Review of American Airlines flight Chicago Washington in Economy

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA2499
Class Economy
Seat 14A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:27
Take-off 18 May 19, 16:33
Arrival at 18 May 19, 19:31
AA   #50 out of 113 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 481 reviews
By GOLD 461
Published on 9th September 2019

Report No: 2019-507E

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to this new series where I would try LOT Polish Airlines for the first time after finding a sweet deal on their Premium Economy cabin. As my final destination would be Washington DC and LOT Polish Airlines doesn't fly to the DC area, I would fly to Chicago with LOT and then take an American flight down to DC. Also, in this series, I would have the opportunity to visit the signature lounges of two different Star Alliance carriers.

The third and last flight of this series would be an American Airlines flight from Chicago to Washington National onboard the newer 737-800 aircraft of the AA fleet. Unfortunately, I was not able to visit any of the lounges during my visit which I would describe within the report.

So the routing for this series would look like this; 

Pax for this flight:

Domestic First: %100
Main Cabin: %60-65


I have completed my online check-in 24 hours before scheduled departure time via the American Airlines application. I was originally booked on the 19:15 flight.

photo img_8638

I have sticked to my pre-reserved seat.

photo img_8639

And confirmed the check-in to create a mobile boarding pass

photo img_8640

And it was created.

photo img_8641


After arriving from my LOT flight and leaving my bags at the American Airlines transfer counter, it was already 16:33 and I was on the stand-by list for the 16:33 flight that would be departing at 17:50. I have took the transfer bus to Terminal 3 where American flights depart.

photo img_8794

My standby ticket

photo img_8795

A view from the intra-terminal transfer bus. As Terminal 3 is the last stop, it took around 5-10 minutes to reach there.

photo img_8796

Airlines operating from Terminal 5

photo img_8797

Airlines operating from Terminal 3

photo img_8798

At that time the aircraft of my standby flight had arrived from its previous flight from New York-LGA

photo img_0151

And my originally booked flight was delayed to 20:45.

photo img_0152

After arriving to Terminal 3, I have headed to the priority checkpoint where only one lane was working. It took around 15-20 minutes to clear security in the priority lane.

photo img_8799-30968

The reason that I waited that much was some passengers in Group 6 were in line ( a group of tourists ), where they shouldn't be; as no one was checking eligibility they were able to pass by.

photo img_8800

After I was in the airside, I have checked the FIDS

photo img_8801-84048

Gate K3 is close to the security checkpoint so after a 5 minute walk, I was at my gate. As my standby flight was scheduled to depart within 35 minutes, I was not able to visit the Flagship Lounge.

photo img_8802


N959NN was going to operate AA2499 that day. When I arrived at the gate, they were starting to announce the names of passengers in the standby list, when my name was announced I went to the podium and a friendly employee that could speak Turkish had handed me my boarding pass.

photo img_8803

I was assigned seat 14C in the exit row.

photo img_8804

Boarding had started at 17:20 local time with the respect of priorities.

photo img_8806-25268

I was the only passenger in Group 3 and after my boarding pass had scanned, I have took this photo of our aircraft.

photo img_8805


After boarding the aircraft, I have took my original seat 14C. As this was an exit row seat the armrests reduce the seat width but it wasn't that bad.

photo img_8807

The legroom was decent as I was seated in the exit row. Every seat had inflight entertainment screens which were Thales branded. Power sources and USB ports were available at each seat.

photo img_8808

The remote control for the IFE system was located at the armrest as I was seated in an exit row.

photo img_8823

Video announcements were made as every American Airlines flight that has PTV.

photo img_8809

The overhead panel

photo img_8810

When activating the IFE system, there are advertisements that passengers are not permitted to skip.

photo img_8811

And the main menu

photo img_8812

Mobile IFE was also available onboard the flight. American Airlines offers complimentary Apple Music access onboard their flights.

photo img_8813

The mobile IFE menu

photo img_8814

Wi-Fi would cost $10 for this short flight.

photo img_8815

Free live TV is also available. Here are the available channels

photo img_8816

The entertainment menu

photo img_8817

Most of the movies available where recent releases.

photo img_8818

As boarding was completed and seat 14A and 14B was empty, I have passed to the window seat.

photo img_8819

Our neighbor was N306PB which was waiting for its flight to St. Louis.

