Review of Allegiant Air flight Washington Nashville in Economy

Airline Allegiant Air
Flight G42581
Class Economy
Seat 15F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:49
Take-off 07 Aug 22, 16:08
Arrival at 07 Aug 22, 16:57
G4 13 reviews
Published on 11th August 2023

Report No: 2022-801

Dear folks,

Welcome to this brand new series where I originally intended to fly 3 different US domestic products which I have never flown before but schedule changes and cancellations ruined the original plan of the trip so I had to make some modifications on my mini side trip within the United States of America.

The first series of this report would be onboard a new airline that I have never flown before, Allegiant Air, from Washington Dulles Airport to Nashville onboard their A320. I wanted to visit Nashville and this price was still 1/3rd the price of a legacy carrier even after adding the additional items such as carry-on and seat selection thus I gave a chance to Allegiant who operates this route 2 times per week. Before my flight I also had the chance to do some lounge hopping at Washington Dulles Airport.

So the original itinerary for this trip was as following, but flight #2 had been cancelled, which required a change to the itinerary.


  • G4 2581 Washington Dulles to Nashville ( Economy Class ), Airbus A320 Not available
  • MX 521 Nashville to Hartford ( Nicest Class ), Airbus A220-300 Not available
  • WN 2264 Hartford to Baltimore ( Economy Class ), Boeing 737-700 Not available

However the actual itinerary is as below

Loads for this flight


The day of the flight, I have taken bus 5A from downtown Washington DC to Dulles Airport.
The bus was crowded, however, every passenger was able to get a seat.

photo 20220807_124445-min-73608


After a 55 minute ride, we have arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport.

photo 20220807_133243-min-67939

FIDS for today - I was at the terminal about 2 hours 35 minutes before our scheduled departure time whereas I purposefully arrived early to do some lounge hopping and compare the available lounges at IAD.

photo 20220807_133518-min

Security that day was a breeze with no wait despite the fact that it was a Sunday in August.

photo 20220807_133832-min

That day, I have decided to take the walkway to Concourse A/B

photo 20220807_133923-min

While going up the escalator at the concourse, this Air Canada Embraer E-175 was pushing back 

photo 20220807_134305-min

The concourse was empty that day since most international flights out were at later hours.

photo 20220807_134403-min


The first stop of the day was the Air France / KLM Lounge at Washington Dulles Airport.
I was able to access this lounge via PriorityPass 

photo 20220807_134629

The lounge was empty at the time of my visit with comfortable seating all around.

photo 20220807_135112-32008

However, the disadvantage was that there were no proper hot food options that day since the KLM flight didn't operate that day leaving the earliest AF/KL departure that day being a 6:35pm flight to Paris.

photo 20220807_140828-min

However, the buffet had various fruit, sandwich, cheese, salad, charcuterie, bread and snack options

photo 20220807_140709-minphoto 20220807_140728-min

The lounge also had a full bar which isn't pictured in this report
Here is my initial selection 

photo 20220807_135116-min

Followed by more cookies and fries

photo 20220807_140934-min

The lounge also had a reserved seating area which I don't know why it was reserved.

photo 20220807_140940-min


Later on, I have decided to visit my second lounge of the day which would be the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse which I was able to access via my AMEX Platinum card.

photo 20220807_142109-min

A negative change since my last visit that those who are able to access the lounge via AMEX are no longer eligible to benefit from the a-la-carte menu and sit at the dining area.

photo 20220807_142229-min

That's why, I have went to the seating area upstairs where I was the only person at that time of the day. 

photo 20220807_142350-min

The lounge had self-service snacks and had some pre-order items such as an impossible burger and salad. There is also a bar available which is self-service for customers not seating in the dining area.

photo 20220807_142259

The lounge also has views and I was able to spot this TK 787-9 from the clubhouse.

photo 20220807_142222

Also, the lounge doesn't offer any champagne so I have had a glass of Prosecco.

photo 20220807_142725

I have tried the impossible burger which was served with chips and it tasted good.

photo 20220807_142923-min


The last stop of the day would be the Turkish Airlines Lounge which I also accessed via Priority Pass. While entering, the lounge agent informed me that the lounge is full so advised me to find a seat first and after spotting an empty chair, I have handed my Priority Pass card to the lounge agent and was admitted in.

photo 20220807_145003-min-62454

The lounge was pretty full and an area was blocked out due to leaking water from the air

photo 20220807_151755-min-91682

However, despite the rowdiness, this lounge has the best food offerings among the 3 lounges that I have visited that day.

photo 20220807_145435-min

The tomato soup, the chicken and the meatball were all delicious.

photo 20220807_145930

The lounge also had various dessert options

photo 20220807_145359-min

And, I have opted for the sütlaç ( rice pudding ) option which is a Turkish dessert.

photo 20220807_151201

The bar section of the lounge was very crowded so I wasn't able to take a photo there but my seat allowed perfect opportunities for plane spotting.

photo 20220807_145942-min

While enjoying my dessert, this United Express CRJ-200 had arrived from Pittsburgh as UA 3814.

