Review of JetBlue Airways flight Los Angeles New York in Premium Eco

Airline JetBlue Airways
Flight B61424
Class Premium Eco
Seat 9A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 05:18
Take-off 23 Nov 18, 21:14
Arrival at 24 Nov 18, 05:32
B6   #2 out of 71 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 49 reviews
By 1742
Published on 22nd March 2019
Hi everyone! Welcome to yet another leg of this somewhat off-series trip report! After an amazing few days at a wedding and relaxing in Los Angeles, it was time to face reality yet again and head back to New York flying on JetBlue's Airbus A321-200 aircraft. I have to say, I'm glad I was able to trade in the cold weather in New York for some pleasant sunshine in Southern California. I even got a lot done while in LA, so I'm glad to check it off my bucket list of places to travel. Anyways, without further ado, let's get to this report! ;)

Inbound flight can be found here!


We weren't staying far from the airport, so we had plenty of time to spare since the flight wasn't until 10:55 PM. In fact, my parents and I ended up spending our last day eating an amazing lunch and catching up after a while, as well as relax before finally heading to the airport at around 8:40 PM.

Terminal 5 Departures at Los Angeles International Airport
photo dsc07422

Terminal 5 Departures interior
photo dsc07426photo dsc07429

Using the automated kiosks again to check-in for the flight
photo dsc07427photo dsc07432

At least time time, I was able to check-in without any struggle like the last time. So, I was done within 10 minutes before I proceeded to security
photo dsc07431

Heading to security
photo dsc07434photo dsc07435


Airside in a nutshell
photo dsc07437

photo dsc07439

Heading towards the gate
photo dsc07441photo dsc07442photo dsc07444

Gate area

Boarding pass
photo dsc07450

Spirit Airlines Airbus A319-100, N521NK, which will serve as NK128 to BWI
photo dsc07453

From what I could remember, it was about a 20 minute wait before we were able to board
photo dsc07455

Heading back home!
photo dsc07456

By the time I got to the gate, people already gathered to cue up
photo dsc07458

Heading down the aerobridges
photo dsc07460photo dsc07461

Some pre-flight information:
Date: 23 November 2018
Airline: JetBlue
Flight Number: B6 1424
Route: Los Angeles (LAX) - New York (JFK)
Aircraft: Airbus A321-200
Registration: N964JT
Distance: 2472 miles
Scheduled Departure Time: 9:14 PM
Actual Departure Time: 9:23 PM
Scheduled Arrival Time: 5:32 AM
Actual Arrival Time: 5:03 AM
Flight Time: 5 hrs 18 mins
Departure Gate at LAX: 59
Arrival Gate at JFK: 22


photo dsc07462

Even More Space rows
photo dsc07463

My seat: 9A
photo dsc07464

Snooze kit - consisting of ear plugs and an eye mask
photo dsc07467

View from my seat
photo dsc07468

The first thing I noticed upon settling into my seat is the entertainment system and how it is a huge leap ahead compared to the A320. There were a good selection of movies and television shows.
photo dsc07469

photo dsc07471photo dsc07472

Cabin view
photo dsc07477

It took about 15 minutes for boarding to be completed. The next thing I knew was that we were already pushing back from the gate.
photo dsc07485

Cabin lights dimmed in preparation for takeoff
photo dsc07486photo dsc07490

Views while taxiing to the runway
photo dsc07496photo dsc07497

After the short taxi to the runway, we took off at 9:23 PM
photo dsc07503photo dsc07504

Views of Long Beach post-departure
photo dsc07515photo dsc07517

Thanks for everything, LA! See you soon!
photo dsc07518

The inflight wifi known as Fly-Fi came on almost 5 minutes after takeoff! I have to say, it was quite remarkable
photo dsc07520

Then, I got my laptop yet again and watched some movies and TV shows on Netflix

After a few minutes, the cabin crew started to come around to take drink orders which were complimentary as always

photo dsc07528photo dsc07529

Inflight snacks
photo dsc07536

Cruising over Arizona
photo dsc07541

Cabin view inflight
photo dsc07542photo dsc07546

I was quite a fan of the mood lighting on this flight. As far as I can remember, it remained in this colour scheme the entire way until we started to descend for landing in New York
photo dsc07552

The small "galley" area consisting of complimentary drinks and snacks
photo dsc07550photo dsc07551

After streaming a few episodes into a TV show, I switched to the inflight map to find out our current location
photo dsc07557

I continued to watch more episodes of my Netflix content before ultimately calling it a night over New Mexico, with approximately 2-3 hours remaining for the flight
photo dsc07560photo dsc07561

When I woke up, I ultimately realised that we were already starting to descend into New York.
photo dsc07564photo dsc07565

Mood lighting change
photo dsc07566photo dsc07571

Final shots before landing
photo dsc07572photo dsc07578

Cabin lights dimmed in preparation for landing
photo dsc07575

We landed at 5:03 AM, which was half an hour ahead of the schedule arrival time

Views of JFK upon landing
photo dsc07583photo dsc07584

Actual flight route
photo dsc07580

Taxiing towards Terminal 5
photo dsc07586photo dsc07588

Docking at gate 22, with a view of JetBlue Airbus A321-200, N974JT, which will soon serve as B6559 to KIN
photo dsc07589


