Review of Eurowings flight Hamburg Milan in Economy

Airline Eurowings
Flight EW7826
Class Economy
Seat 17F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 09 Aug 18, 18:40
Arrival at 09 Aug 18, 20:20
EW   #8 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 77 reviews
By 618
Published on 1st April 2019
Logically here the last leg begins. It will be consist of 3 reports. Moods're different but the motive is one: coming back to Russia.
So we may start, here we go!

Firstly I post the links for the previous reports, warm up)


Departure from Hamburg airport

As you understand, I lost one day because of Eurowings' flight cancellation but I was too lucky not to have ruined my Airbus Tour. That meant my goal had been completed successfully and I started the process of returning to Italy on 9th August.

To reach the airport I got the train from the central railway station. Here I want to mention one rather important fact. Don't forget to remove to the first three carriages while staying at one certain station(I don't remember its name, sorry and of course, the removal isn't actual if you sit at the one of first three ones). First three carriages will be directed to the airport, the others won't be..

photo img_3752

There're some boards, that's comfortable to check you flight status.

photo img_3754

During the walk through the well-known corridors..

photo img_3757photo img_3759

The terminal is formally divided into two smaller parts called "Terminal 1" and "Terminal 2". According to my memories, they were absolutely identic and there's a corridor between them inside the building. This is T1:

photo img_3762photo img_3765photo img_3766

My flight was served in T2 as all EW flights so go there. You may see that corridor I've mentioned and some EW ads..

photo img_3771photo img_3774

The interior of T2:

photo img_3776photo img_3778photo img_37791

As you see, not only LH's fleet needs the renovation:) Some differences can be seen everywhere, for example in airports.

photo img_3780

I don't understand why this system isn't used by anybody. So stand in usual lines..)
photo img_3783

According to this board, LH Group decided to have some fun sudden suprises for passangers like flights cancellations. But it didn't look like a strike.

photo img_3782

After leaving the check-in counter and going through the inspection I went to..a local observation desk! One more in my trip and last..

The big downsides are:

-small sizes;
-dirty glasses which don't let you make good shots.

But the biggest advantage is the existence of such place. Despite all the downsides I was talking about I get a big plus to HAM for giving the passengers an opportunity of turning out closer to the airport life. Maybe these words can seem strange for usual visitors but I don't know any airport in Russia with the observation desk..)

So after visiting the observation desk I went closer to the gates. Here there're 4 zones from A to D, my flight departed from the gate A/B39..

While going to the gate I depicted such kinds of zones. Frankly speaking, the navigation is also easy, everything's clear.

To my mind, the spotting here is most effective and substantial

The boarding started with a delay..

photo img_3846

This flight was served with the GW's A319, registration was D-AKNO. The plane stood too close to the terminal building so I had a short walk.

The same model stood at the side:

photo img_3849

I apologize for the quality of upcoming photos but I didn't have any chances to depict the interior normally((

photo img_3852photo img_3853

The pitch was ok, the panels were undoubtably old(the plane was firstly delivered to US Airways in 1999).

photo img_3855photo img_3857photo img_3858

As entertainment you may use the airline magazine, bistro and safety card:

photo img_38601photo img_3861photo img_3862

The window view is for you.

photo img_3859

That moment everything was pleasant. Passengers took their seats, cabin crew was preparing for take-off. However don't forget about the weather, it's able to give you some surprises.

photo img_3874photo img_38771photo img_38781

As you guess we didn't manage to take-off on time. Yes, the plane was pressing the concrete below for 1.5 hours. Apparently, everybody felt the bliss sitting at the same place.

As a result the second flight with Eurowings was also not so lucky as it could be. That time the weather was the reason of late arrival to MXP but..there's no bad weather in nature.

photo img_3885photo img_3896

The natural phenomena essentially affected on the evening part of HAM's departure schedule..Moreover, the element attacked Milan simultaneously. Lightning, you're so ubiquitous, stop do this!

But that day I saw the first A321neo for Turkish Airlines.

Finally, we did it!
photo img_3930

After take-off I took the bistro for looking through and I considered it to be boring and monotonous. Everything consists of bread, no variety..

photo img_38631

I had the basic ticket so I wasn't the passenger who had a right to get a sandwich with drinks.

photo img_3963

Not a problem, let's have a view of the cabin!..

photo img_3961

..of the kitchen:

photo img_3958

Then I returned to my seat and saw too pleasant sunset:

Milan was closer and closer, while approaching I saw some small towns(haha, nice quality again):

photo img_4038photo img_4043photo img_4048

Unfortunately, I don't have to talk about scheduled arrival time..(
photo img_4056photo img_4057

Hence I left the plane and hurried up for the last train to downtown(later I realized it was vain).

photo img_4059photo img_4061

I took my suitcase 15 minutes later..
photo img_4062photo img_4063

…and saw the places I had been before:

photo img_4066photo img_4069photo img_4070

First of all, my wish to hurry up was ineffective because I had arrived to the platform before the train left it according to the local schedule. Frankly I didn't suppose it could delay but shit happens suddenly. As a result, I was seating there extra 30 minutes. The only question I had was "Just why?…"
So one more reminder for you. Memorize it if you're a tourist and also you have some plans to travel in Italy by trains. I'm not kidding)

Thanks for reading, the next report will be interesting and mystifying:)
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Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu2.5

Hamburg - HAM


Milan - MXP



You see I had not the best experience with EW. I'm not going to make any negative conclusions because I find these situations as unlucky coincidences(yes, even 2 failures in a row could be estimated in a such way). Apparently, I will fly with them again if it's necessary and I get an attractive offer from them. Regarding the airline, I consider it to be a usual hybrid, with the elements of traditional and low-cost(mostly) airlines.



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    Dor BRONZE 117 Comments
    Thank You for your flight report!
    Hamburg airport is really nice one, I traveled from Hamburg to Frankfurt before 3 years and It was very nice.
    One thing is missing from your flight report - some information about the legroom.

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