photo 20220807_151500-min


When it was close to scheduled boarding time, I have left the lounge and started walking to the gate

photo 20220807_152002-min-72291

At that time, our bird, N291NV was just parking after it's previous flight from Sarasota Bradenton.

photo 20220807_152028-min

At the time of boarding, no gate agent was present as apparently there was only one ground staff at the passenger level handling everything of this plane including operating the jet bridge. The gate had plenty of seating area but most of them were occupied since the seating area was shared with the Southwest gates located next to ours.

photo 20220807_152126-min-85194

A Southwest Boeing 737 parked at gate B66

photo 20220807_153409

And N291NV, a bird that used to fly for Aer Lingus at gate B62.

photo 20220807_152234-min

Boarding started a little bit later than the scheduled start time, and group numbers were announced but after some point announcements have stopped so people started to queue up randomly. Also something interesting that Allegiant would board those passengers without carry-ons before passengers with carry-ons which is the opposite of what other carriers follow.

photo 20220807_152243-min-83622

Boarding N291AV

photo 20220807_154438-min-45101


After being welcomed by two entertaining crew members at the door, I have proceeded to my seat which was 15F.

photo 20220807_164056-min

To be honest, the legroom is quite OK but the seat width is very short which I don't understand the logic since the aircraft had a very wide aisle.

photo 20220807_154653

Overhead panel

photo 20220807_154702-min-31893

While boarding was going on, I was able to spot this TAP Air Portugal A321neo heading to Lisbon

photo 20220807_154752

This United 737-800 heading to Denver

photo 20220807_154902

As well as this United 767-400ER that was going to cross the Atlantic to Madrid that evening.

photo 20220807_154907

I was also able to spot this Avianca A320 pushing back

photo 20220807_154922-min

The seat has a tray table which is very small and useless if you wish to put literature or put your laptop on it.

While boarding was completed, the passenger in the aisle at my row has asked if he could move to the exit row, and the cabin crew said yes where the passenger in the middle seat moved to the aisle which increased the comfort on this ride.

However, a few minutes later, another passenger at a different row has asked a different member of cabin crew to move to the exit row and the cabin crew rejected his request. 

photo 20220807_155148

The literature options were as below; the airline does not offer any other entertainment other than seat back pocket content.

photo 20220807_155058-min

It's time to check the Sunseeker magazine starting with the route map of Allegiant

photo 20220807_160251-min

And here is the Buy on Board options for this flight.
I find it weird that this airline doesn't offer any hot drinks such as coffee and tea at their buy on board menu. Most items are either packaged snacks or canned beverages. 

And last not least, here is the fleet

photo 20220807_160427

Surprisingly boarding was completed on time but the crew had to count heads multiple times since apparently a passenger who had an kap-infant was occupying a seat which caused the passenger count to be higher.

photo 20220807_160719

Later on, the cabin lead Ivan, started making the pre-departure announcements in a funnier and entertaining way.

photo 20220807_160747-min

At that time F-GZNB had arrived from Paris as AF 54

photo 20220807_160807-min

N712EV waiting at gate B78 for it's flight to Detroit

photo 20220807_161138-min

This United 737-800 had just arrived from Cleveland while we were taxiing to the runway

photo 20220807_161151-min

Shortly later it was our time to take-off

photo 20220807_161701

And shortly later, we were in the air

photo 20220807_161940

The flight was mainly uneventful other than the BoB service and the jokes of the cabin lead Ivan such as "There is Wi-Fi onboard this flight and the password is capital N, number zero, capital W, number 1, capital F, number 1 -> You'll figure it out"

photo 20220807_163311

Entertaining announcements continued throughout the flight and the cabin crew were always visible to passengers instead of hiding at the galley.

photo 20220807_170656

Before descending, the cabin crew was provided information about the Allegiant credit card and handed forms, after that landing preparations have started and we have commenced our descent into BNA.

photo 20220807_172432

First shot of BNA

photo 20220807_172937-min

And we have landed on time

photo 20220807_173014

Leaving the runway

photo 20220807_173059

Then we have started our taxi and the first visible aircraft was this Southwest 737-700

photo 20220807_163308-min

Followed by it's sibling N959WN

photo 20220807_163317-min

There were even more Southwest aircraft at the concourse

photo 20220807_163335-min

N454WN was pushing back to operate flight WN 3036 to Albany via Myrtle Beach and Baltimore.
Southwest Airlines still operated direct flights with 1 or 2 stops under the same flight number and aircraft. 

photo 20220807_163427-min

The next aircraft that I was able to shot were these American Eagle birds

photo 20220807_163441-min

Two Embraer E-175's

photo 20220807_163447-min

And, a mainline AA aircraft, N969NN heading to Charlotte that afternoon

photo 20220807_163503-min

Nashville's airport terminal is still under construction and some taxiways are closed due to that reason

photo 20220807_163513-min

This time, it's an American Boeing 737-MAX-8 which was assigned to flight AA2458 to Miami that afternoon

photo 20220807_163534-min

That day we were going to park at gate C5.

photo 20220807_163551-min

Once we did, Ivan made his final joke via the PA asking people to check their surroundings otherwise he would have more items to sell on Ebay after arriving at their base.

