Review of Austrian Airlines flight Vienna Innsbruck in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS903
Class Economy
Seat 4F
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 22 Mar 19, 09:45
Arrival at 22 Mar 19, 10:45
OS   #54 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 194 reviews
Published on 19th May 2019

Welcome to the last part of the trip I took to the US in March 2019. Last time we saw each other, I had just deplaned from the 777 that flew me from Chicago. But before I continue, let me remind you of the itinerary.

After I deplaned, I found myself in a relatively long corridor leading to immigration.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-40449-pm

The immigration was quick and easy, but unfortunately after that I had to clear security again. Security at Vienna Airport is actually not bad, as it's quick and the staff are friendly. I was at Austrian's schengen pier at 9:10 AM, 5 minutes before boarding.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-40538-pm

My flight boarded from gate F5.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-40551-pm

Flight info. Wow, that's a lot of codeshares!

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-40603-pm

Boarding started right on time.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-40630-pm

As the Dash 8 is too small for any gate, we had to be bussed to the aircraft.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-40700-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-40717-pm

Austrian 767-300 (OE-LAZ 'India') preparing to depart to JFK.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-40746-pm

Clearly we are in Austrian territory, but who can correctly identify the intruder?

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-40759-pm

Flying me to Innsbruck: OE-LGO, a Dash 8-Q400 manufactured in November 2009. It first flew for Augsburg Airways until early 2014, when it moved to Canada to fly for North Cariboo Air. Later that year, it moved back to Europe to fly for Austrian, though it spent most of its time with Austrian doing wetlease flights for SWISS. It's wearing the always pretty Star Alliance livery.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-40822-pm-43554

Appropriately, this aircraft is named Innsbruck.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-40840-pm

Funny that they wrote that, instead for just putting a sticker.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-40855-pm

Fuselage shot.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-40907-pm

SWISS logo inside the cabin, too.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41017-pm

Slightly different cabin than Austrian's other Dash 8s.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41036-pm-92452

Sitting in 4F, which is usually a Business Class seat, and therefore has a bit more legroom.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41158-pm

Beautiful view of the prop.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41214-pm

We had to wait a while before we could go anywhere, but luckily this gave me the chance to planespot!

China Airlines A350-900 (B-18917) preparing to fly to Taipei-Taoyuan as CI64.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41226-pm

Level A321 (OE-LCR) soon to fly to Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion as VK5010.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41237-pm

Nordica CRJ700 (ES-ACE) taxiing for takeoff to Tallinn as LO8194.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41250-pm

AirBaltic A220-300 (YL-CSH) soon to fly to Riga as BT432.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41303-pm

LOT Dash 8-Q400 (SP-EQE 'Podkarpackie Travel' Livery) taxiing for departure to Warsaw-Chopin as LO224.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41315-pm

My first time seeing one of these! Wideroe Embraer E2 (LN-WEA), operating for Finnair, just arrived from Helsinki-Vantaa as AY1471. Would live to try out this aircraft!

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41327-pm

AirSerbia ATR72 (YU-ALV) soon to fly to Belgrade as JU601.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41339-pm

Turkish Cargo A330F (TC-JCI 'Kervan') taxiing for takeoff to Istanbul-Atatürk as TK6312.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41355-pm

KLM 737-700 (PH-BGF 'Grote Zilverreiger') soon to fly to Amsterdam-Schiphol as KL1838.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41433-pm

Turkish A321 (TC-JTA 'Gelibolu') just arrived from Istanbul-Atatürk as TK1883.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41453-pm

Qatar A350-900 (A7-ALV) soon to fly to Doha-Hamad as QR190.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41506-pm

At this point, Captain Berd came on the PA to apologize for our delay (no reason was given) and announced our flight time as 49 minutes. Naturally, we were wished a pleasant flight.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41523-pm

SWISS A320 (HB-IJS 'Kloten') off to Zürich as LX1575.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41535-pm

The same Qatar A350 I showed you earlier.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41551-pm

Rossiya A319 (VP-BIU 'Lipetsk') just arrived from St. Petersburg as SU6603.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41606-pm

Eurowings A320 (D-ABFP) just arrived from Leipzig as EW5805.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41619-pm

Engines started and leaving the stand.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41632-pm

Austrian Dash 8-Q400 (OE-LGE 'Oberösterreich') holding short of the runway before its takeoff to Graz as OS963.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41647-pm

Lining up with Runway 29.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41659-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41712-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41724-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41741-pm

Overview of the airport.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41755-pm

Left turn after departure.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41808-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41821-pm

Cabin after departure.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41829-pm

Beautiful view of Vienna.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41847-pm

Takeoff video:

Turning right.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41859-pm

Wiener Neudorf, Austria.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41911-pm

Leaving the Vienna Basin behind.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41924-pm

As I said before, this aircraft has different seats than the other Dash 8s in Austrian's fleet. There are two main differences between these seats which one can't find in most Austrian Dash 8s: the recline switch…

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41941-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-41949-pm

…and the (inoperative) cup holder. The Dash 8s with the different cabins are: OE-LGO (this plane), OE-LGP, OE-LGQ, and OE-LGR. I find these seats to be a bit more comfortable than the others, for some reason.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42006-pm

First sighting of the alps.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42027-pm

The little that was served consisted of a drink (water for me)…

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42039-pm

…and some chocolate-y thing.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42050-pm

Pretty good!

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42100-pm

Attersee, the largest lake entirely in Austria.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42117-pm

Salzburg, Austria.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42137-pm

Salzburg W. A. Mozart Airport (SZG/LOWS).

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42158-pm

Over a tiny part of Germany.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42212-pm

Descending over Tyrol, as the First Officer made an announcement saying that we were 15 minutes from landing.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42221-pm

Wörgl, Austria.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42234-pm

Achensee, Austria.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42308-pm

Schwaz, Austria.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42332-pm

Over Innsbruck.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42345-pm

The center of the town.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42409-pm

Over the Inn River.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42423-pm

Short final.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42435-pmphoto screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42451-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42504-pm

Hard landing on Runway 26.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42530-pm

Taxiing off the runway.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42546-pm

Landing video:

Quite a few planespotters today.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42604-pm

The only other aircraft here is that EasyJet A320neo (G-UZHB) which arrived from Bristol as U26295.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42615-pm

One last few of the cabin.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42628-pm


photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42643-pm

Classic Innsbruck shot.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42659-pm

10-second bus ride to the terminal.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-14-at-42709-pm

And finally, the routing.

photo screen-shot-2019-05-19-at-85014-pm

Thanks for following along in this series. I hope to see you again in another series soon!

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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Vienna - VIE


Innsbruck - INN



A pleasant as always Austrian flight.

+ Comfier seats than usual
+ Nice crew
+ Beautiful views
- Slight delay

Austrian is proving to be a solid, consistent airline for intra-European flying. I look forward to my next flight with them.



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