Review of Pegasus Airlines flight Frankfurt Istanbul in Economy

Airline Pegasus Airlines
Flight PC996
Class Economy
Seat 32F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:10
Take-off 14 May 19, 17:25
Arrival at 14 May 19, 21:35
PC 34 reviews
By BRONZE 1537
Published on 15th June 2019

Report No: 2019-504E

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this new short series which would contain two flights onboard Pegasus Airlines for a short trip to Germany. The main purpose of this trip was to reclaim my carry-on bag that I've forgotten back in Frankfurt in March 2019 after this flight. So, I have combined the opportunity to visit some friends in Germany and stay a night over there. The cheapest airline for this route was Pegasus Airlines and the price was €129 for a round-trip ticket which is not that bad where Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines was around €200-€300. The purpose of this trip was pleasure so I took the cheapest option. This series would contain a general overview of Pegasus Airlines, the Turkish low-cost carrier.

The second flight of this series would be the report of the Boeing 737-800 of Pegasus Airlines onboard a flight from Frankfurt to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen. On this report, I would also cover one of the hot meal options of the BoB menu of Pegasus Airlines.

The uneventful routing for this trip would look like this;


Pax for this flight:



I have completed the online check-in process via the Pegasus mobile application 7 days before departure.

photo img_8273

This time, I was assigned seat 28F which I was happy to keep as it was a window seat.

photo img_8274

As I haven't selected a seat, pre-order a meal or buy checked baggage allowance, I didn't need to pay for OLCI.

photo img_8275

The day of the flight, I have realized that TC-IZG would be the aircraft that would take me back to Istanbul. It would be my second time on TC-IZG as my first time was back in July 2018 and you could find the report of that flight here.

photo img_8540photo img_8541

The day of the flight, I have decided to use the S-Bahn to access Frankfurt Airport. It takes around 10 minutes from the city center to the airport which is a quite short ride.

photo img_8544


As the S-Bahn station is located at Terminal 1,

photo img_8545

And the Skyline is closed, I have used the intra-terminal transfer bus to access Terminal 2.

photo img_8546

Pegasus Airlines operates from Terminal 2E.

photo img_8547

As I had time and the counters were empty, I've stopped by for a paper issued boarding pass as sometimes at outstations, mobile boarding passes doesn't work efficiently. The Pegasus counters were the same counters that American Airlines uses. After the last AA flight departs from FRA, for the rest of the day, the counters are allocated for PC flights.

photo img_8548

Boarding pass. Gate D14, never heard where it is before this flight, I've thought it would probably be a bus gate.

photo img_8552

Later on, I have headed to passport control which took less than 5 minutes. FIDS

photo img_8549

As I had no lounge access and dining in FRA is expensive than onboard, I have headed to my gate. While walking, I have noticed the ad that they were "Building the Future" in FRA which I think that would open before Brandenburg Airport.

photo img_8550

While on the way, JA862J had just arrived from Tokyo-Narita.

photo img_8551

While I approached the gate area, there was a centralized security point for gates D13-D20. As there were nobody in front of me, this checkpoint was a breeze.

photo img_8553


Wait a second. Gate D14 was the same gate as gate C14 and I had noticed at that moment.

photo img_8554

And it was not a bus gate, it was one of the A380 gates of Lufthansa that has direct lounge boarding. However, as FRA does not have centralized security throughout the airport, LH prefers operating their A380 from Terminal 1Z.

photo img_8555

A Lufthansa A330 passing by. As expected, there were enough seats for everyone at the gate area as the gate was originally designed for an A380 flight.

photo img_8557

The gate desk was also Lufthansa branded. Boarding had started 30 minutes with families with children boarding first after all others. A pre-recorded boarding announcement was made in German, English and Turkish when boarding had started. E-boarding-gates was not active. By the way, mobile boarding passes worked without an issue at FRA for PC flights.

photo img_8556-83191

D-AIDK was our neighbor. He was going to fly to Tel Aviv that afternoon.

photo img_8558


In the first plan, I've taken my original seat 28F. The Pegasus 737-800 aircraft have slightly less legroom than the A320neo's, however, still it had a decent legroom for a LCC.

photo img_8559photo img_8560

Most of the seats onboard the aircraft was empty that afternoon; many passengers including myself have asked the crew if we could move to another seat as the aircraft was empty. They have simply asked not to move more than 5 rows as the seating plan was allocated according to fuel plans. For the comfort of the passenger in 28D, I have moved to seat 32F, which is in the last row of the aircraft.