photo 20220807_163636


After saying thank you to the cheerful crew, I have left the aircraft and found myself inside the South Terminal

photo 20220807_164253-min-74625

I was able to take this last photo of N291NV before it returns back to Washington Dulles that afternoon

photo 20220807_164337-min

Since I had lot of time for the next local bus to Nashville, I decided to go around the terminal to see what is available

photo 20220807_164715-28150

Then I have headed towards the exit

photo 20220807_165033-13947

While waiting for the bus, I have taken a seat at Green Beans Coffee and worked on my computer

photo 20220807_165705-min-90126

At that time, I have also enjoyed a latte.

photo 20220807_165710-min

When it was time for the bus, I have left the coffee shop and headed downstairs

photo 20220807_172807-min

Another level down for ground transportation

photo 20220807_172932-min

Walking by the construction site on my way to the garage where bus 18 to the city departs

photo 20220807_173119-min

The terminal construction from another angle

photo 20220807_173135-min

All ridesharing services and buses depart from the same garage.

photo 20220807_173218-min-48559

Bus 18 is the public transportation option to go from Nashville Airport to downtown and since it was a Sunday, the frequencies were not that peak.

photo 20220807_173331-min

Shortly later than its scheduled arrival time, the bus had arrived and I was on my way to the music city.

photo 20220807_174144-min

Which is Nashville.

photo 20220807_175612

That's the moment where this report has come to an end.
The series would continue soon with the next episode.
Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all in another report.

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Allegiant Air

Cabin crew9.0

Washington - IAD


Nashville - BNA



While Allegiant has a very tight seat pitch and width, it was OK for what I paid but the difference was significant than other carriers in the USA. Despite that, the crew tried to make the flight enjoyable and if the pricing wasn't a significant factor, I would have probably chose another airline on the same route.

IAD PriorityPass / AMEX Lounges are still superior compared to some other US airports and due to it being Sunday, the public transportation options from the airport to city are limited albeit the frequencies were reasonable and allowed me to have an extra coffee at the airport and do some work.



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  • Comment 634037 by
    Jett Tyler GOLD 377 Comments
    Cool report, really enjoyed the read!
  • Comment 634039 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6909 Comments
    Hi ISTflyer, great report as usual! Interesting to see a review on Allegiant. As expected, it's very basic but priced well below the competition. In addition to the very tight cabins and basic service (or rather lack thereof), I usually don't find Allegiant to be very competitive because they have such low frequencies. They try to do the point-to-point thing like Southwest, but don't do it nearly as well as SWA because they usually have maximum 1 flt/day on most routes, and often times it's just 2-3X/week. Nevertheless, they do have very low pricing so if someone's not really in a rush to get somewhere G4 may be the right option.

    Nice that you got in the AF/KL lounge on PP...Everytime I used PP at IAD it seems it was never the times where AF/KL were accepting PP. I hadn't been in the AF Lounge since they renovated it a few years ago--looks good!

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 634040 by
      ISTFlyer SILVER AUTHOR 399 Comments
      Hi Kévin and welcome to this report.

      As expected, it's very basic but priced well below the competition. In addition to the very tight cabins and basic service (or rather lack thereof), I usually don't find Allegiant to be very competitive because they have such low frequencies. They try to do the point-to-point thing like Southwest, but don't do it nearly as well as SWA because they usually have maximum 1 flt/day on most routes, and often times it's just 2-3X/week.

      - I realized the same thing that most of their routes have 2 or 3 weekly frequencies and they have a unique business modal as it seems. Southwest also sells connecting itineraries where Allegiant doesn't.

      In addition, if we are going to compare G4 with other LCC's such as F9 and NK, G4 is way behind in terms of comfort, and seat pitch.

      Nice that you got in the AF/KL lounge on PP...Everytime I used PP at IAD it seems it was never the times where AF/KL were accepting PP. I hadn't been in the AF Lounge since they renovated it a few years ago--looks good!

      - IIRC, the AF/KL Lounge over there only accepts PP pax when there is no AF/KL flights at the same time. However, the options during the time where there is no Air France and KLM flights are much limited compared to those hours when AF/KL flights are operating.

      Thanks for sharing!

      - You're most welcome
  • Comment 634080 by
    Chibcha SILVER 595 Comments
    Looks like a regular flight in Europe nowadays. The crew joking and merry attitude are a welcome change I guess (I have never had anything like that out of the US BTW).

    The works in BNA look huge!

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 634081 by
      ISTFlyer SILVER AUTHOR 399 Comments
      Hi Chibca and thanks for your comment,

      Looks like a regular flight in Europe nowadays.

      - I haven't flown any European LCC except Frenchbee since COVID so I can't comment what is the situation over there. However, Turkish LCC's ( Pegasus, AnadoluJet, SunExpress, etc... ) are much more professional than this airline at least :)

      The crew joking and merry attitude are a welcome change I guess (I have never had anything like that out of the US BTW).

      - Same, I only had this in the USA

      The works in BNA look huge!

      - Indeed, they are renewing the terminal.

      Thanks for sharing!

      - You're welcome, thanks for reading!

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