Review of Austrian Airlines flight Chicago Vienna in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS66
Class Economy
Seat 15A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 09:00
Take-off 21 Mar 19, 17:20
Arrival at 22 Mar 19, 08:20
OS   #50 out of 130 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 172 reviews
By SILVER 1459
Published on 14th May 2019

Welcome to part 3 of my recent trip to the Midwest! After 2 weeks in Michigan and 3 glorious days in Chicago, it was time to fly back to Europe. As a reminder, the itinerary looks like this:


I was quite excited for this flight, as I hadn't crossed the pond in a Boeing 777 since 2015, and this would be my first TATL flight on a Boeing 777 that isn't operated by United. I know, I'm a fanboy :)

I took a taxi from my hotel in the Loop and arrived at O'Hare around 35 minutes later.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-70846-pm

Unlike it's mother-company Lufthansa, Austrian uses Terminal 5 in Chicago.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-70902-pm

My flight is scheduled on-time.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-70930-pm

Right after I got my Boarding Pass, the gorgeous CX crew arrived.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-70947-pm

Then I headed to Security.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71003-pm

5 minutes later, I was airside and foud myself in the relatively small Duty-Free store while the Hainan crew passed me. Am I the only one who loves their uniforms?

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71022-pm

My flight would be departing from gate M10.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71048-pm

Instead of visiting the lounge, I decided to planespot and eat. At the gate next to mine, a Qatar 777-300ER (A7-BER), which just arrived from Doha.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71101-pm

And next to it, an Air India 777-300ER (VT-ALN 'Jammu and Kashmir') which arrived from Delhi, via Vienna.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71155-pm

The SAS Lounge.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71210-pm

BA First Louge.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71234-pm

BA Terraces Lounge.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71255-pm

And the reason I passed a lounge: Tortas Fronteras by Rick Bayless. OMG, this place has some good Mexican.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71308-pm

I found myself a place with a nice view of an Air France A330-200 and a Hainan 787.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71434-pm

My lunch consisted of Chips with Guac and Salsa…

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71329-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71345-pm

…and a Choriqueso sandwich.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71400-pm

Oh yeah!!!

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71419-pm

Needless to say, it was all gone 15 minutes later, when this United 767-300 (N648UA) passed by.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71449-pm

Passing the SWISS Lounge.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71535-pm

Air France-KLM Lounge.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71552-pm

What once was the Korean Air Lounge.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71618-pm

A look across the tarmac at the American terminal and two beautiful Dreamliner in a beautiful livery.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71632-pm

B-1543 taxiing.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71726-pm

Speedbird 747-400 (G-BYGB) arriving from Heathrow.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71755-pm

Something nostalgic.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71848-pm

Aer Lingus A330-200 (EI-FNG 'Colmcille') preparing to fly to Dublin.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-71906-pm

A look inside Terminal 5.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84554-pm

My two favorite aircraft in one shot.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84619-pm

Unfortunately, this was the best shot I could get of my 777 at O'Hare. Flying me across the pond is OE-LPC named Dream of Freedom, a 17-year old Boeing 777-2Z9(ER) delivered to Austrian in 2005 after flying with Lauda Air for two years.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84606-pm

Trans States Embraer 145 (N842HK) off to Memphis as UA4784.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84635-pm

Flight info.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84649-pm

Gate lice has formed, which means boarding is near.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84701-pm

Boarding was a free-for-all, where priorities weren't respected. Really? At O'Hare?

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84713-pm

Down the jetbridge.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84724-pm

Our fuselage.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84737-pm

The entry way.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84754-pm

Passing through the Premium Economy cabin.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84814-pm

My seat, 15A.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84832-pm

The cabin before it filled up.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84844-pm-56551

Waiting for me at my seat: a pillow and blanket.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84902-pm

Our Emirati neighbor.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84912-pm

Great legroom here at the bulkhead.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84923-pm

TV on the bulkhead.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84939-pm

No air nozzles :(

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84949-pm

Austrian logo on the bulkhead.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-84959-pm

Dopey headphones.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85027-pm

TV located under the seats. Note that there are no power outlets.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85049-pm

Basic remote.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85100-pm

Despite the fact that it is under the seat, the TV itself is the same size as all other TVs in Economy.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85125-pm

Safety video…

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85138-pm

…which was barely audible and has really creepy graphics. Kind of reminds me of United's first Airbus safety videos.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85157-pm

(is it just me?)

Pushing back.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85211-pm

Nothing beats the sound of a GE90 start up, am I right?

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85223-pm

American 737-800 (N983AN) off to Charlotte as AA55.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85236-pm

United A320 taking off.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85251-pm

United 777-200 (N788UA) just arrived from Tokyo/Narita as UA882.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85305-pm

ANA 777-300ER (JA734A) taxiing to Terminal 1.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85319-pm

Final look at Terminal 5.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85331-pm

Downtown Chicago in the distance.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85348-pm

Lining up on Runway 28R.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85413-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85436-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85444-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85500-pm

Notice the Spirit A320 taking off?

