Review of British Airways flight London Washington in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA293
Class Economy
Seat 30A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 08:35
Take-off 18 Feb 19, 17:00
Arrival at 18 Feb 19, 20:35
BA   #61 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 968 reviews
By SILVER 2286
Published on 3rd April 2019

Report No: 2019-206E

Now, it's time to return back to DC after a short holiday. As usual I had preferred British Airways for this journey so this report won't be new for those who have read my reports before. However, you would have the chance to compare flights from the previous months to this one. So, I would like to welcome you to the last Flight-Report of this serie which would be a British Airways World Traveller report onboard the 787-9 from London to Washington Dulles. In addition, this report would also include a visit to the Galleries Club Lounge in Heathrow Terminal 5B.

Just a reminder that as I have already reported the first flight and a similar one to the second, I had used the chance to video report the first part of this serie for a test of YouTube flight-reports that I would start to post soon but things didn't go as well as I expected. It's really hard to capture good quality videos on a phone camera so I won't compile them as a video and present it to you, but I would share some parts of the flights as a video as well. Because that some photos were taken from the videos, they are not in their usual quality. However, these reports are complete Flight-Reports and I apologize for the bad photo qualities in some images and give the signal that I would start video-reporting soon as I have the chance to buy a motion camera. Once again, thanks for your understanding.

For those would like to compare this report to my previous LHR-IAD flights on British Airways, you could access them here by clicking on the line.

The routing for this serie would look like this
First Part

Second Part

Third Part


Pax for this flight

First: No idea
Club World: No idea
World Traveller Plus: %90-95
World Traveller: %70-75

London Heathrow AIRPORT - LHR

After arriving from my previous flight, I had checked the FIDS and learned that my next flight would depart from B gates.

photo img_0142

As I also mentioned in the previous report, I have decided to use the walkway to Terminal 5B as I would also stretch my legs before a transatlantic flight.

photo img_0145

After arriving to Terminal 5B and scanning my boarding pass; a red light appeared, my passport and visa were subject to verification one more time. After this issue has been solved the agent rescanned the boarding pass, she was surprised that the light was still red; then she realized that I was sitting in an emergency exit row and that was the only remaining reason that my boarding pass made the red light appear. After clearing security within 5 minutes, I have headed to the departure level and then to the Galleries Lounge.

photo img_0146

British Airways GALLERIES LOUNGE TERMINAL 5B - London Heathrow AIRPORT

As I hold an Executive Club Silver membership, I headed to the Galleries Lounge in Terminal 5B to spend the small amount of time until my flight. As there is another IAD flight, 1 hour before mine, I have requested if I could change my reservation for that flight for free but the answer was no, even though I had no checked baggage, as there was less than an hour for that flight to depart. However, the earlier flight, BA 231, got delayed for 40 minutes so I didn't lose anything and it wouldn't be worth giving up an emergency exit seat.

photo img_0157

The offering at the lounge was the standart lunch offering at that time

photo img_0149

Mini sandwiches, cakes

photo img_0147

Breads, soups

photo img_0148

Salad bar

photo img_0150

Pork pies with piccalilli sauce

photo img_0151

The drink section of the lounge

photo img_0153

Today's wine selection

photo img_0154

Coffee bar

photo img_0156

After my short visit to all buffets of the lounge, I have found an empty corner and enjoyed the quietness for a while.

photo img_0155

Our aircraft for today's flight ( G-ZBKA ) was visible from the lounge. It would be my second time on G-ZBKA. Luckily, I had reported my first flight on that specific aircraft here on Flight-Report which I flew on the same exact flight 3 months before this flight.

photo img_0152


Before boarding had started, I had headed to gate B46 and took my place in the Group 2 queue.

photo img_0158

The boarding area was well-organized and priorities were respected during boarding. Boarding had started 45 minutes before departure and I was one of the first ones to board with Group 2.

