Review of AtlasGlobal flight İzmir Istanbul in Economy

Airline AtlasGlobal
Flight KK23
Class Economy
Seat 13F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:05
Take-off 22 Nov 18, 19:30
Arrival at 22 Nov 18, 20:35
KK 6 reviews
Published on 27th November 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Flight-Report members and readers,

It's an honor to present this exclusive series to the community as this series would include 2 regular domestic flights within Turkey but the other two flights would be a beginning for me as a new airport is opened in my city of origin. Due to the first two months of opening, discounted fares were offered from that airport to some destinations starting from 9€ in Economy Class and 39€ in Business Class. Unfortunately, this series would only contain Economy class flights but I have 10 ticketed Business Class journeys from that airport to 4 different destinations in December and I expect to report all of these 10 flights exclusive for the Flight-Report community.

The third part of this series would contain the report of my first flight departing from Istanbul Airport. In this report, I would contain more information regarding the ISL terminal instead of the flight. The service and the meal of the flights were same as the previous two reports.

The routing for this exclusive series would look like this 

Apologizes for the delays publishing these series. Ce série des FR's va être traduire en français dans quelques jours.

Pax for this flight

Business Class: 0/12 -> %0
Economy Class ( EkonomiPlus ) : 155/192 -> %80

I've heard the exact amount of pax onboard this flight while from one of the ground staff while setting up the boarding area. 


Online check-in was completed 48 hours before scheduled departure.

photo img_4463photo img_4464

AtlasGlobal blocks the first 3-4 rows ( depending on aircraft type ) of their EkonomiPlus cabin for Atlasmiles Gold & Platinum members. To avoid a restricted recline seat, I have chosen seat 13F.

photo img_4466photo img_4465

Boarding Pass

photo img_4467

IZMIR Adnan Menderes AIRPORT

After heading to the departure level, just after my previous flight

photo img_4974

I have saw that the AtlasGlobal counters were closed at that time. They open 2 hours before scheduled takeoff

photo img_4975

But I had my mobile boarding pass so I directly headed to the security checkpoint which took 5 minutes to clear. Then, I decided to visit the Primeclass lounge with my Vodafone discount to spend the rest of the time at the airport. The regular entry fee for this lounge is €12.

photo img_4976


The ambiance of the lounge

photo img_4984

Hot dishes offered today

photo img_4982

In addition, soup was also offered

photo img_4981

Other selections

photo img_4980

In addition to these photos, alcoholic beverages are also offered and facilites such as business area, showers, phone chargers are available at this lounge. There is also a special room that passengers could play PlayStation while waiting for their flights.

Spotting from the lounge,
Starting with this Onurair A320 which would head to Istanbul Atatürk 

photo img_4977

It was my second time that I saw TC-SEY that day, that bird was at Antalya that morning.

photo img_4978

And, this TK A330-300 ( TC-LOA ) was heading to Istanbul Atatürk as TK2327

photo img_4979

TC-ODA being pushed back

photo img_4983

Later on, I had a shower at the lounge and then left the lounge and headed to gate 121 which was a bus gate.


photo img_4985

Boarding was made by bus 30-35 minutes before scheduled departure time. Priorities were respected during boarding, even though there was only one priority customer onboard today. He boarded the bus first.

photo img_4986

After being bussed to gate 33 located on the international terminal

photo img_4988

I have boarded the aircraft from the front stairs

photo img_4989

KK 23 IZMIR Adnan Menderes AIRPORT TO Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT

I was welcomed by the crew and the flying chef while boarding the aircraft.


The seats of KK are designed for short haul and they are comfortable. The legroom is also good for a domestic flight. 

photo img_5018photo img_4990

Overhead panel

photo img_4992

TC-SEP had arrived from Munich that evening.

photo img_4991

We started our pushback few minutes later than our scheduled departure time. At that time the crew made a safety demo for passengers as the overhead monitors didn't worked. By the way, seat 13E ( the seat next to me ) was empty during the flight.

