Review of Hainan Airlines flight Haikou Chongqing in Economy

Airline Hainan Airlines
Flight HU7377
Class Economy
Seat 39A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 01:51
Take-off 05 Jan 19, 17:58
Arrival at 05 Jan 19, 19:49
HU 25 reviews
Published on 18th July 2019


another stressful travel day(S)

photo dsc00103

When I woke up that morning, I casually checked the weather at my departure airport, Haikou. I was hearing a lot more plane noises than usual at the place where I was staying. I wonder why… Sanya was sunny as usual, but the north shore was kinda cloudy. There was a storm approaching. The visibility at Haikou was about 50 meters… ALL aircrafts coming into HAK were diverted (more than 20 of them). PS: CARNOC published an article few days later complimenting how ATC and airport handles this massive diversion very well. Immediately after that, I checked if my aircraft, an A330-300, made it to Haikou okay. My aircraft was operating HU7992 that day, from Rome Frappuccino Airport to Haikou, via Chongqing. And the answer is no. The aircraft was still stuck on the ground at Chongqing by the time we left for the train station heading to the airport… After a 4 hours delay at Chongqing, our airbus finally left CKG on its way to Haikou.

If our HAK to CKG delays more than 60 minutes, we will not be able to make our connection to Los Angeles…I was scheduled land Sunday midnight at L.A. , and I have to go to school the next day… If we miss this flight, I won't be able to make it home until 2 days later, which means that I will still be very much jetlagged when I take the final exams…That's no good. I have to make this connection!

Taking the crh from sanya to haikou

photo img_4249

If we were to drive from my grandparents' place to Haikou airport, it would have taken us more than 3 hours. Instead, we took the train from Sanya to Haikou airport station, a short 90 minutes ride. The fare for second class was 95 yuan ($15), and for first class it was 130 yuan ($20). 

photo img_4252

The station was very modern and spacious, unlike these poor Amtrak stations in the United States… 

photo img_4258

Legroom is great. Power outlet is present.

photo img_4263

Tray table was large and sturdy. What more can you ask for?

photo img_4265-41547

241 km/h. There are 2 sections in the first class carriage. The one is the front has blue seats, and the one in the back has blue seats. WHY?

photo img_4268

Here is what second class looked like. Pretty crowded due to the narrow seat design.

photo img_4266

Beautiful day on the south shore!

photo img_4271

After disembarking the train, I followed the sign to get to the airport. It was about 5 minutes away.

Delays, delays, delays…

photo img_4274

Every flight that day was either delayed or cancelled.

photo img_4278

The thunder storm had just stopped. The weather is a huge contrast compared to Sanya.

photo img_4276

Haikou is a hub for Hainan Airlines Group (HNA). The check-in took only about 10 minutes despite the fact that these counters were crowded with delayed passengers.

photo img_4282photo img_4284

Alright let's go to the gate.

photo img_4286

Then this happened. Since the agent couldn't check us in for the international leg to LAX, we only got our domestic boarding passes. Because I am a Chinese expat, I am somewhere between a Chinese citizen and a foreigner… I don't have any Chinese identification, so yeah. The guy asked: what are you? My passport won't do anything. Anyways, I had to get a special form of temporary stating that I am a Chinese citizen. I felt rejected by my country…

photo img_4287

The weather improved a bit. Fortunately, our flight was boarding on time! 

photo dsc08532

China has a weird duty free policy for Hainan. Even though it is a part of China, any luxury good bought here is not subjected to the 18% tax.

photo dsc08533

Pretty good weather, eh?

photo dsc08537


photo dsc08525

Hainan Boeing B737-800

photo dsc08522-18050-92061

Hmmm, I wonder if this is by accident or is he just doing it on purpose?

photo dsc08540

Boarding by bus today. When 300 people are trying to squeeze in one door…

hainan airbus a330-300 economy review

photo dsc08545

Here she is, B-1048, a 7 months old A330-343E.

photo dsc08547

Dang, it is always nice to fly a widebody on a short 2 hour flight.

photo dsc08544

(When you are the only one walking away from the aircraft)

photo dsc08553

Boarding. This flight was full of southerners, seemed to me that I was the only Manchurian onboard. What happens when you are the only Manchurian onboard a Chinese domestic flight? We will see that soon.

photo dsc08552

Wow! That massive RR Trent 772B-60

photo dsc08555

The A330's wings are ginormous.

photo dsc08558

Last breath of fresh air.

photo dsc08562-23467photo dsc08563

This cabin was equipped with Recaro CL3710, which is my favorite economy seat thus far. CZ has the same seats on their A333E, check out my report here

photo img_4293

Legroom is great!

photo img_4291-93903photo img_4292-72683photo dsc08565


photo img_4296

Safety card

photo img_4294

Bit of an extra space here due to the A330 cabin shape.

photo img_4305

Window seat as always.
Then this happened. An old man was lost…He couldn't find his seat, since he didn't realize that this plane had two aisles. He had to go all the way around. The flight attendant was yelling at him instead of assisting him with his luggage…

Hainan themed safety video. 