photo img_0159-63838

Another view of our aircraft from the gate

photo img_0160

G-YMMP which was parked next door

photo img_0161

As usual, complimentary newspapers were available at the gate

photo img_0162

The door

photo img_0163

BA 293 London Heathrow AIRPORT TO WASHINGTON Dulles Airport

After being welcomed by the crew, I have took my seat 30A, which is in the first row of the World Traveller cabin and in an emergency exit row. The seat is a usual BA longhaul Economy seat however, the tray table in the armrest reduces the seat width a little bit. However, the seats in BA longhaul aircraft is really comfortable and I had the opportunity to stretch my legs as the legroom in this row is excellent.

photo img_0164photo img_0165

IFE - BA 293 London Heathrow AIRPORT TO WASHINGTON Dulles Airport

Like all British Airways 787 aircraft, this aircraft was equipped with the Thales IFE system. The IFE system is not the best within European carriers but it has enough content for a transatlantic flight.

photo img_0166photo img_0168

The USB port and the remote was located at the armrest as I don't have any seat in front of me.

photo img_0167

Route map and flight information before pushing back for a 7h55min flight.

photo img_0169photo img_0170

Earphones were provided at each seat

photo img_0173

The literature is the actually same as the previous 3 British Airways flights but the seat pocket only had 3 duty free catalogues with a different cover pages and safety cards. There was no High Life Magazine for all three of us seated in 30ABC.

photo img_0182

Before takeoff, I have visited the lavatory which was just across my seat. It was clean at that time and it was kept clean throughout the flight.

photo img_0171photo img_0172

And, we had pushed back on time

photo img_0174

And the safety video had started to be screened.

photo img_0175

BA 777-300ER

photo img_0176

BA A319

photo img_0177

Another BA A319

photo img_0178

And another one

photo img_0179

After seeing all these A319's waiting to depart, it was our turn to take off and we had started our journey

photo img_0180

Beautiful sunlight after we have gained some altitude

photo img_0181

Shortly after takeoff, pretzels were served with a choice of drink.

photo img_0183

In addition, wines were distributed for the meal service.

photo img_0184

LUNCH - BA 293 London Heathrow AIRPORT TO WASHINGTON Dulles Airport

The tray was the same tray as my BA 231 last month. Even though the main courses was the same. However, last time I had the opportunity to enjoy one of the Premium Economy dishes because they were out of pasta when they have came to my row; but this time both selections were available as I sat at the first row of World Traveller so I went for the pasta.

photo img_0185

The main course was delicious and tasted really well. The reason that I don't prefer chicken dishes on Economy class flights are that the portion of those are really small and instead of meat, the plate is full of veggies.

photo img_0186

While we were enjoying our meals, the cabin crew came for tea&coffee service where I opted for a cup of tea.

photo img_0187

Route map just after the trays have been collected.

photo img_0188photo img_0189

SNACK - BA 293 London Heathrow AIRPORT TO WASHINGTON Dulles Airport

After sleeping for a few hours, I have wake up 2 hours before landing due to turbulence and about an hour later the snack service begun with a tuna mayonnaise sweetcorn wrap and a Cadbury chocolate alongside with a choice of drink. This service is also one of the repetitive dishes of British Airways.

photo img_0190

And the route map one last time

photo img_0191photo img_0192

A photo as we were descending

photo img_0193

And another photo when we have touched down Washington Dulles International Airport

photo img_0194

The first visible aircraft was this United 787

photo img_0195

And the next one was this 757

photo img_0196

Later on, we had parked to the British Airways gates in IAD, B42 and B44. After saying goodbye to the crew, I have left the aircraft and headed to the moon buggy station in a fast pace as I want to catch to first moon buggy to the immigration hall.

photo img_0197

Washington Dulles AIRPORT - IAD

And the last view of our aircraft from the terminal.

photo img_0198

I was lucky to catch the first moon buggy and find a spot near the exit door as I knew that immigration could be painful at IAD, especially for visitors. When I have entered the visitor lane, there were only 1 officer assigned for visitors which seems like a joke but it's true. 10 minutes later another officer was also accepting visitors, however, as there were 200-300 people in front of me which have arrived from previous flights it took a long time until my turn has came. Luckily, when there was no Global Entry passengers and US citizens, we were directed to those booths and after a 45 minute wait, I have cleared immigration and as I had no checked baggage, I have headed to the bus stop to take the bus 5A back to DC.

photo img_0199photo img_0200

So this series of Flight-Report's has came to an end.
Thanks for reading this report and hope to see you in the next serie that I would shortly share. 

