Review of Delta Air Lines flight Austin Minneapolis in Economy

Airline Delta Air Lines
Flight DL1304
Class Economy
Seat 15B
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:40
Take-off 08 Apr 19, 06:15
Arrival at 08 Apr 19, 08:55
DL   #30 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 833 reviews
By GOLD 675
Published on 12th April 2019

Mystery? Trip

I was not expecting to fly again until next month, but an opportunity presented itself for me to significantly overpay on a last minute flight. I am a United loyalist, but Delta actually offered the better times on a trip in which the schedule was crucial. I did not originally plan to make a flight report out of this, but why not? I'll apologize in advance for the picture-taking because I was operating the entire trip on very low sleep (~4-5 total hours of sleep in 48+ hours). Just to make it fun, see if you can guess why I was making this trip before checking the bonus section. I figure the destination will make it fairly obvious.

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Austin- Bergstrom Airport

I arrived at the airport 11 minutes before boarding and was at my gate 6 minutes later. I had actually never flown from this side of Austin-Bergstrom before. United's gates are all on the other end. As usual, Austin was small and efficient despite being quite busy given it was 5:30AM. When I showed up, folks were already standing around even though boarding wouldn't be called until a few minutes later (as usual). It was a completely full flight and the gate agents asked for volunteers.

photo 20190408_053215

DL 1304 was operated by a 17-year old A319 (N327NB). She had just flown into Austin from LAX the previous evening.

DL 1304

Because the plane was so packed, I did not manage an unobstructed shot of the seat. 15B was a middle, exit-row seat. It was one of two available seats when I booked.

Here is the obligatory legroom shot. As you can see, it was quite good.

photo 20190408_055636

There were power outlets between each seat.

photo 20190408_083843

There was an overhead panel for things such as lights.

photo 20190408_084633

The IFE is 9 inches according to Delta - quite crisp actually. Far better than what I am used to on United (i.e. nothing at all, even in Domestic First). It was touchscreen and also had quite a good selection. There is an USB port for charging right underneath the screen.

photo 20190408_071012

I discovered that sitting next to me was a same-year graduate of the my alma mater. What a coincidence, we chatted for the vast majority of the flight.

We pushed back on-time and taxied for some time before taking off. I think there must have been quite a few flights departing around the same time.

Service took a while to get started, and because I was immersed in conversation, I did not catch the exact time. When it came around, I was offered a selection of snacks and drinks - ended up picking cookies to go along with a diet coke. I fell asleep for about 30 minutes from exhaustion and woke up as the captain announced our descent.

photo 20190408_071010

We began our descent at 8:32 AM and touched down at 8:54 AM. A few minutes of taxing and we were soon at the gate.

After I deplaned, finally got a nice picture of the plane:

photo 20190408_090441

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Delta Air Lines

Cabin crew7.0

Austin - AUS


Minneapolis - MSP



Overall, I think Delta probably offers the best domestic economy flights of the big three in the U.S.

Lounge: None

Cabin & Seat: Very comfortable economy seat for a short-haul flight, great IFE (that I didn't actually use beyond the flight map).

Service: Delta flight attendants were efficient and seemed pleasant. Not much else to say for such a short flight.

Meal & Catering: U.S. domestic economy catering is awful, but Delta is better than United in this regard since they consistently offer a choice when it comes to snacks.

Bottom Line: Not much to add - if status and price were equal, Delta offers a better economy product than AA or UA.



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  • Comment 497467 by
    757Fan 633 Comments
    Looks like a nice, routine flight with Delta. I agree - definitely think Delta is the best in the US and has become the only airline I fly. Thanks for your report!
    • Comment 497865 by
      YGeorgeW GOLD AUTHOR 282 Comments
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 757Fan!

      -I have several friends who also only fly Delta in the US. I have resisted before, but with UA devaluing its MileagePlus program again, I might very well change my loyalties.

      Thanks again!
  • Comment 497874 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6885 Comments
    Hi YGeorgeW, surprised to see you on DL!

    But then...

    an opportunity presented itself for me to significantly overpay on a last minute flight.

    Sometimes you just get the itch to get off the ground! Too bad you got the privilege of overpaying for a last minute fare for a middle seat! Good thing it was an exit row at least. Usually when I need to fly last minute, F is barely more than Y...and sometimes cheaper, so I usually just go for F because middle seats scare's like a full on phobia ?

    These new-ish A319 cabins look so awesome...the beauty of it all almost makes you forget the 30" seat pitch in the non-Exit rows, haha...almost. The IFE helps too! Why of why are AA and UA not following DL's lead on PTVs. It's no secret DL gets a solid fare premium over AA and UA and I'm convinced a lot of that has to do with the better cabin interiors and addition to DL's operational reliability of course.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 497876 by
      YGeorgeW GOLD AUTHOR 282 Comments
      Hi KevinDC! Thanks for reading and commenting!

      surprised to see you on DL! >

      I tried to look for a UA flight, but the timing was riskier (and through O'Hare, so chances are it would have been cancelled knowing my luck) AND more expensive. Redeeming miles would have had me paying 50k UA each way for F (all that was available) and with a terrible schedule overnight schedule for the return trip.

      Usually when I need to fly last minute, F is barely more than Y >

      Unfortunately, F was a fairly hefty price hike this time. I suspect because it was the title game, couldn't figure out a better deal in time.

      Why of why are AA and UA not following DL's lead on PTVs. >

      The only advantage AA and UA had were the miles, but now that they're copying Delta there as well . . . If and once partner redemptions are affected, I'm probably switching to Delta.

      Thanks again!

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