Review of British Airways flight New York London in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA7628
Class Economy
Seat 36K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 07:00
Take-off 09 Jun 19, 22:00
Arrival at 10 Jun 19, 10:00
BA   #67 out of 99 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 810 reviews
Danny R
By 1340
Published on 27th June 2019


Welcome to this flight report on the British Airways 777-200 aircraft in Economy class from JFK to London Gatwick.

This my first ever flight on board a B777 and I am very please to share my experience from the journey.

I would like to give a huge thank you for taking your time to read this report.

Lets begin! 

photo dscn1326

After spending a wonderful week in New York City it was sadly time to fly home.

I had to get a photo off the Statue of Liberty at night before leaving! 

photo dscn1394

The next day around 4PM est, we arrived at Terminal 7 at JFK airport. 

Walked off the air link train to see the huge British Airways logo displayed on the buildings entrance. 

After dropping our baggage off at check in and passed through security, we walked into the duty free and gate waiting area. 

photo dscn1400

Terminal 7 airside is super tiny! But it is brilliantly laid out.

The waiting area has a few shops such as Hudson news, little restaurants and the typical duty free shops you find in any airport.

I was very surprised to see a Dunkin Donuts! So I decided to spend my last remaining dollars on food

photo dscn1403photo dscn1404

If you are a fan off donuts and nice cold fruit flavoured drinks, Dunkin is the place for you!

Don't worry….not all the donuts are for me ;) 

photo dscn1415

Due to arriving at the airport fairly early we found plenty off seats at the gate to relax and watch planes pass by while stuffing our faces.

photo dscn1408

Terminal 7 at JFK offers a decent view off the airport, I managed to just capture one off TAP Portugal's A330-900NEO's passing by.

This was the first time I have seen a A330NEO, I love how the wingtips are designed….very similar to the A350 wing tips.

photo dscn1406

Moments after, our aircraft home arrived.

Boeing 777-200ER registered G-VIIP to British Airways aged 20.4 years old as off the day flying.

She is the 193rd Boeing 777-200 out off 422 ever built, very excited to fly on this bird!

photo dscn1421

After waiting around an hour for the aircraft to refuel and do other routine procedures we finally boarded.

It got dark very quickly, but got to see a line up off Jet Blue aircraft's and the TAP A330NEO.

photo dscn1416

Not long after boarding we made a quick push park and taxi to one off the many runways at JFK.

I was very pleased to see the Empire State building in the distance…What a fantastic sight to see!

photo dscn1427

Moments later we thundered down the runway and took off towards Long Island and Boston direction. 

Sadly I couldn't get many photo's during this flight due to it being very dark outside.

photo dscn1434

Shortly after take off the crew began the meal service.

The crew handed out a little packet off Penn State pretzels and a chosen drink beverage.  
I opted to have orange juice and the limited edition British Airways Brewdog Speedbird 100 beer. This drink is specifically made just for BA to celebrate the airlines 100th anniversary.
The most funniest thing happened during the meal service, the head rests fell off for two passengers sitting in front off me. Cabin crew members tried to fix the problem for at least half an hour.
In the end I decided to give it a try and fixed both head rests in 10 seconds!

For the "miracle " I performed, I was presented with two cans off beer…..result! 

The beer isn't that great tasting though, but it could be my taste buds are weak when up at 38,000 feet.

photo dscn1435

Half way through eating my small snack off pretzels I was presented with the main evening meal.

It consisted of a small salad bowl, dry bread roll, a tasteless desert and a packet off crackers with cheese. The main was chicken with rice and vegetable which actually tasted good.

After eating I decided to try and sleep most off the flight. 

photo dscn1436

Three hours later from a restless sleep due to turbulence the sun started to rise over the Atlantic ocean.

I decided to get up, stretch my legs and use the restroom. I forgot to take photos, but take a look at my previous flight report off my BA flight on the 747-400 to New York as the restroom was close enough the same layout……Small and cramped!

photo dscn1439

Not much time later it was fully bright out and I could see the amazing cloud cover below.

Nothing quite beats looking out the window and watching how the clouds form. 

photo dscn1444-53817photo dscn1445-62453

Although the seating was  limited on space the cabin was very big and easy to move around.

Much like the 747, there is no over head air con systems. 

photo dscn1448

The cabin crew slowly raised the brightness in the cabin ready to prepare the morning meal service, which in my opinion was very very poor.

All that the crew provided was a disgusting, bland boring bread roll with hardly any filling.
I passed eating this and most off every passengers also did the same.

My roll even had what looked like mold on one part.

photo dscn1456photo dscn1457

I decided to watch a few episodes off Family Guy and Derry Girls on the onboard IFE system. I also enjoy using the live flight tracker map.

photo dscn1481photo dscn1441

Soon I was able to spot out the coast line of Republic of Ireland, Dingle.  

photo dscn1463

No more than 30 minutes later we started our decent into a very dark,
cloudy and rainy London Gatwick.

photo dscn1469photo 777-flight-landing-1

With a quick speedy and wet landing the aircraft braked hard to turn left onto the taxi way.

photo 777-flight-landing-2photo dscn1478

Slowly taxing along to our gate at the South terminal we past many huge long haul aircraft's.

British Airways, Norwegian airlines and Privilege Style Airlines.

photo dscn1482photo dscn1484

And that was it! My first ever Boeing 777 aircraft flight had ended.

The aircraft is wonderful, very quiet and fairly smooth flying.

The downside to the flight was the catering on board. The food just isn't the same standards to how it use to be with British Airways.
I have had better food with BA back when they provided it for free on short hauled flights!

Apart from the food side off it, the flight and crew was amazing. I fully recommend anyone to fly with British Airways if they want to find cheap air fares to the states and not bothered about leg room or catering.

Thank you again for reading this report from JFK to LGW.

This is my 3rd report on this website and I have plenty more reports to come. Next report will be on Flybe from Southampton to Manchester onboard their Dash 8 Q400 aircraft.

Until then….keep flying and smiling! :D 

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  • Comment 509048 by
    emyrrs 106 Comments

    Cool report for your very first ever flight on board a B777 and thanks for sharing it with us!

    Boeing 777-200ER registered G-VIIP to British Airways aged 20.4 years old as off the day flying.

    WoW but I'm pretty surprised that BA fitted the cabin with latest economy seats and the first meal service looks great! Way better than what EY will provide you on the same flight I believe.

    Much like the 747, there is no over head air con systems.

    But what was that thing??

    • Comment 509064 by
      Danny R AUTHOR 28 Comments

      Thank you so much! I Don't think the food service is that bad as such, but BA do need to make some improvements.

      The thing? if you mean the little circle thing in the middle off the above unit, I have no idea! It has been puzzling me ever since haha!

  • Comment 509081 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5399 Comments

    HI Danny R, thanks for sharing ! Well-documented report and I believe it is the first one I am seeing in Y on the new LGW-based high-density 777s. The cabin looks fresh and new, but the 3-4-3 configuration is a shame. Hopefully the 3-4-3 virus won't spread to LHR-based 777s! Yuck, mold on the sandwich...not cool!

    Thanks for sharing!

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