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85512-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85526-pm

Turning east.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85535-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85550-pm

Full takeoff video:

Lake Michigan.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85602-pm

Time to check out the IFE.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85624-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85653-pm

Boring airshow.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85641-pm

OK selection of movies and TV shows.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85704-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85727-pm

I settled on Dunkirk.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85744-pm

Just about as comfortable as you can get in Economy.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-60441-am

Left turn near Jackson, MI.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85845-pm

Pre-meal snack.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85823-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85834-pm

As we passed north of Pontiac, MI, Captain Hans made a very long and informative announcement. He said that our routing would take us past Montreal, Gander, Shanwick, Liverpool, and Frankfurt before commencing our descent over the Czech Republic.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-05-at-85855-pm

Cabin before the meal service.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42225-pm

The TV on the bulkhead showed the map for the duration of the flight.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42237-pm

The sun is setting.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42249-pm

The meal has arrived!

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42259-pm

Included: some kind of mousse…

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42313-pm

…a little salad…

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42321-pm

…and the main, a pasta dish.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42334-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42403-pm

Unlike Lufthansa and SWISS, Austrian doesn't give you real cutlery.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42417-pm

Quite a good meal!

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42434-pm

Cruising in near-darkness.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42448-pm

Aft cabin.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42503-pm

Premium Economy.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42523-pm

Some traffic cruising alongside us.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42543-pm

I fell asleep here…

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42554-pm

…and woke up to a beautiful sunrise over Ireland.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42607-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42618-pm

Bright outside again.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42631-pm

Breakfast, if you can call it that. At least the muffin was bigger and much fresher than the one Lufthansa offers.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42641-pm

Over Europe.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42659-pm

One final look at the cabin.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42709-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42803-pm

The view from door 3R.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42736-pm

As we were descending, the captain made another announcement, and said that we'd be landing in 20 minutes, and that the weather in Vienna was nice.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42825-pm

I forgot to show you the movable headrest.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42853-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42919-pm

Large mountain on the other side of the aircraft. Can anyone identify it?

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42936-pm

Our reflection.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42948-pm

On final approach.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-42959-pm

The Danube.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-43011-pm

Over the runway.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-43023-pm

Super smooth landing!

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-43042-pm

Taxiing off the runway.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-43106-pm

Landing video:

Passing Runway 29.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-43118-pm

Eurowings A319 (OE-LYY) just arrived from Stuttgart.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-43141-pm

Pulling into our gate.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-43150-pm

Deplaning through Business Class. I flew Austrian Business Class in 2014 from Bangkok to Vienna, and really enjoyed it, so I'd like to try it again.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-43206-pm-52260photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-43225-pm-31803

Into the jetbridge.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-43242-pm

A good view of the 777 that brought me back to Europe.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-07-at-43259-pm

And of course, our final routing across the pond.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-62630-am

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next part!

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Chicago - ORD


Vienna - VIE



Overall, a very enjoyable TATL flight with Austrian!

+ Comfy seat with good legroom
+ Very friendly service
+ Tasty dinner
+ Super smooth landing
- Mediocre IFE
- Lackluster breakfast

I wouldn't hesitate flying them across the Atlantic again.



  • Comment 502881 by
    KL651 TEAM 4416 Comments

    We don't get a lot of reviews on OS long haul economy class for some reason, so this is a welcome FR, thanks :)
    The dinner is okay and nicely presented but the AC like "breakfast" is way too basic.
    I do like the cabin with the grey and red.

  • Comment 502953 by
    JW19 107 Comments

    Nice review although just a point to note, the 777s that OS operates are 200ers not LR and does not use the GE90s.

    • Comment 503174 by
      NewYorker SILVER AUTHOR 31 Comments

      Thanks for reading, but some 777-200s do have GE90s. Take a look at the Engine portion of this page:
      Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed the report and see you again!

  • Comment 502961 by
    757Fan 510 Comments

    Nice report! Looks like you had a good flight with Austrian Airlines. I have been actually thinking of taking a flight with them to Vienna later this year - and so enjoyed reading a flight about the experience in Economy. Thank you for sharing!

    • Comment 503175 by
      NewYorker SILVER AUTHOR 31 Comments

      Thanks for reading! I did enjoy flying Austrian, but you should also fly SWISS/Lufthansa one way too, so you can compare the 2 of the 3 main LH Group airlines. Enjoy your time in Vienna, and see you in the next report!

  • Comment 504155 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 4780 Comments

    Oops, somehow I missed this one! Been a crazy few weeks.

    Nice that you were able to get a bulkhead seat--one of the perks of being UA 1K.

    TV located under the seats. Note that there are no power outlets.

    Good to note--those there's a USB port in the PTV, so there's that at least. And's gross down there.

    Just about as comfortable as you can get in Economy.

    LOL yep, except maybe getting a whole row to lay across...i.e. ghetto lie-flat seats

    The meals look delicious...for some reason those triangular plates just make things look more fancy, lol. But of course, Do&Co catering has a deservedly good reputation.

    Nice report as always! Thanks for sharing

    • Comment 505379 by
      NewYorker SILVER AUTHOR 31 Comments

      Thanks for reading!

      Nice that you were able to get a bulkhead seat--one of the perks of being UA 1K.

      Actually, believe it or not, the seat opened up for free on online check-in! My seatmate was stunned -- she had to pay $70 for her seat next to mine (or so she said)
      The meals look delicious...for some reason those triangular plates just make things look more fancy, lol.

      Austrian gets it, when it comes to catering.
      Again, thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you in another report!

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