Disembarking/Arrival into JFK

It was quite a short walk to the baggage claim area
photo dsc07597photo dsc07599photo dsc07600

However, it did take some time for my bags to arrive
photo dsc07601photo dsc07602

From then on, I proceeded outside where I met my Uber driver and then headed back home during the early morning
photo dsc07605photo dsc07608

JFK Terminal 5 arrivals exterior
photo dsc07609photo dsc07611
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JetBlue Airways

Cabin crew8.0

Los Angeles - LAX


New York - JFK



To sum it all up, I'd say that this flight on JetBlue was not a bad one. It was definitely a huge leap forward from the seats on the A320 (which I found out that the airline will soon be rephrasing with the current seats on the A321-200, which is a huge relief)! I was quite impressed with the crew, who were friendly and professional throughout this red-eye transcontinental flight. The one factor I loved about this flight was the on-time performance of the flight where we departed and arrived ahead of schedule!

As always, thank you so much for reading this as this is the end of this off-series trip report. I hope you enjoyed it. I will be posting more trip reports in the near future. So, be sure to tune in next time for my next travel series coming up soon!

Information on the route Los Angeles (LAX) New York (JFK)


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  • Comment 494138 by
    KL651 TEAM 4523 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    The small amenity kit is a very nice gesture on this redeye flight, kudos to jetBlue for providing that.
    Otherwise it's a pretty common transcon product on a newer aircraft, the crew makes the difference and jetBlue's seem good at that

    • Comment 494478 by
      rbix AUTHOR 73 Comments

      Thanks for the comment! I definitely agree that the small amenity kit was a nice gesture, especially with this red-eye flight. That's one of the reasons why I love flying with JetBlue, primarily due to its prices as well as friendly cabin crew. I'd definitely fly with them again! Happy travels!

  • Comment 494174 by
    sotto_Deactivated 82 Comments

    May God protect me from ever having to fly with an American airline, let alone within the US. Premium Economy; a flight duration of 5:15 hrs; and then just a drink and lousy cookies. And that is still rated with 7.5 points of 10 (?).In comparison: a LH-service in Economy or with SQ would be rated with a minimum of 25 or 35 points. a lot also depends on the passenger's claim.Today is not the way to the goal, but how to get the cheapest from A to B only. Under these circumstances then could niverauloses travel establish themselves.

    • Comment 494424 by
      KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5888 Comments

      You're comparing international flights to a domestic service. This may be a 5 hour flight, but it is purely a domestic U.S. service. It is unfortunate, but no meal services in Economy have been the standard for domestic U.S. flights for the last 2 decades.

      • Comment 494481 by
        sotto_Deactivated 82 Comments

        It is nonsensical to absolutely refer to a full-fledged on-board service on the Fist Class. Look at aisian airlines. There is served in Economy - and for a domestic flight - a hot meal. There are also enough reports in FLIGHT-REPORT, so you do not just have to know this personally.But I also experienced that personally in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.Once upon a time American airlines played on board as if they had invented flying. But today everything is different.I myself have experienced that in a two-hour flight in First Class within America, only one MARS was served at DL. Dreadful ! Equivalent experience I have also made at UA and especially AA. I know what I'm talking about, because these are not just my personal experiences, but as a catering manager for a European airline, my professional experience; I could list for a long time. That's why I come to the conclusion: God forbid me ever to have to fly again with an American airline.

        • Comment 494816 by
          BKojote 5 Comments

          Your priorities are misplaced.

          1. This is a red-eye flight meaning most people are sleeping and ate in the terminal or before the flight. A full meal service is not a priority on this flight.

          2. Most US consumers would rather place better priority on legroom, seat comfort, and connectivity, which JetBlue does better than just about any international airline. Hell that's more service than British Airways offers intra-europe.

          3. There's food available for purchase if you so desire, and it is of higher quality than the disgusting meals serviced in economy on international carriers. I seriously cannot fathom why you insist on a complimentary plate of re-heated slop. You're complaining about the $8.00 for a more substantial food offering?

          4. This is a low cost carrier. Most Asian low cost carriers charge for drinks and snacks. Scoot doesn't even allow you to bring your own on the plane. Even SAS will charge you for more than one non-alcoholic drink on an *international* flight.

    • Comment 494465 by
      BKojote 5 Comments

      You’re comparing a red-eye US domestic flight to an international flight. There’s different price points and different priorities.

  • Comment 494296 by
    lbfortress 68 Comments

    I like JetBlue. I think they're flight crews are much nicer than any of the big 3. Nice report.

  • Comment 494841 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5888 Comments

    Hey RBix, thanks for another well written and interesting report. As far as LCCs go, JetBlue is one of the best in North America. They keep hinting about starting TATL service with the A321LR and o really hope it happens soon! A mint-style service on TATL would be great! They would just need to invest in some sort of lounge option.

    PS I sent you an email recently, let me know if you didn’t get it.

    Thanks for sharing!

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