Review of China Southern flight Shenyang Haikou in Economy

Airline China Southern
Flight CZ6728
Class Economy
Seat 52A
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 04:28
Take-off 23 Dec 18, 09:00
Arrival at 23 Dec 18, 13:28
CZ 134 reviews
By 628
Published on 17th July 2019


Transfer at SHE

photo dsc09638

After spending 10 minutes at the transfer check-in hall, I proceeded upstairs for dedicated transfer security. 

photo img_3978

Security was very swift as well thanks to the dedicated lane. PS: When someone is the only white person within a group of Chinese people, they are gonna stare at you for sure :)

photo dsc09685

Terminal 3 looks really nice…

photo dsc09644

The architecture truly expresses our Ice and Snow culture!

SHE Airport pp lounge TERMINAL 3

photo dsc09643

When you see this, turn right immediately, and then you will find a lift. Take the lift to the upper lounge and the one and only PP lounge will be in sight!

photo dsc09641

I got my Priority Pass through my American Express Platinum card.

photo img_3979

The receptionist checked us in very quickly.

photo img_3980photo img_3981photo img_3982

The food selection was okay at best… This was my first day back home, so I couldn't eat any artesian food in order to avoid diarrhea.

photo img_3983

Snack selection. Instant coffee Ewwww.

photo img_3985

Traditional Manchurian breakfast. I guess this is our edition of Egg and Cereal?

photo img_3986

Can't say no to free up noodle, though.

photo img_3984

This lounge is a just barely so so place to get free breakfast, therefore I am going down to the terminal for some planespotting!

photo img_3990

Plenty of shops here. This terminal looks absolutely marvelous!

photo dsc09646

I love Manchuria! Good to be back home for 3 hours!

photo dsc09648photo dsc09649

Sunrise. Apparently, this robot thing can give you a wellness report in 2 minutes.. 

photo dsc09686

Shenzhen AIrlines A320

photo dsc09660

China Southern A320. Look at the snow! I miss snow so much! 

photo dsc09669

More snow!!! When you are a true Manchurian and snow and ice just stick to your identity…

photo dsc09656

Here she is, B-6622, a 8 year old A321.

photo dsc09673

Why are they dressing so much? I am only wearing a shirt and jeans. (I will find out more, unfortunately, inside the jetbridge)

photo dsc09733

Boarding in just a sec…

WHY so many manchurians in hainan?

Manchuria is cold… Like minus 30 celsius (-22F) on a "warm" winter day. 
What do we do?
1) Buy a vacation house on the island of Hainan, aka the Hawaii of China.
2) Fly for 5 hours.
3) Stay there for 4-6 months every year .
4) Enjoy and repeat! 
As a result, many retired people and small children go there every year. Unsurprisingly, this flight was full of seniors and children.  

photo img_3996

Darn it! I forgot that it is well below freezing in Manchuria! Everyone else was wearing parkas and I was wearing a shirt and jeans… 

photo img_3998

Ugh I am literally freezing right now! What has California done to me? (Another pro for moving to Canada…)

China southern airbus a321 economy review

photo dsc09740

Took this picture with my shaking hands…Mom was giving me an eye roll…I swear I could see it…

photo img_4005

That's my thin shirt and jeans…And legroom too! Pretty nice for a short 5 hour domestic flight! 

photo img_4003-81330

Seat pocket content.

photo img_4008

Some people were definitely falling asleep for this early flight… Not me though I have been up since 1AM!

photo img_4006

Window seat as per usual

photo img_4014

Without further delay, we taxied to the runway. 

Took off only 5 minutes behind schedule!

photo img_4020

Bye Manchuria!

photo dsc09771

No sharklets :(

photo img_4034

Brunch service

photo img_4037-65336

Side dishes

photo img_4040

Shrimp salad 

photo img_4038-53064

Entree: (SFML) (Seafood Meal)
Grilled salmon
Boiled shrimp

photo img_4036

The meal was really good! The seafood courses were well cooked and flavourful. I appreciate the fact that China Southern lets you book meals for free even on a short 5 hour domestic hop!

photo dsc09772

Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) (ZBAA)

photo img_4041

Back to inflight entertainment (Pre-Calc Homework) Ps: That took a solid 3 hours…What a wonderful way to pass the time!
Oh thy glorious DesCartes' rule of sign!  

photo img_4042

Walking to the bathroom. I didn't take a picture because there was an elderly person doing number 2 with the door unlocked. Then I walked in… Almost threw up… Good thing the other lavatory was vacant!

photo img_4048

That was a fun 5 hours of doing maths and flying!

photo img_4052

Descending into paradise…

photo img_4055

It was pretty windy that day on the North Shore. 

photo img_4059

Smooth cross-wind landing!

photo img_4062

Hainan 787-9. I am flying her in 2 weeks!

photo img_4066

Parked next to another A321

photo img_4069

Thanks for a nice flight China Southern!

photo img_4071

26*C out

photo img_4072

Remote gate today.

photo img_6338

Our route.

photo img_4073

Short walk to the carousel.

photo img_4074

One more leg to go after 22 hours…

photo img_4078

After a short 90 minute train ride, I arrived in Sanya.
Thanks for reading y'all! 

photo img_4084photo img_4085photo img_4088

Pork blood and 大閘蟹 (大闸蟹) (Big crabs)

photo img_4118

Roast pig

photo img_4105photo img_4104

North Korean Leng Mian

Interesting Infographics

photo img_4131photo img_4130

Short stay at the Atlantis, Sanya.

photo img_4128


photo img_4162

The beach

photo img_4237

the end

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China Southern

Cabin crew9.5

First Class Lounge - Terminal 3


Shenyang - SHE


Haikou - HAK



It was a wonderful flight on China Southern! The crew were wonderful, and the food was excellent. I love you so much but I have to take points off for not having any entertainment, sorry CZ!



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  • Comment 511874 by
    Oscar 10 Comments
    This was my first day back home, so I couldn't eat any artesian food in order to avoid diarrhea.>

    Same man same - although it's hard to control yourself when transiting through cities like CAN :).

    Ugh I am literally freezing right now! What has California done to me? (Another pro for moving to Canada…)>

    I feel you - although it is the opposite when I go back to China. We call it a heat wave if its over 25 degrees here in Canada ;)

    Back to inflight entertainment (Pre-Calc Homework)>

    That brought me back to my high school days lol. But at least in university (depending on your program) you might not have to see that ever again!

    Walking to the bathroom. I didn't take a picture because there was an elderly person doing number 2 with the door unlocked. Then I walked in… Almost threw up… Good thing the other lavatory was vacant!>

    That happened to me so many times on my last flight with MU. People don't seem to lock (or even fully close) the door so the FA's just stare at me as I awkwardly choose which lavatory I want to take my chances with.

    Looks like CZ is still offering full meal service which is nice (they actually offer the exact same thing on a 1h 20 min flight from CAN to WUH) and yeah, I hope CZ installs some sort of entertainment on their narrow-bodies. Looking forward to your review of HU!
    • Comment 511936 by
      Harry_He AUTHOR 66 Comments
      Thanks for reading! Haha SoCal has definitely spoiled my with its sunny weather. Love it how Californians start to wear Canadian Goose and UGGs as soon as it drops below 16*C (60F)
  • Comment 512307 by
    jish.b 283 Comments
    Interesting to see that you put '5hr' and 'short hop' together - that's a solid medium haul flight for me :P
    Nice report otherwise! The boarding experience reminds me of boarding in the USA during the winter: 'while the airplane is warmed up and ready for you, the jet bridge will still be pretty cold!' Thanks for sharing this one!

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