Review of LAN Argentina flight Buenos Aires Puerto Iguazu in Economy

Airline LAN Argentina
Flight LA7506
Class Economy
Seat 24L
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 21 May 19, 13:30
Arrival at 21 May 19, 15:30
4M 6 reviews
By 425
Published on 29th July 2019
Hi there!

Welcome to my latest series of reports from my holidays last months. It all started las year when I found good rates for flights to Italy departing from Foz de Iguassu in neighboring Brazil and arriving Buenos Aires on the way back. I didn´t think too much about it and got the tickets. There were plenty options of timing but fewer options on dates. It all ended with me flying out on my 29th birthday date. Finally the itinerary was like this:

- AEP – IGR on LATAM Argentina A320 (I got this one with miles) YOU ARE HERE
- IGU – GIG on LATAM Brasil A320
- GIG – FRA on Lufthansa Boeing 747 (my First time! yay!)
- FRA – LIN on Lufthansa A320
- FLR – ZRH on Swiss A220 (also First time!)
- ZRH – EZE on Edelweiss A340

So let´s begin

Date: 21/05/19
Origin: Buenos Aires – Aeroparque AEP
Destination: Puerto Iguazú – Cataratas IGR
Departure: 13.30 (13.35 real)
Arrival: 15.17 (15.05 real)

On the flight´s date I arrived AEP approximately 3 hours and a half on a shuttle from my city, Rosario (it’s a 4 hour-ish drive). I had already checked in on LATAM´s app a couple of days before. I also had bought my baggage. This is new in LATAMPASS tickets. The baggage has a cost of ARS 750 (about 17 USD).

LATAM Counters
photo img_0939

I went to LATAM´s counters, there wasn’t almost anybody so the issue was quick. I dispatched my luggage and I got my boarding pass for that flight. Then I asked the agent if she could check me in for the continuing flights since the first leg was starting with LATAM Brasil. She checked on the system and issued me boarding passes for my whole flights (I couldn’t do it on either LA nor LH apps). The only thing she couldn´t do was choose seats for me.

Once I got all my boarding passed I had a stroll in AEP. It´s been a long time since I step a foot in this airport (last time was in 2013). Upstairs I found a resting area on the land side with sockets. So I sat there while answering some birthday greetings and finishing some work.
photo img_0941

At midday I went downstairs to the food court. I grabbed some lunch from Mc Donald´s. I found they opened many bars and restaurants since I last departed from AEP.
photo img_0942

An hour before boarding I went through security check. As I still had some time to kill I walked on the airside and spotted some aircraft.
photo img_0944

Today´s departures
photo img_0947

Boarding area
photo img_0949

LATAM Argentina A320 (LV-BRA) which I flew to IGR
photo img_0952

Then I saw many people gathering and some screaming. I came to see and I spotted presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez, who just announced he was running for presidency last week. There were many people around, including airport staff.

AEP views

A little later my flight´s boarding was announced on gate 6. At the same time Aerolineas Argentinas was boarding another aircraft bound for IGR too.
photo img_0975

My boarding pass
photo img_0976

Inside the A320. Old blue seats. I was one of the firsts to board. My seat was 24L.
photo img_0983photo img_0985

Boarding process was a little slow, the flight was 100% full. Then the crew introduced themselves and at 13.25 we headed toward the runway and took off.

Avianca Argentina´s ATR. On those days they were making their last flights.
photo img_1014

Capital Federal area
photo img_1016photo img_1020

The flight itself was relaxed. I spent some time watching the route on LATAM Play app. I also read the magazine on board. On the app there was a good offer of TV shows and movies, but this flight is so short I didn’t feel like starting a 2 hour movie.
photo img_1023photo img_1027

30 minutes after departing, the FAs offered some drinks. This was all the service on board. Later they came to retrieve the trash.
photo img_1028

Reading material
photo img_1031

At 14.40 the captain announced we were descending and asked to fasten the seatbelts. Unfortunately it was so cloudy I could see anything. Only when we were 5 minutes away for landing I could see some.
photo img_1039