AnadoluJet 737-800 which would head to Ankara as TK7519

photo img_4993

TC-JVL, the aircraft that I came from Istanbul Airport, had completed its ISL rotation and heading back to Atatürk Airport as TK2335

photo img_4994

TC-JVS was at the remote stand that night, this bird would operate the ISL rotation next day.

photo img_4995

A last view of the terminal

photo img_4997

We are taking off

photo img_4998photo img_4999

Sarnıç district

photo img_5001

Buca district

photo img_5002

And downtown Izmir

photo img_5003


As the overhead monitors weren't working today, the only IFE options were those which could be found in the seat pocket. Puzzles and the Glober magazine 

photo img_5004

AtlasGlobal has started flights to Odessa this month.

photo img_5005

AtlasGlobal flight in the Glober magazine

photo img_5006

One of the best things that KK offers is their free Fly&Bus shuttle services which they offer a free shuttle bus service from the city center to the airport at several destinations.

photo img_5007

AtlasGlobal route map

photo img_5008photo img_5009


Shortly after takeoff, the meal service begun. AtlasGlobal is the only domestic carrier that offers multiple options for the meal service. Passengers could select between a hot sandwich and a marble cake. They are also the carrier that offers the most soft drink options within Turkish carriers.

photo img_5010

I was exhausted that day so I have only took several pictures before landing and after landing.

photo img_5011

IST International Terminal

photo img_5013photo img_5014

We were going to park at a remote stand.

photo img_5015

And we had parked next to another KK A321 which had arrived from Madinah.

photo img_5017

Istanbul Atatürk AIRPORT - IST

Later on, we were transferred to the domestic terminal by bus. A last shot of the aircraft

photo img_5019

And, I would like to end this series of Flight-Report's with this photo of the domestic arrivals hall.

photo img_5020

Once again thanks for reading this serie, and hope to meet you in a future report.

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Cabin crew8.0

İzmir - ADB


Istanbul - ISL



AtlasGlobal is one of my top choices within the routes they offer. Their prices are reasonable -cheaper than Pegasus-, their inflight service is wonderful and their Fly&Bus service is one of the top reasons that I usually choose AtlasGlobal. Unfortunately, the company decided to focus on charter flights from Antalya with most of their aircraft so there was a decrease in their scheduled flights, but I was lucky to catch one of their scheduled flights this time. The only problem was that the overhead monitors weren't working but that isn't a big deal as they monitor news programs or documentaries from these monitors. When it comes to review the lounge, the lounge is above average and deserved the money that I have paid. Compared to a domestic lounge, they offer more than most lounges and they even have free alcohol. ( TK domestic lounges doesn't have alcoholic beverages ). Also the toilets and the showers were clean while I used them but the only funny thing that the showers doesn't have a toilet inside them. ADB and IST were the same as my previous visits and nothing special to mention about these airports.

(+) Efficient airport
Primeclass Lounge
(+) Food & beverage selection
(+) Facilities
(+) Friendly lounge staff
(-) Most of the phone chargers were not working. ( The employee at the front desk helped me by sharing his own charger with me )
(+) Food and drink selection
(+) Comfortable seats
(+) Inflight magazine content
(-) Overhead monitors not working ( -1.0 in the entertainment section )
Nothing special

Information on the route İzmir (ADB) Istanbul (ISL)

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Turkish Airlines avec 8.0/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 15 minutes.

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  • Comment 478370 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6182 Comments
    Thanks for sharing! AtlasGlobal seems to be good value for a lower price than competitors. It's nice that Turkey has 3 reasonably large carriers competing on domestic routes to keep prices down.
    • Comment 478428 by
      ISTFlyer BRONZE AUTHOR 386 Comments
      Thanks for the comment,
      "AtlasGlobal seems to be good value for a lower price than competitors."
      -AtlasGlobal is one of the cheapest airlines in Turkey on domestic routes along with Pegasus & SunExpress and they are the cheapest full service airline in domestic routes within Turkey. Their existence could make their customers save money on domestic routes but they only have 6 domestic routes in their entire network and their international routes could be more expensive than TK.
      "It's nice that Turkey has 3 reasonably large carriers competing on domestic routes to keep prices down."
      - Yes, it is nice that there are competitors facing Turkish Airlines on domestic routes, but the main reason that these companies are flying several domestic routes is not lose their slots at IST and that's why they don't prioritize operating these routes form IST and their timetables and route selections aren't well selected, so it can be difficult to arrange a domestic trip without including flights from TK or PC. The reason that these airlines ( such as AtlasGlobal and OnurAir ) doesn't prioritize operations from IST is that they earn more profit on seasonal charter routes so they are mainly focusing on operations from Antalya.
      Thanks again and hope to see you in another report.
      • Comment 478458 by
        KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6182 Comments
        Very interesting, thanks for the information! I forgot there was also SunExpress and OnurAir on many domestic routes. But yes, too bad the schedules aren't always convenient. Thanks!

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