Review of Lufthansa CityLine flight Munich Budapest in Economy

Airline Lufthansa CityLine
Flight LH1680
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 22 Nov 18, 18:30
Arrival at 22 Nov 18, 20:10
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By 555
Published on 6th May 2019
Hello and welcome to part two of my November escapade to Budapest! Check out part 1 here.

The remaining two reviews - coming soon!


Having arrived from the previous Adria-operated flight I quickly made my way from the satellite terminal - where I had landed - to Terminal 2, where this evening flight would be departing from.

Riding the shuttle:
photo X5K6JXWphoto vPJJ82x
Then we head up the stairs, turn left and walk for a bit…

photo 8Rf7ARc
…and we're here! Gate G38, currently empty (not like we're using the gates I'm afraid).

photo BU66yhe
With ample time to spare I decide to just relax for a bit in one of those small free lounges MUC has around - but not before I get myself a bottle of Mezzo Mix…

photo utyNF4rphoto Jn2h14p
Not much to do - let's take a tour around the terminal!

photo yAOrdjB
Wouldn't be a German airport without scale models for sale! Sadly didn't have time to buy one:

photo W9weyrBphoto 1241mV4
Saw the real D-AILU just today - check out the first trip report in this series!

photo FWWCRei
Napcabs - haven't seen any outside of Munich. No need to use these today.

photo 96LaMmTphoto YLT23XU
Heading back to the gate, the place where this EW A330 will be sleeping for the night -

photo h9N8Bqd
- next to a ANA 787.

photo wGaNdFA

cold boarding

Boarding begins on time at 6:55PM, and soon a massive queue of Hungarians carrying their last-minute airport Christmas buys appears (they really like their Lego, apparently!):

photo 2lAmhLrphoto 2b4JOkP
We head down stairs to hop on board a ratty old airside bus, which will leads us to today's plane - D-ACNK aka "Merseburg", delivered new to Eurowings (back when it was just a regional carrier) almost 9 years ago, before being transferred to Cityline in 2016:

photo 8I7miw6photo QS1Ec76
1ºC outside - but it'll be worse in Budapest!

photo 45X2nYLphoto L0h3wKm
Horatius test: pass!

photo CHHu6nD
Legroom is suprisingly better than expected:

photo vXBC2xq
Seatback pocket contents are the same as the previous flight with the sole exception of the safety card:

photo MqrevV6
Pushback began at 6:58PM, and by this point I could barely take any pictures outside:

photo pGv1S1Bphoto mj20aOO

Not a lot to see outside:

photo kEADIbbphoto XnNe0Rn
Amazingly, and despite such a short flight time we still get meal service. Nothing different from the last flight, it's either a ham or chicken sandwich + a beverage of your choice (water in my case).

photo fFt9Xyxphoto lePOm15
Nothing to take a picture of outside so might as well check the bathroom: all clean (but cramped).

photo DQSKNxp

Szia, Budapest!

Descent begins at 7:50PM, and by 8:05 we're already on final over the town of Üllő:

photo mFSh19Ephoto HQTyxEU

We get taxiied to a remote stand, where yet another old bus comes to pick us up to Terminal 2A:

photo WTHkNyTgphoto RouIofO

photo KS9qv8dphoto nfb7IiF
Now it's time for me to grab my bag,

photo yi9v4aLphoto bkAhhNA
hop on a taxi,

photo mzjpVNn
and get some zzz at my Novotel.

photo eFCjgbU
Thanks for following!

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Lufthansa CityLine

Cabin crew8.5

Munich - MUC


Budapest - BUD



Lufthansa Cityline: not much different from your usual LH service, crew were nice, the sandwiches were all right... The CRJ900s are... not great, but it's not like it was a particularly long flight either.
Munich Airport: Easy to navigate, planespotter friendly, free "lounges" to relax in, couldn't recommend it more.
Budapest Airport: Lots of shops but it feels very old and cramped in places and it's a bit of a mess during rush hour, definitely needs renovation.

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