Review of Austrian Airlines flight Vienna Tel Aviv in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS859
Class Economy
Seat 6F
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 03:25
Take-off 06 Oct 18, 20:25
Arrival at 07 Oct 18, 00:50
OS   #44 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 229 reviews
By 1307
Published on 9th April 2019


Hello and welcome to another flight report!

Although many time passed since this flight, I finally found some time to write about my 4th experience with Austrian Airlines in OS859 flight from VIE airport to TLV airport, on the Airbus A321.

In the morning before the flight, I checked our flight status in FlightRadar24 application, and I saw our designated aircraft:
photo screenshot_20181006-091115_flightradar24
It was nice to see that the photo in FR24 is the photo that I took in the airport. :)

Before flight experience, VIE airport

We used transfer service from the city to the airport, the cost was something like 50 Euro for 5 people with 5 suitcases.

Here's the entrance to the airport terminal:
photo 20181006_1649510

The terminal from inside:
photo 20181006_165127photo 20181006_165130

The self check in:
photo 20181006_165841photo 20181006_170209photo 20181006_170212
In my previous flight report about the same flight, just month before the flight that I'm writing about in this flight report, I wrote that I really like the self check in system. It's brilliant and easy to use.
I hope to see some systems like this in TLV airport.

Since the check in process was really fast, but the sunset was early, so I couldn't do spotting like I did month earlier, so I went to Bretzel Meister in the terminal entrance, to eat something and drink some coffee:

The service was good, but It was expensive and not too much tasty, I can't recommend. Maybe the food area in the terminal is better, but I don't know.

While I was in the queue for the x-ray to our hand baggage, I saw this Boeing 767-300, so I went out from the queue and took a photo of this really nice aircraft:
photo 20181006_174821
The security process was really fast.

After this process, I went to the toilets:
photo 20181006_175602photo 20181006_175619
As You can see, the toilets were in good condition and clean.

Since I had a lot of time to spend, I went to the duty free area in B, C, D gates:
photo 20181006_1758130photo 20181006_1758170
I can't say nothing special about this duty free shop, It seemed similar to the duty free shop in gate G.

My boarding pass, It's usual thing in my flight reports:
photo 20181006_1813170

So, It was the time to go to gate G area:
photo 20181006_181413
The immigration was very fast also, and soon I found myself in gate G area, still have a lot of time to spend…

Some duty free shops:
photo 20181006_181526photo 20181006_183643
The duty free shops were nice, the service is good, even though You can buy some of the products in cheaper price in Vienna or in your country, still You can find some products with low prices. You can also get a VAT refund for your duty free things, It's really easy and very fast.

Still, with almost hour and a half to spend, I need to do something… so I went through the terminal from side to side and I took some aircraft photos. Of course, It's not good as the photos that I could took from the spotting terrace, but I did my best.
Austrian Boeing 777:
photo dsc00828

Korean Air Boeing 777:
photo dsc00830

Austrian A320:
photo dsc00840

Austrian A319:
photo dsc00843

Austrian A320 with Star Alliance livery:
photo dsc00844

Another Austrian A320:
photo dsc00854

Some photos from the terminal, that I took during the "spotting":
photo dsc00835photo dsc00846photo dsc00857

I went to the toilets near to the flight gate:
photo 20181006_190659photo 20181006_190714
Still, looks not bad, but It could be more clean.

Our gate area:
photo 20181006_193203
The same gate from my previous flight with Austrian.

The flight schedule:
photo 20181006_193240

Finally, the boarding started.

Our aircraft for today:
photo dsc00867

Aircraft Information

Airbus A321-200
In service since December 1998, almost 20 years old when I traveled.

Austrian EMB190:
photo dsc00868

The way to the jet bridge:
photo dsc00871

We had to wait a lot of time in the jet bridge, something like 15-20 minutes, due to the 100% load factor, the aircraft was full, I couldn't find any free seat, neither in the economy class, nor in the business class.

The jet bridge controls:
photo dsc00873

Last view in Vienna airport:
photo dsc00874

The flight

photo dsc00875

photo dsc00876
Again, a generous legroom in the economy class of the A321, It was really comfortable, even for my uncle who traveled with me, and He's much taller than me.

Outside view:
photo dsc00879

Cabin view during boarding:
photo dsc00881

The old overhead panel:
photo dsc00882
I wonder, when Austrian will upgrade the A321 fleet? I like the new overhead panel much more than this one…

Adria CRJ900 during taxi:
photo dsc00888

Take off video (4K available):

Shortly after take off:
photo dsc00896

15 minutes into the flight, and the crew started the service, starting with soft drinks:
photo 20181006_210636
I chose some coca cola drink.

Cabin view:
photo 20181006_213529

Less than 30 minutes after the take off, the crew served meal:
photo 20181006_214157photo 20181006_2142340photo 20181006_215006
Again, the same meal from my previous flight.
The meal included: Pasta with cream and mushroom, chocolate mousse, butter, bread, water.
This time, the pasta wasn't dry, It was tasty. The mousse was very nice and not too sweet.
In fact, I think that the meal is really nice for 3 hours flight.

