Review of Luxair flight Luxembourg Munich in Economy

Airline Luxair
Flight LG9735
Class Economy
Seat 10C
Flight time 01:10
Take-off 18 Jul 19, 14:30
Arrival at 18 Jul 19, 15:40
LG   #23 out of 86 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 95 reviews
By 718
Published on 18th July 2019

For those that don’t know I work in Luxembourg. I typically only stay in country for several weeks at a time before heading home to Charlotte, NC. This time however, I have arranged for a short 3 day,3 country trip around Europe. I will eb conducting flight reviews on all legs. This first leg will be LUX-MUC on Luxair in Economy. I hope you enjoy this mini-series over the next few posts. ?

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Check In
Flight Info

Check In

For this flight, I was able to check in 24 hours in advance. During the week before the flight, I was given several opportunities to bid for an upgrade to business. The bidding starts at EUR 130. I have in the past won an upgrade for EUR 150. However, I am actually traveling in business next week on this same flight so for this review, I figured it was best to stay in economy. At check in, I was assigned 10C an aisle seat on the left side of this 2-2 cabin. I figured this was fine and accepted. I was able to obtain a mobile boarding pass for my apple wallet directly from the check-in screen on my phone.

Flight Info

Airline: Luxair (LG)
Aircraft: Dash Q400
Delivered: 2015
Route: LUX-MUC
Flight Number:9735
Seat: 10C
Departure Gate: B09
Departure Runway: 24
Scheduled Departure Time: 2:30
Actual Departure Time: 4:45
Scheduled Arrival Time: 3:40
Actual Arrival Time: 3:48
Landing Runway: 26R
Arrival Gate: T2 Bus Schengen
Scheduled Flight Time: 1:10
Actual Flight Time: 1:18

photo img_4041


I arrived to the airport via Bus 16. To reach Luxembourg airport you can either take the bus or arrive by car. I left from the city center which is around a 30 minute bus ride or 15 minutes by car. The bus in Luxembourg is official EUR 2 but is often free and will be 100% in the very near future.  

After entering the terminal I walk towards the check in desks then hang a right towards security. 2 security stations can be found on either side of the check in desks. Before you reach ID check, you will have your luggage size checked and if needed a gate tag will be issued. After that you then go through a USA TSA style ID check before entering security. All in all, I was able to clear all this red tape AND have my bag searched in only 5 minutes.


After exiting security you travel downstairs and through the duty free shop. Once inside duty free you can go left to the non-Schengen area or right to the rest of the A gates and the all regional aircraft B gates. My dashQ400 would be departing from gate B09. The B gates are a nice 3-4 minute walk with great views of the apron.  The airport does offer free wifi.

Boarding began 4 minutes late at 2:09. From the gate the aircraft is a short 50 meter walk. The B gates are at ground level so you board each craft directly from just outside your gate. I was able to easily find overhead space and actually had the window seat next to me free.


Leg room was fine for such a short flight. While the aircraft was only 3 years old, the seats felt lumpy.  I am glad I didn't have a neighbor, if so then it could have gotten tight.

photo img_4031photo img_4033photo img_4034


No power plugs or WIFI nor is it really expected for this type of route and craft. In the seatback pocket you had a safety card, duty free magazine and a rather big Luxair magazine.

photo img_4036


Luxair provides free drinks and snacks on all flights. For this flight we were given a wafer that was called a biscuit. While odd it was tasty. I ordered a black coffee and it was up to par as well.  The cabin crew was nice and gave service with a smile.

photo img_4045


Boarding was complete at 2:17 and pushback was 2:25. We had to wait a bit for take off as it was rush hour at LUX. Wheels up at 2:45 and touchdown at 3:48. We parked at a remote apron spot and were bused to T2.

Good solid flight. I like flying Lux air though pricing can be a bit steep. My next leg of this mini-European adventure will be MUC to CTA on Eurowings. See you on board!

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Cabin crew8.0

Luxembourg - LUX


Munich - MUC



Good Flight. Great small airline. Can't wait to fly again.

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  • Comment 512145 by
    KL651 TEAM 4527 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    I really like Luxair idendity and I4d love to try them but unless you're going to Luxemburg they're hard to fly on.
  • Comment 512421 by
    ThomasDutch BRONZE 600 Comments
    The bidding starts at EUR 130. I have in the past won an upgrade for EUR 150.

    For a flight of just over an hour in a Dash 8, which I consider one of the least comfortable props out there, I think that is extremely expensive as I've had several upgrades with KLM for 30 euros to Y with 2 a 3 hour flights (to Moscow for example;
    I've always wanted to try out Luxair on my own, but like you said the airline often offers steep prices on their route that I really never booked them. Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 512422 by
      juddsol AUTHOR 26 Comments
      I agree. That one time was when my father wanted to avoid sitting next to someone on a LUX-LCY flight. Luckily, next week I have a LUX-MUC flight in Business on a dash as part of a rewards ticket home. I'm excited to give it a review :).

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