Review of Portugalia flight Porto London in Economy

Airline Portugalia
Flight TP338
Class Economy
Seat 18D
Aircraft Embraer E-190
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 15 Mar 18, 17:45
Arrival at 15 Mar 18, 19:40
NI   #102 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 20 reviews
Danny R
By 570
Published on 30th May 2019

tap express ( operated by portugalia airlines ) - e190 - porto to london gatwick

Welcome to this flight report!

This is my first flight report on here and the first for this specific flight…. Lets get started!

After three wonderful days in the city of Porto which is situated in the northern region of Portugal, it was time to fly back home.  

photo dscn1091

Me and mum started our journey on the Porto metro train service from Trindade station to Porto airport. 

The travelling duration took us no longer than 25 minutes and only costed around 3 euros one way each.

This was as off the date we did the journey.


photo dscn1141-81979photo dscn1145

Upon entering Porto airport you can see how clean and fairly modern the terminal is. 

I like how easy it is to access the self check-in kiosks are here! Luckily for me I pre printed and checked in before the trip.


photo dscn1145photo dscn1146

I know this is very obvious for anyone who travels, but always check the departures board. 

The amount off stories I have heard off people not looking and missing their flights….it's unreal! 

Our flight is the second one up from the bottom. TP338 


photo dscn1147

While sitting in the gate waiting area, I found a food vending machine with a pack off nuts stuck half way down the machine.

I tried my luck and managed to get two… Jackpot! Love it when that happens. 


photo dscn1156photo dscn1158

After going through security checks zone, we had to go through passport checks to enter our gate. 

Today's flight is at gate 10 which is very spacious with huge windows surrounding the building. Fantastic for spotting planes. 


photo dscn1159

Here is the aircraft to fly us home.

E190 registered CS-TPP operated by Portugalia Airlines for TAP Express. She is 7 years old as on the date off flying. 


photo dscn1160photo dscn1164

The push back and take off procedure was done very smoothly and quickly.

Climbing out off Porto was beautiful, the low fluffy clouds gave it even more effect.

This my first time flying on a Embraer aircraft and partly the reason why I booked this flight. 


photo dscn1165

This aircraft is in a 2-2 configuration with excellent leg room and wide windows to watch the sky.

The overhead storage bins are also very generous on space for luggage. This flight was just little over half full, with the majority off the passengers being business commuters.


photo e190-p-blanket-pillow

TAP Express provided a free soft red blanket and pillow on this very short flight!

I love the little detail off the airlines logo printed on the pillow. including the Star Alliance logo, which TAP is a member off.


photo dscn1166

Shortly after leveling out for the flight, the sun rapidly set leaving a soft blue tone to the sky. 

By this time everyone on the flight are starting to feel hungry. 


photo dscn1173

When the sunset,  tonight's flight crew started the free light meal service. 

We was all offered a small sandwich baguette filled with either ham and cheese,  or ham with lettuce.
Both me and mum opted for the ham with lettuce. It tasted okay, I can't really complain as it was complimentary from the airline.

It came with a little packet off mini bread sticks and a tasty danish style cookie.

The crew also provide unlimited drinks such as tea, coffee, water, fruit juices, beer and local sourced wine. 
Mum had a small glass off wine which tasted divine. I don't drink wine myself but I did find it flavourful.

photo dscn1177

After eating our lite meal, crew came through the cabin once more and handed out delicious tasting cakes.
It had a hint off lemon and coated with sugar on top.

Perfect snack to end the service before rubbish collection started and the decent over the English Channel.


photo e190-p-seat

Just to mention, the leg room provided on this small narrow bodied aircraft was very generous.

Plenty off room to stretch my legs out and store my carry on bag underneath the seat in front. 


photo dscn1178

After the crew finished collecting left over rubbish from the food service, they soon prepared the cabin for a quick decent landing into Gatwick.

We began getting lower in altitude over the Isle of Wight towards Portsmouth, Billingshurst and Horsham
before making a sharp banking left turn into London Gatwick.   

Arriving at the airport was just like any other night time landing….. nothing  much to see, but the touch down was very smooth.
the aircraft made a sudden quick right turn off the runway to park up at the South terminal gates.
We Parked up next to a British Airways Airbus A320 registered G-MIDS. 

photo dscn1179photo dscn1180

And that is it… Flight was over and done with in a flash!
I was very pleased with the service and glad I decided to pay extra and fly with TAP Express/ Portugalia Airlines back home.  
Would I fly with this airline and aircraft again? Yes I would, the service provided by the airline was perfectly acceptable. 
Price was reasonably cheap, not much different compared to easyJet. The bonus off this flight for anyone is the free complimentary food/ drink service, good ticket prices and a pillow/ blanket provided!

Extra bonus for me was to fly on my first every Embraer aircraft and first time flying with the airline(s)

Thank you for reading my first time review on this website, hope you enjoyed reading and it helped you in anyway possible.
Keep checking by soon as I have plenty more reviews to come. Next review will be on British Airways Economy services on board a Boeing 747-400 and a  Boeing 777-200!

Until then, keep flying and smiling! :D    

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Cabin crew7.5

Porto - OPO


London - LGW






  • Comment 505140 by
    KL651 TEAM 4470 Comments

    Welcome and thanks for this first FR.
    As you say when legacies that offer a free service are priced the same or just a bit more than LCC they are so much much nicer to fly on.

  • Comment 505279 by
    wop SILVER 241 Comments

    Hi, thanks for this first report, and well done! It is well written and with nice photos.
    The catering seems good, and these Embraer e-jets are in my opinion always enjoyable. It would be interesting to see how the catering has evolved on this route since TAP launched its new "fresh from Portugal" product a few months ago.

  • Comment 505435 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5219 Comments

    Hi Danny, thanks for sharing your first report here with us! A very nice report, which is well-photographed and well-written--nice job!

    I love E190 is always a comfortable way to fly...probably the best Y experience out there with the 2-2 config and wide seats. Nice that TAP provided free alcoholic drinks in Y along with the meal. I Assume the wine was Portuguese--there are definitely some good Portuguese wines out there.

    Thanks again for sharing and looking forward to your future reports on BA.

    Welcome to Flight-Report!

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