Review of Loganair flight Papa Westray Orkney Islands in Economy

Airline Loganair
Flight LM709
Class Economy
Seat 3C
Flight time 00:20
Take-off 07 Jun 19, 10:00
Arrival at 07 Jun 19, 10:20
LM 23 reviews
Published on 2nd July 2019
I had been planning to visit Shetland and Orkney for a long time, and I also wanted to try the world’s shortest flight between Papa Westray and Westray.

My itinerary was:

Keflavík to Glasgow, Icelandair, business class
Edinburg to Shetland Sumburgh, Loganair
Shetland to Orkney Kirkwall, Loganair
Orkney to Westray
Westray to Papa Westray
Papa Westray to Orkney, Loganair
Orkney to Edinburgh, Loganair

While most of the UK’s airlines work either on the low-cost model or target holiday destinations, Loganair is very different. It’s a regional airline with a focus on Shetland, Orkney and the Hebrides in Scotland where its services are vital for many smaller communities. It operates a fleet of small aircraft and regional jets, such as Twin Otters, BN-2’s, Saab 340’s, Embraer 135’s and 145’s.

Loganair offers a much more personal service and experience than almost any other airline in the UK. And their Orkney Inter Island Air Service takes your flight experience to a completely different level. I had the following conversation when I went to the check-in desk in Kirkwall:

“Hi, what can I do for you?”
“I’m on the flight to Westray”
“What’s your name”
“David” (note: I said only my first name, not my full name)
“OK, then you’re checked in”
“There’s no boarding pass?”
“No. Boarding will be through this door five minutes before departure.”

I was originally planning to spend the night at Westray but as my flight from Shetland to Orkney was cancelled the day before I was rebooked on the Kirkwall – Westray – Papa Westray – Kirkwall flight, flying on the same plane and staying on (or near to) it on both small islands.

This flight report is the third segment of Loganair’s Orkney Inter Island Air Service that also included the shortest flight of the world. To see the context of this flight please check the reports about the two previous flights:

Orkney to Westray
Westray to Papa Westray

A view of our 1986 aircraft at Papa Westray where we spent about 10 minutes.

photo 01

The engines were started at exactly at 10:00:00, we departed 5 seconds later at 10:00:05 and we took off at 10:00:05. When you fly on such short distances you count in seconds, not in minutes!

photo 02photo 03photo 04

Leaving Papa Westray

photo 05

This flight of 44 kms felt very long after the less than 3 kms of the previous flight from Westray to Papa Westray. The views were fantastic. Doesn’t it feel like we’re somewhere in the tropics?

photo 07

Fish farming in Northern Orkneys

photo 08

More nice views

photo 09photo 10

A small island on the way

photo 12

The Orkneys are full of beautiful beaches

photo 14

What about this castle on a small island?

photo 15

Entering Orkney Mainland

photo 16


photo 17

Flying over Orkney Mainland

photo 20photo 21

Another detour to the tropics

photo 22

A cabin view of our BN2A Islander before landing

photo 23

We landed at 10:17:35.

The aircraft at Kirkwall Airport after landing

photo 24

The terminal was a short walk only

photo 25
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Cabin crew10.0

Papa Westray - PPW


Orkney Islands - KOI



Loganair’s Orkney Inter Island Air Service is a pure enjoyment for everybody who enjoys flying: personal, stress-free experience at the airport, friendly staff, small aircraft and exceptionally beautiful views.



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