Review of Malaysia Airlines flight Mumbai Kuala Lumpur in Business

Airline Malaysia Airlines
Flight MH195
Class Business
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 05:10
Take-off 15 Jan 19, 23:25
Arrival at 16 Jan 19, 07:05
MH   #53 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 211 reviews
By SILVER 1887
Published on 26th June 2019


Our 3rd day in Mumbai was just spent lazying around in the hotel because that’s what people do on vacation I guess. Our MH flight was at 11.30pm and I managed to get a 6pm late checkout. This would give us an extra two hours to kill at our family’s place before heading to the airport. We ordered a cool cab (blue taxi) to pick us up for 8pm and we reached the airport in 20 minutes.

photo 46959651511_e68f2ed65a_c

The ramp leading to the airport was filled with blockades but we eventually made it to the drop off area.

photo 46959650961_bda30a3875_c

Looks like this is the right place. As with all Indian airports, it’s a complete scrum outside with people sending off family members and only leaving after they went through the doors. Security is pretty tight as anyone taking a flight would need to show proof of such to military personnel guarding all entrances to the check-in hall.

photo 46959650531_34a0453066_cphoto 46959650131_cf822e02cb_c

Impressive design.

photo 46959649721_d1b83fb8be_c

MH check-in at aisle J.

photo 46959648781_0c38341683_cphoto 46907620772_f97341e7cc_c

Check-in was pretty quick after a short 5 minute wait. We headed to immigration and security after that.

photo 46959647461_94f63fcab8_cphoto 46959647021_2b7f4edfb0_c

I guess BOM was still in a festive mood in January.

photo 46959646481_de62d177ac_c

The long security queue awaits. With 4 stamps on our boarding passes from the paramilitary dude, we were permitted to pass through.

photo 46959646041_4ea627dd5e_c

Post security, we went all the way to the last immigration counter on the right side as this was for First/Business class passengers. What I did not know was that security for F/J passengers was also located on the far right of the check-in hall. Thanks Mom and Dad for conveniently not remembering this from your last trip.

photo 46959645161_dd29fffebc_c

Post immigration, we were spit out into duty free.

photo 46959644881_d743cbe1a8_c

With nothing of interest, we headed to the GVK West lounge to kill time and also feed the little man. BOM does not have separate airline lounges like most airports and instead airlines send all its F/J passengers to GVK lounges.

photo 46959643191_b40594a9c1_c

Once scanned in, we were requested to take the elevator downstairs. The lounges have both an upstairs and downstairs section and in this case, MH passengers were sent down. When leaving Mumbai on EK, we were sent right instead of downstairs. What’s the difference? … none as far as I could tell, although the main level did have a first class section which was roped off. The lounge was packed when we came in but cleared out after an hour.

Buffet + dining area.

photo 39995231013_c3015fc2b5_c

I requested a shower room to freshen up.

photo 46959640791_78a897057f_c

View from the lounge.

photo 32018694517_996817d1b8_c

We left T-45 before departure for our gate which as usual was at the farthest end of the concourse.

photo 39995230383_90cf31c4e7_c

Chaos at gate 75.

photo 39995229393_0f921d6b44_c

With the business class line on the other side.

photo 32018690737_e3ac976d02_c

Our birdie to KL.

photo 39995228183_f268fb0b2e_cphoto 39966667443_d55766847a_zphoto 39995227793_924d809d44_c

My lovely throne seat with my wife and son sitting together in front of me.

photo 46959632701_00cca0b07f_cphoto 32018687707_a555603c3f_cphoto 46959631861_63b56cbef0_c

The sucky part of a throne part was the cramped footwell. Pro tip – get 1K if you are flying solo as it has the footwell is the largest in the entire cabin.

photo 32018686567_b88cd12382_c

The cabin crew came by offering PDB’s and I went with the orange juice.

photo 46959631471_6d00c168a5_c

Air India and Swiss parked next to us.

photo 46045640885_41957bf604_c

Whats on the menu tonight?

Pushback + taxi and we were roaring off into the night sky.

photo 46045636735_694e355c3a_cphoto 46045636515_b22f50c663_c

GoAir taking off ahead of us.

photo 46959626831_cd8c26becf_c

Oh hi AC.

photo 46959625851_19388cd5d8_c

After take off, I put my seat into bed mode and knocked out as did other passengers. The only exception being my dad who stayed up during the meal service and went to town on the satay and whiskey. He even had the cheek to taunt us that we missed out on some good satay which MH is apparently known for.

Woke up an hour before landing to some good views.

photo 46045634135_bc58cd7a7d_cphoto 46959625261_f30d111697_cphoto 46959624411_38f6d5b2f5_c

Descent into KUL.

photo 46045631635_dd3ac3af6c_c

Back on terra firma.

photo 39995210413_68fabf68d3_c

MASKargo terminal with an Antonov in the background.

photo 46235134304_a1cb48dbb1_c
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Malaysia Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

GVK Lounge (International)


Mumbai - BOM


Kuala Lumpur - KUL



Departure airport - great design, clean and efficient. Lounge was great even though it catered to all airlines and was a bit busy.

Airline - great service. Throne seat was good except for the tiny cubbyhole.

Arrival airport - been here before and great as usual.

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