Finally, at 15.05 we landed, a couple of minutes earlier than expected. We stopped on the platform and deplaned through stairs. It was my second time in Iguazu (my first time was on a family trip 9 years ago) and the airport didn´t look very changed. But I could see a lot of upgrade work going on.
photo img_1047photo img_1051

I love the tarmac views
photo img_1050

My baggage came quickly and I went to look for my shuttle to Foz de Iguazu on the Brazilian side. I choose to sleep there because next day I was departing from IGU airport.
photo img_1052
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LAN Argentina

Cabin crew8.0

Buenos Aires - AEP


Puerto Iguazu - IGR



The flight experience was ok. The only bad thing was the poor service. It´s been a while since I last flew domestic in Argentina. Perhaps a chocolate or some biscuits would have made the service look better. The FAs and the pilots seemed very nice and relaxed on the announcements.

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The airline with the best average rating is LATAM with 7.2/10.

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  • Comment 513475 by
    Fernando 55 Comments

    Buen viaje Viajero, we wait the next FRs, saludos!

  • Comment 513478 by
    Pilpintu 733 Comments

    Miren quién hace su reaparición después de casi un año! :D

    I found good rates for flights to Italy departing from Foz de Iguassu in neighboring Brazil

    Qué buen dato! He estado buscando pasajes baratos a Europa y lo mejor que había encontrado era un vuelo de Campinas a Lisboa. No se me habría ocurrido salir desde IGU. Lo tendré presente.

    It all ended with me flying out on my 29th birthday date

    Buenísimo regalo de cumpleaños! Y feliz cumple atrasado! :D

    An hour before boarding I went through security check.

    No han cambiado la muestra fotográfica desde julio del 2018! :O Bueno, está tan bonita que vale la pena dejarla ahí.

    Today´s departures

    AEP es un modelo de logística, eh? Porque para gestionar tantos vuelos con una sola pista hay que ser un maestro!

    AEP views

    Ese MD-80... qué recuerdos!!

    Inside the A320. Old blue seats.

    Qué maravilla de cabina! Los asientos se ven blanditos. Y tan moderna comparada con Andes! Y sin cinta adhesiva! XD El espacio entre asientos se ve bastante bueno. Al menos mejor que en latam Brasil.

    Capital Federal area

    Rayita! :'''( Cada vez que veo una foto de esa zona me acuerdo de ella. Tan dulce! (Es una gatita)

    This was all the service on board

    No había Mercado latam??? Parece que al menos en este aspecto Andes le gana a latam???

    I could see a lot of upgrade work going on.

    Veo que se han tomado su tiempo con IGR. Cuando pasé por ahí se veía casi igual!

    I love the tarmac views

    La gente se ve bastante abrigada! Es mayo un mes fresco en Iguazú??

    Gracias por compartir! La próxima vez que visite IGR tendré que decidir entre la "aventura" de volar en Andes y sus cabinas repintadas a brocha y asientos parchados con cinta adhesiva, o en las cabinas modernas y blanditas de latam. Bueno, pienso ir con mi mamá, así que creo que va a ganar latam!

    • Comment 513571 by
      viajero90 AUTHOR 87 Comments

      Gracias por los saludos y por el comentario en el reporte! Me alegro que te haya gustado.
      La verdad que los vuelos desde Foz hacia el exterior (via GRU o GIG) se pusieron muy de moda aca en plena crisis economica brasileña ya que nos salian regalados y para los argentinos nos es facil llegar a IGR (mas aun ahora con opciones low cost).
      Los asientos de LATAM Arg son muchisimo mas comodos que los de LATAM Brasil (los mostraré en el proximo reporte), a pesar de que son re viejos.
      Acá en Argentina no hay mercado LATAM porque el convenio del sindicato de aeronavegantes no permitia que vendan productos, no se muy bien como fue. Creo que quisieron implementarlo pero les duró muy poco.

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