After the meal, the crew served hot drinks like coffee and tea:
photo 20181006_221533
As addicted to coffee, You can see what I chose…

2 hours into the flight, I went to the toilets:
photo 20181006_224657photo 20181006_224701
As You can see, the cabin and the toilets are well maintained, but the toilets weren't so clean, but I think It's acceptable after 2 hours, and I saw much worse aircraft toilets.

I tried my luck, and requested to visit in the cockpit after landing, but the pilots declined… I don't have a great success with entries to cockpits since 2014…

Austrian head rest:
photo dsc00903

Over Tel Aviv:
photo dsc00909

Landing video (4K available):

During the taxi procedure, I took some photos in TLV airport:

Elal Boeing 777:
photo dsc00917

Elal Boeing 737-800:
photo dsc00921

United Boeing 777:
photo dsc00925

Pegasus Boeing 737-800:
photo dsc00929

Last cabin photos, during deboarding:
photo dsc00931photo dsc00932photo dsc00933

And some photos in TLV airport:
photo dsc00935photo dsc00936photo dsc00942

Elal Boeing 737-900, 4X-EHC from my flight report LY358:
photo dsc00938

After flight experience, TLV airport

A bus took us to the terminal, but before I entered to the terminal, I took a photo of Ethiopian airlines Boeing 737-8 Max:
photo dsc00944
As a result, the security guard from the airport was angry that I took this photo, I really don't know why, since I had no problems in the past with photos in TLV airport, I said that I just took photo of this aircraft, and We moved on… (Of course, no one did something to me, since It wasn't forbidden to take photos in the airport)

The entrance to the terminal:
photo dsc00948

Some photos during the way to the immigration:
photo dsc00949photo dsc00951
Immigration in TLV airport is very fast if You're Israeli and You have biometric passport or handprint pass option.

Baggage claim area:
photo dsc00955photo dsc00956

Before leaving the baggage claim area through the customs, I went to the toilets:
photo 20181007_013118photo 20181007_013127photo 20181007_013144
Not so clean as You can see, I think that They need to improve the cleaning…

After customs, G level:
photo 20181007_013700

Outside view of the terminal 3, near to the taxi station:
photo 20181007_013820photo 20181007_013809

I hope You enjoyed!
New flight reports soon (soon… probably in the summer, since It's my last semester in my first degree, and after this flight I'll not be able to write It, due to exams and assignments…):
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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew10.0

Vienna - VIE


Tel Aviv - TLV



Austrian airlines offers nice product in the route between TLV and VIE. The service is very good, in the price of the flight, the baggage and the food are included. (In Elal You'll pay for baggage, in WIZZ You'll pay for baggage and food)
Another advantage for Austrian - They have flight during Friday and Saturday, while Elal has only morning flight in Friday.
Both Elal and Austrian offer morning and night flights, so You have a choice.
Let's talk again about Austrian - even though the legroom is very good and the cabin is well maintained, I can't ignore the fact that Austrian IFE in this route is really limited. You can pay for Wifi and... that's It. In this parameter, Elal offers better product - In their Boeing 737-900 You'll have overhead TV, Wifi (free for the basic option) and power sockets, on the Boeing 737-800 You'll have overhead TV and in some of them, Wifi is also available.
Would I choose Elal, WIZZ or Austrian in the next time when I'll travel to Vienna or Austria? I really don't know. It depends on the prices and my requirements.

VIE airport is really good, not too big, but It was clean, It's easy to navigate in the terminal, the self check in counters are wonderful thing.
Even though They have nice spotting terrace, I reduced the service parameter to 9, because after You finished the immigration process, there's not much to do...

TLV airport is good as always, It became very efficient in the last times I traveled, even when I traveled during holidays, and even though the terminal was busy, I finished the check in process, handbag security check and immigration in short time (something like 25-30 minutes in the worst case), but they must improve the cleaning in the airport, espacially in the toilets.

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The airline with the best average rating is Austrian Airlines with 7.3/10.

The average flight time is 3 hours and 25 minutes.

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  • Comment 497133 by
    KL651 TEAM 4511 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Nice service indeed, if only the seats could be different than these thin ones only acceptable on shorter flights.

    • Comment 497140 by
      Dor AUTHOR 86 Comments

      The seats were Ok, the flight is 3 hours, so It's not so bad. I had flights to\from Germany with Lufthansa with similar seats, and It was Ok also.
      It seems that many airlines will use those seats in short - medium haul flights, eventually.

  • Comment 497183 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5501 Comments

    Hi Dor, nice report with good photos and planespotting ?

    Despite the very thin seats, I like the look of the cabin's interior with the Austrian colours. As usual with Austrian, the catering looks fantastic for a 3h flight in Y.

    Thanks for sharing!

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