Review of Helvetic Airways flight Milan Zurich in Economy

Airline Helvetic Airways
Flight LX1639
Class Economy
Seat 20F
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 00:55
Take-off 07 Aug 18, 07:10
Arrival at 07 Aug 18, 08:05
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Published on 21st February 2019
Hi again!
Traditionally I publish the links for previous reports. Of course, they should be read if you want to see a full image of my movements.



According to my plan, I had to spend 6 days in Italy. Here I got a comedy in several actions but everything was splendid and crazy in good sense of this word. For this period of time I had viewed main and some unusual places in Turin, Genoa and got a car tour through the north of Piedmont with visiting a town-fortress Briancon in Provence. But the final part gave me one doubtable surprise which continued my stay there for 1 day. How could it happen? Read below, it's a nice moment to do it:)


As you see in the head of report, I put there info about the flight with Helvetic Airways. Basically I had a flight with Eurowings from Milan to Hamburg on 6th August at 9:25(in Hamburg I wanted to visit an Airbus factory). On the previous day's evening(5th Aug) I arrived to MXP where I booked a hotel for a night. I saw this decision rather logical because of early departure time. Everything was going nice, I was preparing for departure(yep, in Milan I bought a luggage case for french and italian products, I needed to pack everything accurately).

But when I woke up I saw two controversial notifications: first one reminded me about online check-in, second one showed me my flight had been cancelled. First notification couldn't be true at all because I passed inline check-in. So I decided to check FR24 and I saw this..

photo img_3155

The only way I considered to exist was going to the airport. There I could decide everything. So two hours before planned departure time and I was standing face to face with T1 building..
Inside views:

photo img_3157photo img_3158photo img_3166

The was a big crowd near EW desks.

photo img_3160photo img_3161

The same is true for LH&LX desks..

photo img_3163

My flight was the only cancelled that morning..(

photo img_3159

Full clutter, nothing more..But I found the desk where the passengers of our cancelled flight were served. So 3 hours between detecting this desk and final decision what to do. Too excessive:(
The main thing dissapointed me was the disability of departure that day. While viewing available variants I realized I didn't want to fly with EW and I prefered to choose LX flights via ZRH with 4,5h break. That was my voyage, the time didn't play any role that day that's why I wanted to have a morning walk in Zurich. Moreover, I hadn't visited it by that moment.
The flight was put on 7th Aug at 7:10. Eurowings gave me special papers for staying in IBIS hotel.

photo img_3178

The room's look:

photo img_3176

These papers also gave me an opportunity for 2 meals services and hotel Wi-Fi.
The village where this hotel is situated doesn't let you go somewhere out of it if you don't have private transport.

While walking I found this hotel. Also I left here a photo of its typical street.

photo 6df4656f-040e-4987-b52a-fef6346c0858photo 9fab5af1-0cfa-4ec5-a00d-a7f78a2d057ephoto img_3192

That moment I had a combined feeling..laugh and sorrow simultaneously. For 2 days I had managed to remove from left side of MXP to the right..)

photo 24c0d2ef-073a-4c92-be15-4099d0882d0ephoto img_3190

As a result, I spent one extra day in the village near MXP. My intuition saved my Airbus tour because I put it on 8th Aug and return flight to Italy was planned on 9th Aug..;)
I had never overcomed such situations before and I wanna say everything was quiet, without any anxiety. Yeah, it's too terrible when something or somebody breaks your planes but..who cares

7th Aug, 5 am. I see this building again..

photo img_3209

The corridors're lonely this early time, the desk also have too much space in front..

I hope you're getting used to reading my emotional descriptions of each tiny moment, ha-ha. First experience, strong feelings..)
Then as usual security control:

photo img_3222

And domestic flights zone:

photo img_3223photo img_3224

The airport is still "sleeping"..

photo img_3227

I continued moving, my gate was A53.

Everything was going on time..

photo img_3242

The weather in Zurich was pleasant for morning walks. Only. That period was too hot in Europe, it was too difficult to stay at the street for a long time because of high temperature.

photo img_32461

So I took a bus travel at local apron and HB-JVP was waiting its passengers..

photo img_32491photo img_3251

The plane was relatively fresh, 8-year aged E190. It even seemed me more attractive than Air Dolomiti's E195.

photo img_32521photo img_3254

My seat was 20F:

photo img_3255

The panels and overhead compartments are standard for this type.

photo img_3256photo img_3257

The pitch was adequate, especially for 35-minutes flight:
photo img_3258photo img_3262

Pack of magazines for reading:
photo img_3260

Ryanair's 737 in a special Boeing livery:

photo img_3259

Taxing started on time, here I could see some regular Malpensa's visitors:

photo img_3264photo img_3268photo img_3269

The take-off was completed without delay.

Bye, Malpensa!

I guess this is Lake Como:
photo img_3286

The flight code was LX so the service was represented by the light breakfast contained of local company chocolate and a bootle of water

photo img_3308

The flight is too short and you don't have any time to feel its taste. After this "breakfast" I saw swiss lands:

Thanking the cabin crew for this light flight move to the railway station..

photo img_3359photo img_3357

Some pics of aircrafts parked near the gates:

I couldn't help mentioning the airline added me some adventures(ha-ha). Moreover, the reason of cancellation was hidden somewhere in uncertainty.

photo img_3365

While reaching the final goal..

photo img_3370photo img_3376

Of course, my luggage was removed from one plane to another and I took it in final destination(Hamburg).

photo img_3378

There're many underground levels..The check-in area of LX was detected.
photo img_3379photo img_3381photo img_3383

The time between ZRH and downtown doesn't exceed 15 minutes. Strictly speaking, I found the swiss transport system accurate and correct. Everything was without delays. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about italian transport:(

photo img_3385photo img_3386

So here I finish this report. I hope you've been interested in my series. See you soon in report ZRH-HAM and read the conclusion!
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Helvetic Airways

Cabin crew10.0

Milan - MXP


Zurich - ZRH



As you see, this part of my voyage gave me some interesting and unplanned momemts. EW cancelled my direct flight MXP - HAM and I had to wait a day before departing. Big advantage is getting accomodation and free rebooking for another flight. To sum it up, I think this expirience to be useful for me. I had never had such situations before while traveling alone(I had the cancellations and I also was given a hotel accomodation but I was travelling not alone because of my age that moment). At this moment I'm rather young too and it was interesting to see on myself how I take the decisions in these situations. I also had given a compensation with the AirHelp support because I wanted to see how it works.
I chose LX and didn't regret. The 35-minutes morning flight was pleasant as the airline and cabin crew! Commonly I adore morning flights. So the next will be a report of LX flight to HAM operated by Swiss.



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