This report has came to an end. Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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British Airways

Cabin crew9.0

British Airways Galleries Club - 5B


London - LHR


Washington - IAD



After arriving to T5C and after a short walk to T5B, security was a breeze and I had a lot of time to enjoy the Galleries Club Lounge in Terminal 5B. Even though, the lounge has the same offerings within those lounges at T5A, this lounge is more quiet and there are more seating opportunities which make this lounge comfortable than those in the main building. However, BA hasn't changed their Business lounge dining for almost a year and frequent travelers can be bored of the same meals. Boarding was organized and started on time with priorities being respected. As I had the opportunity to be seated at an exit row seat, I felt so lucky that I both had a comfortable window seat and an enormous legroom with direct access to the aisle. The only negative point is that the seat width is a bit smaller than regular rows as the tray table and the IFE system is all set inside the armrest. The meals were delicious as always and according to my opinion, Gategourmet does not want to lose British Airways for longhaul flights so they do a perfect job catering British Airways. However, dishes are repetitive which could be bothering for regular passengers. Also the Thales IFE system is much more better than the Panasonic one and has more content. However, despite the IFE system on the IAD-LHR leg, the only language option was English for this aircraft. The toilets were situated just across my row and I was not bothered as there was enough space that the passengers waiting for the lavatory could wait, they were not reducing my legroom at all. The lavatories were kept clean throughout the flight and the cabin crew did their job perfectly as always. Even though we had arrived to Dulles Airport on time, even though I've caught the first moon-buggy to the immigration hall and even though I was the second passenger from our flight to enter the visitors lane I have waited 45 minutes to be served as at the first point only one officer was calling passengers from the visitors lane. After a tiresome immigration wait the journey has ended and I have headed back to DC with the bus 5A which was empty at that evening.

(+) Transfer security wait time at concourses
(+) Organized gate area
(+) Priorities respected while boarding
(-) Not enough facilities in Terminal 5B
Galleries Club T5B
(+) Wide amount of selections
(+) Comfortable seating and easy to find available sets of seating
(+) Drink selection ( Both soft drinks and adult drinks )
(-) Repetitive dishes at the lounge [ For almost a year ]
(+) Comfortable seats and exit row legroom
(+) IFE system had enough content for a short transatlantic flight
(+) Both of the meals were tasty and delicious
(+) Cabin crew
(+) Toilets were kept clean during the flight
(-) Magazines were missing at the seat pocket
(-) Repetitive dishes being offered
(-) Immigration wait time and being non-efficient

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est British Airways avec 7.3/10.

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    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for another pleasant FR.
    Satistying service on BA, the meals have definitely been improved compared to a year ago.
    I wouldn't have expected the immigration to take so long at 8PM, noon seems much better strangely.
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      ISTFlyer SILVER AUTHOR 399 Comments
      Hi KL651 and thanks for stopping by,

      Satistying service on BA, the meals have definitely been improved compared to a year ago.

      - Completely agree with that.
      I wouldn't have expected the immigration to take so long at 8PM, noon seems much better strangely.

      -As I remember, there were 5-6 flights that arrived at the same time so that's why it took so long. However, allocating only one agent to visitors while 200-300 pax is not the nicest welcome to a country. And yes, immigration wait times at noon or even until 14:00 are much more better at IAD.

      Once again thanks for your comment and have a great weekend.

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