photo img_8820

At that time, headphones were distributed by the cabin crew. As wireless headphones doesn't fit to the IFE system, I had asked for a pair.

photo img_8821

Our route today

photo img_8822

Later on, the safety video was played on the personal screens.

photo img_8826

We had pushed backed at 17:58 local time, this AA 787 was getting ready for its flight to Athens at that time.

photo img_8827

Some more Dreamliner's.

photo img_8830

An American Eagle aircraft arriving from Ichita.

photo img_8831

And an United Express aircraft which had just arrived from Calgary.

photo img_8833

N414ZW and N817AN in the same shot

photo img_8834

N817AN was going to Dallas Fort Worth that day as AA830

photo img_8835

N922NN was also visible, that bird was going to fly to Austin that day

photo img_8836

EC-JCZ being pushed back for its flight back home, to Madrid.

photo img_8837

The international terminal

photo img_8838

And soon, it was time to takeoff and we were in the air

photo img_8839

A photo just after takeoff

photo img_8840

I have checked the movies on the IFE system and started on one of the shortest movies in the system, however, I was not able to finish it.

photo img_8841

At that time, I had also checked the seat pocket.

photo img_8829-21309

On today's flight, only drinks and snacks would be served.

photo img_8832

Some information about the IFE options

photo img_8842photo img_8843-84872

Our aircraft in the fleet section

photo img_8844-42081

Terminal map of ORD

photo img_8845-74834


photo img_8846-92653

And AA east-coast destinations

photo img_8847-79653

When the seat belt signs had turned off, I have decided to use the IFE screen at 14B to look at the route map.

photo img_8848

Route information

photo img_8850photo img_8851

A photo at that time

photo img_8849

Shortly later, complimentary drink and snacks were served. The only available snack was pretzels as they were out of Biscoff cookies. I have opted for a tomato juice as a drink.

photo img_8852

As we had approached DCA, the sky got a bit darker.

photo img_8853

And the landing announcement was monitored.

photo img_8854

Georgetown University

photo img_8855

The Golden Triangle

photo img_8856

The Washington Monument

photo img_8857

The Jefferson Memorial

photo img_8858

And we had landed to DCA

photo img_8859

Terminal B/C and Terminal C

photo img_8860

N949NN was there after from his flight from Miami as AA1985.

photo img_8861

And we were going to park at gate 29.

photo img_8862


After leaving the aircraft, I have headed to the baggage claim hall

photo img_8863

Arrival FIDS, if I had taken my original flight, I would be arriving at midnight so I have saved 3 hours because of a delay on the previous ORD-DCA flight.

photo img_8864

My bags had arrived 3-4 minutes after I have arrived to the carousel and they were one of the first ones to come.

photo img_8865-46456

Later on, I have headed to the metro station and noticed that single-tracking was active due to construction in process, however, after a 4-5 minute wait the train arrived and I have left the airport.

photo img_8866

This report has came to an end.  
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report.

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American Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Chicago - ORD


Washington - DCA



The flight was an average American Airlines domestic flight. It was strange that there were a bunch of people using the priority lane even though they were Group 5 or higher and no one was checking boarding passes so it took a bit longer to clear security. As the earlier ORD-DCA flight ( this flight ) was empty, my standby was cleared before boarding had started so I didn't have the time to visit the Flagship Lounge. Boarding had started at the stated time with the respect of priorities. I have taken my seat which was at the exit row. The seats were comfortable and the legroom was great onboard the American Airlines 737-800 aircraft, however, unfortunately, American Airlines would change these seats with their new Oasis cabin, in order to squeeze some more seats which would mean no personal screens and tighter legroom at regular rows. As seats 14A and 14B were empty, I have passed to seat 14A and enjoyed the IFE system throughout the flight. Everything seemed perfect except the expensive fee for onboard Wi-Fi for a 1h flight. The service was the classic beverage+pretzel service. After arriving at DCA and after arriving at the carousel, my bags were one of the first ones to arrive and I have left the airport and the journey had come to an end.

(+) Priorities respected throughout the boarding process
(-) No one checked boarding passes at the priority security lane
AA 2499
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom at the exit row
(+) IFE options, personal screens, USB ports, power sources
(+) Friendly crew
(-) Expensive Wi-Fi for this short flight
(+) Reasonable wait for baggage

Information on the route Chicago (ORD) Washington (DCA)


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