Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Sydney in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX101
Class Economy
Seat 65K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 10:10
Take-off 01 Jul 18, 23:55
Arrival at 02 Jul 18, 12:05
CX   #4 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 451 reviews
By 2251
Published on 19th January 2019
Trip Report: Cathay Pacific B-KQD CX 101 Hong Kong - Sydney

Flight details:
Airlines: Cathay Pacific
Flight No: CX101 HKG - SYD
Reg: B-KQD
Aircraft: Boeing 777-367[ER]
Departure Hong Kong Terminal 1 Gate 67 : 23:55 HKT
Arrival Sydney Terminal 1 Gate 31 : 10:50 AEST
Flight time: 8 hours 11 minutes
Distance: 7,400 Km or 4598 miles

Full trip video: Cathay Pacific B-KQD CX 101 Hong Kong - Sydney

Do watch the video and experience the flight.


This report is of a trip in July 2018. After arriving from Mumbai on CX 660, Read the here the Hong Kong arrival report here: CX660 Mumbai - Hong Kong

I went for city sightseeing as I had 11 hrs transit time in Hong Kong. disembarked at central station. Walked to ferry terminal connected by bridge. Stepping outside the air-conditioned building, the heat was energy-sapping. This was the hottest day of the year - temperature had reached around 30 degrees.

Bridge connecting the building to ferry terminal

photo img_90

Bus terminal in view

photo img_91

I had purchased a octopus card, used it to pay for the ferry ride.

Ferry from Central to Tsim sha sui

photo img_69

After disembarking the ferry at Tsim shai sui pier, headed to McD as I was hungry.

photo img_28

After the meal,

photo img_29

I wanted to exhaust myself and went walking to Mongkok.

photo img_30

Street view

photo img_31

Hong Kong Double Decker buses

photo img_32


Shopping wasn't on my list.

photo img_33

Mongkok street market

Entered the market and ended up spending on souvenirs for family and friends.

photo img_34

It was hot day and kept myself hydrated with drinks and I loaded up at 7 Eleven with enough drinks to keep me moving.

photo img_35

Towards Tsim sha sui

photo img_36photo img_39

Walked back to the pier to rest and enjoy the skyscraper view.

photo img_40

Spent 3 hrs at the promenade at the pier, I was ready to head back to airport.

photo img_41

Walked back to ferry terminal to catch ferry to Hong Kong island

photo img_22

Ferry Terminal

photo img_92

Cruise Ship

photo img_08

It was 4.30p,m and time to walk back to catch airport express.

photo img_43

Street view

photo img_44

Hong Kong Airport Express Train Ride [Video]

Onboard the airport express

photo img_45

Disembarking at Terminal 2

photo img_93

To Terminal 2

Reached by terminal around 5.30~6 p.m

photo img_94

Terminal 2

photo img_95

Terminal 2 flight schedule

photo img_96photo img_97

Aviation spotters escalator to heaven

photo img_98

Overview of Terminal 2

photo img_100

SkyDeck - Level 6 Terminal 2 Hong Kong International Airport Aviation Discovery Centre

Paid HKG$ 15 to entry to the museum.

photo img_99

Gulf Air Lockheed L-1011 TriStar

photo img_102

SkyDeck timings

photo img_103

SkyDeck Terminal 2 Hong Kong International Airport [Video]

View from Skydeck

photo img_47

I was carrying a point and shoot camera and the photos were backlit.


photo img_10

Virgin Australia

photo img_11

United in Star Alliance livery

photo img_46


photo img_48

SkyDeck view

photo img_49

Terminal 1 airside

photo img_50

Cargo Terminal

photo img_51

Night view

Around 7.00pm decided to head back as I wasn't going to get any good photos with the camera.

photo img_52

Flight Schedule

photo img_25

Headed down the escalator to cross over to Terminal 1

photo img_26

Terminal 2

photo img_78

Self Check Kiosks

photo img_80

Flight Schedule

After checking the schedule, decided to pass security and immigration

photo img_81

Heading to passenger departure area

photo img_82

Security and Immigration

I had received the Hong Kong landing slip on arrival, kept it handy in case needed. On arriving at the passenger departure area, had to scan my passport to enter security. Security was quick as I had kept all my electronic devices ready for scanning. After security, It was immigration. which was a breeze. Scanned the passport in the electronic gate, entered the scanning area and door was opened, I was now in the departure area. Liked this no hassles experience.

Departure area

After refreshing, went to have dinner before boarding flight.


Wonton noodles with mushrooms with large coke

photo img_53

After dinner, went looking for a charging point for phone. Most of the usb charging points were not working. The charging points close to the gate were in use had to find a charger away from gate.

Boarding Gate

photo img_66

Passengers had gathered around the gate for boarding call

photo img_67

B-KQD was operating CX 101 Hong Kong - Sydney

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER, registration B-KQD was operating CX101 to Sydney

photo img_87

After fruitless time trying to charge the phone, gave up and decided to sit close to the gate.

photo img_68

Boarding commenced shortly.

photo img_02


After checking the passport and boarding pass, was allowed to proceed to board the plane.

photo img_04

Secondary baggage check was conducted just before entering the aerobridge for Liquid, Aerosol and Gel [LAG]s, Queue had formed for the check.

photo img_70

On Board

After the security check, headed to board the aircraft. Boarding pass was checked and directed to seat. On reaching seat, aisle seat was occupied, I put my bag in the overhead locker and occupied the window seat. Boarding was completed soon.

photo img_72

Crew distributed the menu and Australian immigration form

photo img_73

After boarding completion, safety video was displayed on the seat screen and pushback commenced.

photo img_75

Pushback and taxi

Pushback commenced later then schedule, taxi was short to runway. Watch the trip video.

photo img_74

Inflight Entertainment screen

photo img_76


Economy seat was 3-4-3, middle seat was unoccupied and had comfortable space to stretch.

