Review of Solaseed Air flight Tokyo Kagoshima in Economy

Airline Solaseed Air
Flight SJ0079
Class Economy
Seat 23C
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 18 Jun 18, 18:05
Arrival at 18 Jun 18, 19:40
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By 843
Published on 17th December 2018
Hello again,

NH 216 CDG-HND Here
SJ79 HND-KOJ This Report

At Haneda

In this report, I'll be covering Solaseed Air from Tokyo Haneda to Kagoshima Airport in Kagoshima, Japan. For those who don't know, Solaseed Air is a small airline consisting of 13 B737-800 and their main destination is airports in Kyushu except Fukuoka plus Okinawa. Most of the time they codeshare with ANA as they do have some stakes invested. Unlike NH, it's a all economy flights but nevertheless it's a good airline to give it a try and I'll tell you why in this report.

Picking up from my last report from CDG, after going through immigration's and attempting to reclaim our luggage in which neither mine or my moms made into the flight. We went straight to terminal 2 which all NH, Air DO, some Starflyer and Solaseed Air fly out from using the free shuttle service from the International terminal to Terminal 2. I do believe JL has the same thing as well to Terminal 1. Before going to check in, we went to some of the small stores (売店)to buy some dinner, which mine consisted of Beef Tongue rice balls and Grilled Mackerel Sushi. Note that this can be called a sora-ben (空弁) because it's a bento enjoyed in the sky.

Air Do 737-700 to Hokkaido
photo img_20180618_180126

Boarding and On Board

After going through security, we made our way to our boarding gate where we waited until boarding began. The interesting thing about Japanese airports are that when you do go through security, you get a security certificate which will be a small yellow slip that you are asked to keep until your final destination. Why they do that I don't know but it didn't really bother me at all.
The boarding began about 20 minutes before flight time, and everybody lined up in a orderly fashion. Solaseed airlines does a system where they let all passengers whose seats are the windows to board first then everybody else. But it seems to be effective as there weren't too much congestion once on board.

The flight today was operated by Boeing 737-800 with Boeing Sky Interior

JA812X with Kumamon (Official mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture) sticker
photo img_20180618_180129

Boarding was complete on time and we were soon flying out of the gloomy Tokyo evening toward Kagoshima.

Seat 23C not a bad pitch for a 5'11.
photo img_20180618_181203

Once we reached our cruising altitude, the CA's began their drink runs. Interesting thing about Solassed Air was that they have hot soup available on their flights. Unlike ANA, they have soup made out of extracts from flying fish caught in Nagasaki with Yuzu form Oita. Frankly I like it but it could be a love or hate for others. So when you do fly Solaseed Air, give it a try you might like it. (They do also sell the 20 serving worth for 1000 yen cash only). I enjoyed this with the sushi and the rice ball I bought earlier.
photo img_20180618_185809photo img_20180618_185021photo img_20180618_184553

The rest of the flight was spend dozing off and listening to music. Do note that Solaseed Air does not have any inflight enterntainment so I recommend bringing books or downloading shows and movies.


We arrived to Kagoshima on time, as it is not a big airport, it only took about three minutes to be taxied to the gate. The best (and really the only) way to get to the central Kagoshima and other parts of Kagoshima is by bus. It will cost around 1250 for adults and 630 for kids and it will take around 40-50 minutes depending on the number of stops and traffic.
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Solaseed Air

Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu10.0

Tokyo - HND


Kagoshima - KOJ



Since Solaseed Air is a domestic airliner, I can see why lot of people won't know much about this airline. But nevertheless, its something you all should try it out when going to Kyushu region of Japan (There's great ramens if that catches your attention). Service is terrific in Japanese standards and all in all I had a good experience.



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