Review of United flight New Orleans Washington in Economy

Airline United
Flight UA2371
Class Economy
Seat 25F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 02 Jun 19, 18:00
Arrival at 02 Jun 19, 21:20
UA   #54 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 375 reviews
By GOLD 451
Published on 10th September 2019

Report No: 2019-603E

Ladies and Gentleman,

Welcome to this new short series that would contain 3 domestic flights onboard United and United Express onboard a short weekend trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. In this series, I would present three different aircraft types at the United fleet but the services on all flights were similar. In addition, the first two reports would contain lounge reports as well.

The last flight of this series was onboard the A319 of United from New Orleans to Washington Dulles. Originally, I was booked on the morning flight from New Orleans to Washington Dulles but due to the free Same Day Change option for Star Alliance Gold members, I was able to change it to the evening flight for free. This report won't include any lounge reviews as there are no United Club or Star Alliance Lounge at New Orleans.

Here is the routing for this short series;

Pax for this flight:

Domestic First: %100
Economy and EconomyPlus: 100

The flight was fully booked


As I have relied on the Same Day Change process, I have bought the morning flight at 08:00 instead of the evening flight because the morning flight was around $189 while the 18:00 flight was $489. The morning before this flight, I have checked-in for my original flight.

photo img_0170

Then at noon, I have changed my flight to the 12:50 flight, just in case.

photo img_0173

I also had the chance to bid for several later options as I kept the amount low for the 18:00 flight which I wanted to take in order to maximize my time in New Orleans.

photo img_0175

Then I have changed my flight to another option via IAH.

photo img_0176

Selected my seats for that flights

photo img_0177

And, at 18:00, I was able to see the flight that I wanted and selected that flight.

photo ekran-resmi-2019-06-01-180052

Confirmed the flight change

photo ekran-resmi-2019-06-01-180103

And selected my seat, obviously I didn't pay for EconomyPlus.

photo ekran-resmi-2019-06-01-180130

Before leaving my hotel, I have checked the status of the incoming aircraft which was going to arrive on time.

photo img_0179photo img_0180

About an hour before the flight, I have bid $1500 to travel the next day as the United app was searching for volunteers.

photo img_0181

The airport

photo img_8986


United is one of the 3 airlines operating from Terminal D.

photo img_8987

As I had access to the PremierAccess lane, security took about 5-10 minutes which is normal.

photo img_8988

FIDS for the day

photo img_8989

As there are no United Club in MSY, I had a cold drink in PJ's Coffee while waiting for my flight. As I have heard, United is planning to open a club in New Orleans.

photo img_8991


Our aircraft was visible from the gate.

photo img_8990

The gate area was equipped with power outlets and USB ports.
Few minutes before boarding, one of the lucky passengers who have bid received the offer to travel tomorrow morning and got a free stay at a hotel and a travel voucher which I don't remember the exact amount but it was higher than $600-700. 

photo img_8992

At this time, the gate agent was handing the documents of the passenger who have bid the lowest amount.
Later on, boarding had started with the respect of priorities. 

photo img_8993-61372

Boarding Pass

photo img_0178


As I have boarded, I have taken my seat 25F. Like the previous flight, this aircraft was also equipped with Recaro seats. Being not that tall, I always found 30' legroom onboard United decent.

photo img_8994photo img_8995

While boarding continued, our aircraft was receiving fuel

photo img_8996

The seat pocket had the identical elements from the previous flight in this series.

photo img_8997

And a part of the United route map

photo img_8998

Onboard this flight, snacks were available for purchase but no hot dishes were loaded on this flight.

photo img_8999

The beverage list for this flight

photo img_9001

The aircraft was equipped with United PrivateScreening

photo img_9002

The United fleet

photo img_9003

The Terminal map for IAD

photo img_9004

While we were on the ground, Wi-Fi was not available while the PrivateScreening menu was available.

photo img_9005photo img_9006

We had pushed back on schedule

photo img_9007

The new terminal that would open later this year

photo img_9008

Another United aircraft taxiing while we were speeding.

photo img_9009

And we're in the air

photo img_9010

The current ( active ) terminals

photo img_9011photo img_9012

Missisipi Reiver

photo img_9013

Downtown NO

photo img_9014

New Orleans City Park

photo img_9015-99482

New Orleans Lakefront Airport

photo img_9016

At that time, the United Wifi menu was active.

photo img_9017

Wi-Fi options for the flight

photo img_9020

Route map

photo img_9018photo img_9019

After we had reached our cruising altitude, the crew has appeared for the snack and drink service.
Today's snack was pretzels. 

photo img_9021

And I have opted for an apple juice as a drink

photo img_9022

Route map while we continued our journey

photo img_9023photo img_9024

Some photos over the clouds

photo img_9025photo img_9026

And, we had arrived to Washington Dulles Airport, few minutes before our scheduled arrival time

photo img_9027

After a short taxi, we have parked to gate D5.

photo img_9028photo img_9029

Our neighbor was this United 737

photo img_9030


The last shot of our aircraft N822UA

photo img_9031

As I was hungry and there was plenty of time until the next 5A bus to the city center departs, before leaving the airport, I had a pizza at &pizza located between Concourse C and D.

photo img_9032-91223

Departures FIDS after I have finished dinner

photo img_9033

I have taken the AirTrain to the main building, however, it was a bit crowded as the train that arrived first was out of service.

photo img_9034-73950

That's why it took 10-15 minutes to reach the main building.

photo img_9035

Shortly after arriving to the main building, I had boarded bus 5A to Washington DC and left the airport.

photo img_9036

This report has came to an end.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you in another report. 

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Cabin crew8.0

New Orleans - MSY


Washington - IAD



To expedite the process of publishing reports, I would not include a detailed conclusion for reports in this series.

(+) Reasonable waiting time at security
(+) Priorities respected throughout the boarding process
(+) The presence of USB ports and power outlets at the gate
(-) No club or lounge available
UA 2371
(+) Comfortable seats and decent legroom
(+) United PrivateScreening options
(-) Food for purchase could be improved
(+) Dining options at IAD
(-) AirTrain was crowded than usual



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