flight.
photo 46030533141_d25d567553_k
Since I still had almost an hour till boarding, I did some plane spotting, shown in the bonus section below.
Bonus : Click here display

The terminals at Nashville are rather bland, but they had adequate seating, were all connected airside, and there was decent amenities. My only complaint is that the walkway to Concourse A is rather narrow and dark, but I hear they're renovating the airport so hopefully that'll be fixed.
photo 45118772025_4e6f80d482_k
photo 45980687282_a6793c72e1_k
photo 32159689078_3d8fe30d36_k
photo 32159694638_bdb3c4e393_k
photo 45118778855_2e895b5a3f_k
Before walking back to my gate in Concourse B, I got a photo of the plane taking me to Atlanta that morning. It was N684DA, a 25.7 year old 757-200 without winglets, that has spent its entire life with Delta, except for a short stint from 2003 to 2006 with Song, their former leisure subsidiary.
photo 45980704732_f59aeb5b4b_k
It was a crowded gate area since it was going to be a completely full flight. At 9:05 am, they started boarding, and a few minutes later my grandparents and I boarded in zone 1.
A closer view of the flying pencil.
photo 32159701938_ea54383f74_k
Once I stepped onboard, I was very impressed. This was one of the 757s that Delta had done a cabin refresh on from nose to tail, and it showed. There were new, large overhead bins, new sidewalls and seats, and modern IFE. Essentially it was like an aftermarket Boeing Sky Interior, if that makes any sense.
photo 32159710248_bb0a03a292_k
I was seated in row 31, over the wing.
photo 45295614204_d650c140ba_k
photo 45118799285_29450e86cf_k
Legroom was adequate, and the seat was comfortable and had good recline.
photo 31091769077_16f0b1e091_k
The IFE screen was modern, high-resolution, and had excellent touch sensitivity. The content was the same as my inbound flight, so there was TV shows, movies, live TV, music, a flight map, and info about Delta.
photo 45306408134_b972417593_k
There was also airport maps, which I appreciated since it would have been my first time connecting through Atlanta.
photo 45306419624_a0dfd397b2_k
While boarding progressed, I turned the IFE to the flight data page, which I found pretty cool as an avgeek.
photo 45306414824_20986969ea_k
A Contour Airlines E-135 pulled up next to us, arriving from Tupelo, MS.
photo 45295610554_7a9c564478_k
By 9:35 our aircraft was fully boarded and ready for departure. But then…

"An issue with the emergency brake":

The pilot came on the PA and said there was an issue with our emergency brake. They were calling maintenance, and didn't know how long it would be. While unsettling, I figured that I had a 2.5 hour connection, so I should be fine. A customer service agent boarded the plane and was personally talking to passengers who had tight connections about rebooking, which was a nice touch. Our scheduled departure time came and went, initially being pushed back to 10 am. I was thinking to myself about how I had told a friend a few days before this that I was flying Delta, and they quipped in response that it stands for Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport, and that maybe that acronym had some truth to it. Meanwhile, the crew provided timely announcements, saying they didn't know an ETD, but that they'd be happy to assist with rebooking passengers and checking on connections. I'd estimate that about 30 or 40 passengers left the plane, and I stayed put. Finally, at 10:30 a mechanic entered the plane and came on the PA, saying that the issue was more serious than they had thought, and that the new ETD was 1:00 pm. He then proceeded to explain how to rebook, but warned us that it was a busy travel day and was close to Thanksgiving, so lots of flights were full. Even if the plane had left at 1 (which it didn't), I would have missed my connection by half an hour, so I had to rebook my flights.
All the passengers deplaned after that, either going in line to rebook or waiting for the delayed flight.
photo 31091837937_d0ab91329a_k
When I got into the terminal, a giant line formed at the counter for the gate, but I remembered that I had the Delta app, so I chose to rebook from there. Since it was a Sunday and I had school the next day, I was primarily searching for flights that got into Seattle as early as possible. At first, I was looking at a double connection over Atlanta and Indianapolis, getting into Seattle at 7:30, but when I tried to select it, it was already fully booked. I then settled on an itinerary connecting via Minneapolis.
Here was my new flight schedule:
Delta Connection (Skywest) flt. 3719 depart Nashville 4:39 pm arrive Minneapolis 6:54 pm
Delta flt. 489 depart Minneapolis 7:50 pm arrive Seattle 9:47 pm
Although it could have been under better circumstances, I was excited for these flights since they were on an Embraer 175 and Boeing 757-300, and I hadn't flown on either of those aircraft types before. I went over to another much less crowded gate desk to print off my new boarding passes, and started thinking about how I was going to spend 6 hours in the Nashville airport.
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Nashville - BNA



Although this situation was completely avoidable, especially since the aircraft spent the prior night in Nashville, I think Delta dealt with the issue about as well as you can expect, providing timely updates and helping passengers rebook. Other than that, the experience at the airport was good and the airplane we were going to travel on was really nice, and that's really about all that I can say.



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  • Comment 477465 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6858 Comments
    Sorry to hear about the cancellation! Delta is probably the best of the legacy US3 carriers in dealing with IRROPS, which helps to soften the blow when things go wrong. The refreshed 757s look great, definitely better than AA's refreshed 757s which don't have any IFE.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 478078 by
      jetcitytraveller AUTHOR 13 Comments
      Thanks! I agree about Delta IRROPS since I got compensation for everything, which I'll elaborate more on in a future report. Also, I concur about Delta's 757 cabin refresh-it definitely doesn't look like a 25 year-old plane on the inside!
  • Comment 477549 by
    757Fan 632 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report. Sorry to hear about your long day of travel - but Delta always does a good job in situations like this I feel like. Glad you were able to make it back in the same day!
    • Comment 478082 by
      jetcitytraveller AUTHOR 13 Comments
      You're welcome-I'm glad you liked it. Nice username, and rather appropriate for this trip report. I agree about Delta's customer service in these situations, it just feels like their staff typically cares a little bit more about their customers than at the other airlines in my experience.
  • Comment 477680 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 657 Comments
    Less than a hour in Minneapolis? That's very tight. Hope you made that connection.
    • Comment 478083 by
      jetcitytraveller AUTHOR 13 Comments
      Thankfully I did make my connection, even though I arrived in the B gates, departed out of the F gates, and was traveling with two seniors. I was cutting it close though, since for my MSP-SEA flight I arrived right at the end of my boarding zone. I wouldn't have booked a connection that tight if I had a choice, but it was the best option I had at the time.

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