Stunning climb-out out of Haikou. Took off only 15 minutes late. Looks like that I will make my connection! (Spoiler alert)

photo dsc08566

Wow! That view!

photo dsc08574

Glad that I chose a window seat!

photo dsc08582photo dsc08585photo dsc08594


The airshow system was very good.

photo img_4350

I had some water to drink before the meal service.

photo img_4351

Snack box

photo img_4352

I got a piece of bread and muffin. Pretty standard so far.

photo img_4355-26099

Taiwanese pork rice 

It was acceptable. The main course was very bland. Still, it is much better than what you will get on an US airline on a flight of the same duration! 

Catering (9/10) 

photo img_4358

IFE time

It had a great selection of movies and TV shows. It was more than sufficient for a two hour flight!
Entertainment (9/10) 

photo img_4394

It had a decent selection of music, too.

photo img_4403

The Long River, Chongqing.

After a smooth landing, we taxied toward the terminal.

connection nightmare

photo dsc08603

And we sat here for about 10 minutes…

photo dsc08612

And here for another 10 minutes…

photo dsc08619

Finally, we arrived at our gate. This time, they had trouble disarming the  emergency slide… Another 10 minutes…

photo img_4416

Since our bag won't go all the way to LAX, we had to collect it then re-check it…

photo img_4417

It took about 30 MINUTES for our bags to show up! This is outrageous… Southerners always work super slow and relaxed, and we Manchurians just can't take it. After collecting our bags, we ran to the international terminal. one hour left until our flight to LAX leaves. Will we make it?

the end

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Cabin crew2.0

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Everything was wonderful except for the flight attendants. They were very rude and somehow snobbish (more on that later). First time seeing this on a Chinese carrier.



  • Comment 512114 by
    Harry_He SILVER AUTHOR 66 Comments

    Will I make my flight? Leave your guesses here!

  • Comment 512122 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5332 Comments

    Hi Harry, nice report! Hainan seems to deserve it's good reputation from your report--well, except for the FA's, but that's probably a one-off incident. A hot meal on a 1.5 hour flight....only in Asia!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 512128 by
      Harry_He SILVER AUTHOR 66 Comments

      Hi. That's exactly what I've assumed, an one-off incident. The appeal of Hainan Airlines to foreigners seems to be extremely positive, explaining their 5-star Skytrax rating. However, to many Chinese travellers, Hainan Airlines is generally considered as to be cocky and snobby, as they favor foreigners more than Chinese people. They treat foreigners infinitely better than how they treat Chinese people. As a Chinese carrier, that's just unacceptable. I will explain further in my next review. Thanks for reading!

  • Comment 512125 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 8248 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this report with us ! It’s nice to fly on a widebody on a short flight. Too bad theFA’S were not

  • Comment 512243 by
    Flying-Kolia GOLD 903 Comments

    Nice flight, thanks °-)

  • Comment 512309 by
    jish.b SILVER 285 Comments

    Thanks for this trip report - sure is fun to get on a wide body plane for such a short flight! Very bad attitude from the crew indeed. I feel your pain when it comes to delays: if it isn't one thing, it is another - they all trickle down to make for a stressful situation. I am going to say you made it just in time.

  • Comment 512465 by
    ThomasDutch GOLD 511 Comments

    Hmmm, I wonder if this is by accident or is he just doing it on purpose?

    Yep, seen it myself before too and I got no clue why you would do show it though.
    A 2.0 rating for Cabin Crew? Despite that incident with an elderly man, were they really that bad? Cause the rating is a tad harsh and I couldn't make up much more about them from your report, but the service in general for what Hainan offers is pretty good I must admit.
    Thanks for sharing though. It was a splendid read with excellent wing views.

    • Comment 512466 by
      ThomasDutch GOLD 511 Comments

      why you would show it though.*

      • Comment 512471 by
        KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5332 Comments

        Hey Harry, I agree with Thomas here. I went ahead and blurred the guy's face for you. Although China doesn't have the personal image rights laws that Europe (and to a degree the US) do, you should get in the habit of blurring people's faces unless they're part of a crowd--that's why we created the easy blurring application in the new publisher tool. Yeah, the belly hanging out thing is funny for sure, and I'm ok with it...but we don't want to come off as passenger shaming site...that's what Twitter and Facebook are for ? Plus, again, it's best to blur faces to keep yourself out of trouble in case that guy ever saw himself online and decided to make a stink and complain. You get it, I'm sure. Thanks!

    • Comment 512611 by
      Harry_He SILVER AUTHOR 66 Comments

      I think it was just an one off crew on this flight, and it shouldn’t reflect Hainan’s service in general. I gave them such a low score because it only did they not help the passengers, they actually blamed him for not knowing his way around a wide body aircraft...

  • Comment 513220 by
    bgboiflyer 38 Comments

    Good review here. At least this time you were lucky. Last year on a 90-minute connection at PEK I had some of the worst luck ever. First our flight's APU somehow broke, and once we landed in PEK, ATC made us land at RWY 35L, which is like 5 miles away from T3. And then we had to taxi 40 minutes and ultimately we missed our connection. Anyway, though it seems like you got the lucky portion by putting a solid couple hours in a connection, which next time I'll do that, or otherwise I'll just take the High-Speed Rail, which never is Delayed!

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