Leg room was adequate for me, seating material is better than the ones on the upgraded cabin on other Boeing 777-300s

photo img_27

After Departure

After departure from Hong Kong and attaining cruising altitude, Cabin service commenced.

photo img_77

Supper Service

Supper service started with special meals disturbed followed by regular meals. There were 3 options to choose.

Supper Presentation

photo img_23


I chose the panned fish with veggies for my meal along with beer

photo img_24

Cabin view

Light were dimmed after the supper service. Exhausted after a long day out, I slept immediately.

photo img_83

Flight map

To wake up somewhere over Queensland.

photo img_55

Flight information in Chinese

photo img_06

Window view over Queensland

photo img_05

Seat pocket content

photo img_56

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Safety card

photo img_58

Menu card

photo img_21

in Chinese

photo img_20

Supper menu

photo img_54

Breakfast menu

photo img_12

Breakfast service

Breakfast service commenced 1.5 hrs before arrival in Sydney

Breakfast presentation

photo img_84

Flight details

photo img_86


I chose the scrambled eggs option with orange juice

photo img_85

Flight details

After breakfast , I filled the arrival immigration form

photo img_60

Approaching Sydney

After meal trays were collected, Captain came on the mic to provide arrival information, cabin crew asked to prepare for landing.

photo img_13

Cabin ready for landing

Crew went around requesting passengers to put seat upright, window shades to be drawn up, put away trays and switching electronic devices with wireless functions

Baggage claim details

photo img_61

Window view

photo img_14

Flight information

photo img_59

On approach

Approach to land was from the north on runway 16R, passed the North-Western Sydney suburbs

photo img_62

Arrived on Runway 16R

China Airlines A350 taxing to terminal

photo img_15

Virgin Australia departing Sydney

photo img_16

Taxi to terminal 1 gate 31

photo img_17

Arriving at terminal gate

Crew came on mic to provided arrival information.

photo img_18

Flight information

photo img_63

Passengers preparing to disembark the aircraft

photo img_64

Thank you from Cathay Pacific

photo img_19


Seated in the back of the plane, Exited the aircraft after most of the plane had disembarked.


After entering the arrivals area noticed the e-passport had long queues, walking further there where more kiosk with just few passengers. Got my passport scanned and received the ticket. Headed to the e-passport self check area, entered the ticket, took a snap, collected the ticket and headed out to baggage collection.

Baggage collection

By the time, arrived at the carousel, baggage had started to roll out, mine came soon.


As I was travelling light, had nothing to declare. my arrival card and immigration ticket was checked and allowed to head out without delay.

Exiting the terminal

Took me about approx. 30-45 mins from plane to exit. Exited the terminal and headed to pick-up area outside the terminal parking to be picked up.

Hope you enjoyed the trip, Thanks for reading.

End of trip

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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew8.5

Hong Kong - HKG


Sydney - SYD



Cathay Pacific onboard service was professional, flight departed slightly behind schedule and arrived close to schedule. On board service from cabin crew was good, food and drinks supplied was adequate. Hong Kong airport was convenient for transit, immigration and security was quick. Though food and beverage options can be improved. Disappointed with the charging ports as many of them were not working. Toilets were clean and overall experience was good. Sydney airport was pleasant experience as my bags came early. Can improve signage regarding e-passport kiosk as crowd gathers around the ones closer to the disembarkation area.

Information on the route Hong Kong (HKG) Sydney (SYD)


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    hometoyyz SILVER 538 Comments

    Hello Koresh!

    Ahh, those lovey shots of wandering Hong Kong, on what looks like a wonderful day. It makes me long to head back there sometime very soon. I do so love HK.

    And what a nice little bonus with the Aviation Discovery Centre. I’ve not seen that before, nor the SkyDeck there. I will have to check that out. Thanks for the tip!

    - Sigh. DL really has to get back into the HKG game sometime, don’t they? It’s a shame they’ve cut this service, and completely abandoned one of the biggest aviation hubs in the world. I know they still have good access through the Korean JV, but still… I wanna use my GUCs to Hong Kong, so they need to figure it out!

    “Crew distributed the menu and Australian immigration form”
    - Immigration forms before departure even. Nicely done, CX!

    “Economy seat was 3-4-3, middle seat was unoccupied and had comfortable space to stretch.”
    - With the middle seat unoccupied, that takes a lot of the shoulder room pressure out of 3-4-3. About the only way it’s decent, IMHO.

    Catering looks…. nondescript, but passable.

    “Light were dimmed after the supper service. Exhausted after a long day out, I slept immediately.”
    - How nice to get such a long sleep in Y. But yeah, a full day of exploring Hong Kong will have that effect on most anyone.

    I was hoping you’d go for the congee for breakfast, but the scrambled eggs looks okay for a breakfast meal in economy.

    Thanks again for sharing this, and happy flying!

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