Our neighbor A7-APH was getting ready for his flight to Doha.

photo img_8561

The seat pocket containing the Pegasus Cafe menu and the Pegasus Magazine. You could find the content of the menu here in my previous report.

photo img_8562-10149

After doors were closed, the safety demo was done manually by the crew. After that, the captain had announced that we would wait at our parking position for a bit because of the air traffic.

At that time, this Korean Air 747-8I had arrived from Seoul as KE905.

photo img_8563

As you could see, most seats were empty which maximized the comfort.

photo img_8564

As this was an ex-Ryanair aircraft, life vests were located in the overhead panel rather than under the seat. However, the strange thing was that the pre-recorded safety announcement told that "Your life vest is located under your seat." At least, I know it's not under my seat.

photo img_8565

While we were waiting, G-EUYX had pushed back for his flight to Heathrow.

photo img_8566

At that time, our friend TC-JOK had arrived from Istanbul Airport.

photo img_8567

D-AINJ was going to the runway for his flight to Birmingham.

photo img_8568

TC-JOK passing by

photo img_8569

And 15 minutes after our scheduled departure time, it was our turn to push-back.

photo img_8570

Terminal 2 including the QR A380 parked at Terminal 1C.

photo img_8571

Etihad A330-200 waiting for the evening for his flight to Abu Dhabi.

photo img_8572

Once again, the terminal

photo img_8573

The ground control center

photo img_8574

D-AIDK, for the second time, before his flight to Tel Aviv.

photo img_8575

Condor aircraft parked at Terminal 1C.

photo img_8576

D-AIDK for the third time.

photo img_8577

Condor 767 in the retro livery and ANA 777-300ER in the Star Wars livery

photo img_8578

HL7626 would operate OZ542 to Seoul, that afternoon.

photo img_8579

D-ABOI had arrived from Lanzarote and being towed to Terminal 1C:

photo img_8580

LATAM A350, getting ready for his flight to Sao Paulo

photo img_8581

B-1086 was going to fly to Shanghai that day

photo img_8582

TC-JOK parked at Terminal 1B.

photo img_8583

Terminal 1A/Z

photo img_8584photo img_8585

D-AIFD had just arrived from Qingdao.

photo img_8586

D-AINM, one of the A320neo's of Lufthansa, would operate LH1078 to Lyon that day.

photo img_8587

SX-DGA, at a remote stand, would return back to Athens soon.

photo img_8588

Another shot of that bird

photo img_8589

D-ABUZ had arrived from Seattle that afternoon

photo img_8590

Lufthansa Cargo MD-11's parked near the cargo terminal

photo img_8591

This A320neo was also ready to go to the runway

photo img_8592

D-ACNB was going to operate LH1226 to Geneva.

photo img_8593

EC-MNR was going to operate LH396 to Luxembourg. Lufthansa had leased this aircraft from Air Nostrum.

photo img_8594

And after 15-20 minutes of taxiing and waiting for our turn, we were taking off.

photo img_8596photo img_8597

Some aircraft parked near the Terminal 3 site

photo img_8598

Terminal 3 construction site

photo img_8599photo img_8600

An ICE high speed train heading southward.

photo img_8601

We had made a turn and FRA was visible

photo img_8602

In a few minutes, we had reached our cruising altitude.

photo img_8603

As there were 60-70 passengers onboard, the crew individually asked everyone if they wanted something from the Pegasus Cafe menu. As I didn't have lunch that day, I have opted for the Chicken Schnitzel option. The tray also contained a salad, a chocolate pudding, lemon, olive oil, butter, and bread. I had paid €13 for this meal including a bottle of ice-tea, however, the same meal could be order for a cheaper price online in advance. 

photo img_8604-68639

The portion of the schnitzel is not that small but not that big.

photo img_8605-67395

Inflight shopping was also offered throughout the flight but the options were limited.

photo img_8606photo img_8607-81644

Before starting our descent, the crew arrived one more time to ask if passengers would like something from the Pegasus Cafe and then I have visited one of the lavatories, which was clean at that time.

photo img_8608photo img_8609-14740

As we're arriving the Tuzla Shipyard

photo img_8610

D-100 highway

photo img_8611

And we had landed on time.

photo img_8612

The terminal

photo img_8613

After a short taxi, we had parked to a remote stand. Both front and rear doors would been used for disembarkation.

photo img_8614


As I was sitting at the last row, I had left the aircraft from the rear door after saying goodbye to the crew.

photo img_8615

TC-NBM was our neighbor, next morning he was going to fly to Denizli. As we were only 60-70 passengers onboard, one bus took all passengers to the terminal.

photo img_8616

The last shot of our aircraft.

photo img_8617

When I arrived at the terminal, the passport control booths were empty so I didn't use the fast-track lane. Later on, when leaving the baggage claim hall, all bags ( including carry-on's ) were scanned by customs officers so after a 1-2 minute wait over there, I have headed to the bus stops to go back to my address.

photo img_8618

So, this report has come to an end.  
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

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Pegasus Airlines

Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu9.0

Frankfurt - FRA


Istanbul - SAW



After arriving at Frankfurt Airport and using the intra-terminal transfer bus to Terminal 2, I have simply stopped by the check-in desks as there was no wait at that time. For the passport control, the situation was the same, I have only waited for 2 or 3 passengers. For security, I was the only one passing by at that time. As our 737-800 was parked to an A380 gate, the gate area was not crowded and boarding was done without issues. After boarding the aircraft and noticing that the aircraft is empty, I've headed to the last row to have maximum comfort. After a wait and a long taxi due to the air and ground traffic in FRA, we had taken off and I have requested a Schnitzel from the BoB menu which tasted good and had a decent portion, but if I had pre-ordered it, I would have saved a bunch of money. As this aircraft was an ex-Ryanair leased 737-800, no IFE was present onboard so I've stretched my legs through the entire row and listen to music. The crew was friendly and the lavatories were kept throughout the flight. Not like the inbound flight, this flight was uneventful and we had landed to SAW on time. At the time we had arrived, there was almost nobody waiting for passport control so I was in the baggage claim hall within a minute and the trip had come to an end.

(+) Passport and security wait times high below the average
(-) A bit painful to navigate as the Skyline was closed for maintenance
PC 996
(+) Comfortable seats as the flight was empty
(+) Decent legroom
(+) BoB selection and the hot meal that I've purchased
(+) Friendly crew
(+) Lavatories were kept clean throughout the flight
(-) No IFE, nor power sources or USB ports
(+) Efficient passport control



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  • Comment 507115 by
    NewYorker 187 Comments
    Thanks for this report! I see Pegasus a lot in Frankfurt, so it’s nice to see what their onboard product is like. It seems to be quite good, but those seats do look uncomfortable! Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 507124 by
      ISTFlyer BRONZE AUTHOR 386 Comments
      Hi NewYorker and thanks for your comment,

      I see Pegasus a lot in Frankfurt, so it’s nice to see what their onboard product is like.

      - Indeed, Frankfurt is one of the destinations that operate the least in Germany. If you were in Dusseldorf or Köln, you would definitely see one each time. ?
      It seems to be quite good, but those seats do look uncomfortable!

      - Their old seats are not that comfortable but the newer ones are better. I guess this aircraft has these seats because it's a leased aircraft

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