Review of Philippine Airlines flight Manila Singapore in Economy

Airline Philippine Airlines
Flight PR 507
Class Economy
Seat 71k
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 03:45
Take-off 26 Jul 19, 09:55
Arrival at 26 Jul 19, 13:40
PR 33 reviews
By 1382
Published on 17th September 2019



Hello everyone!

Its another great day to fly!

this will be the last part of my flight from my recent holiday 

This Flight is unusual for me as i always opted for an early morning flight back to Singapore and PR usually utilises smaller aircraft like A321. When i booked this flight i chose the second flight and uses the reconfigured A330 in 3 classes and im considering to bid for an upgrade on a later date.

as my flights gets closer i already forgot to bid for my upgrade to business class and when im about to do mobile check in, i noticed that there was an aircraft change, from 3 class A330 to bi-class A330 with 18 in 2x2x2 in J and 345 in 3x3x3 configuration in Y. This plane has premium economy with the same seat but only longer pitch at 34". this aircraft usually deployed in middle east. From my original selected seat i reassigned my self to the rear part where 2x3x2.

There where no notification on the change of aircraft.
 Good thing that i did not opt for an upgrade as the aircraft is less superior from other A330. 

Naia Terminal 2

My flight is at 10AM so went in the airport 4 hours before as im expecting a crowded terminal.

PR solely uses Centennial Terminal 2. The terminal is under going for an face uplift so hoardings are up outside the terminal an along the entrance going inside the terminal. only passengers who are flying that time are allowed to enter the terminal. the Entrance is manned and checking your ticket to ensure that you have a flight. surprisingly it was not so busy. the economy check in counter almost empty but for business class starting to queue up. within 15 minutes i managed to go through Check in, immigration and final security check.

photo img_8393photo img_8394-62564

As you passed through the final security check you will welcomed by small Duty free section and select overpriced food stall on both side of the wing. you may still see empty seats across the waiting area that time. I bought some food and let the time passed by.

My boarding gate was at gate 11, its located on the the south part of the terminal. By the time i got in the terminal, the south part of it still closed and domestic passengers is still using that area and opened it after all flight departed. Gate 11 is the gate from the international wing, there were still few food stall in the area but there where no toilets in the area, you have to go back to the North wing of the terminal if you want to use it, it was a pretty long walk from the gate. Staff informed us that our flight will be delayed as our aircraft haven't arrived yet, our place is coming from Cebu. The gate is full of waiting passengers they're not enough seat for all and most of us are standing, but the worst is still yet to come. after a few minutes it was announced that there will be a gate change, from gate 11 to gate 8.

it was chaotic as passengers rushed to the new gate assignment. with the original passengers waiting for their flight at gate 8 plus passengers from gate 11 is on the same gate, imagine that how will you managed those passengers to settle down. 15 minutes after our flight departure, agents announced the procedure of boarding, they will let passengers to board by group. First to board are passengers that needs assistance, elderly and with infants and kids followed by the group. Business class passengers may board anytime they wish.

as i was seating at the rear part of the plane our group is first to board the plane and i'm one of the first to board from the group.

That plane that wil take us from Manila to SIngapore. 

inside the aircraft

This A330 of PR was acquired during the San Miguel's leadership as they want to hybrid model of business. Their A330 is dense with total of 363 seat across its cabin. as you enter the plane you will see the 3x3x3 layout of economy class, pillows are pre place in every seats.

photo img_8410photo img_8411photo img_8413

while waiting for push back, cabin crews performs safety demo.

view from my window while parked and during taxi.

Take off, last glimpse of Manila. 

while the plane still reaching the cruising altitude i explored the backseat content, the usual safety information sheet, mabuhay magazine and sky botique, PR's duty free magazine. on this aircraft, there were no personal IFE instead, you may stream their content with your own personal device.

Im not a fan of this kind of entertainment system as it may drain your device after watching several content and you may not be able to eat properly while eating.

But content is more that enough for the sub 4 hours flight to Singapore. 

After the seatbelt sign were switched off, i went to lavatory to check on it, it was spotless with basic amenities. noticed that it was almost the same as the business class lavatory from my previous experience only the mouth was was missing this time, other than that it was the same.

view from the back galley. 

photo img_8437photo img_8438photo img_8439

after i went to lavatory, meals are starting to hand over to the passengers, there where 2 options, chicken bbq with rice and i forgot the other one. i was so happy that PR collaborates with Aristocrat, one of the famous BBQ place in Manila, to offer their food onboard. My childhood memory flashed back to me when im eating this meal, with their signature Java rice and their sweet salty bbq sauce are the best combination ever, it was quite sometime i havent eating there that is why im so excited eating it. pasta salad on side and ginger ale as my drink.

After meal, crew distributed Arce Dairy Ice cream, another Filipino brand served on board PR. i was really impressed with this collaborations with Filipino brands, as a Filipino it takes pride to us to show what are some of the best brands we have and for foreigner, it was a taste of what Filipino cuisine is.

photo img_8444-78010photo img_8446

after meal service, since i dont have sleep well on that night, did not bother to watch any movies, i sleep rather.

Indonesian Island, hint that you are near on your destination. 

photo img_8447

after 1 hour 10 minutes delayed we touchdown and landed in Singapore.

To facilitate faster deplaning, passenger on the left side side of the plane uses door 2L while on the right uses door1L. Premium economy and business class cabin is at the front section of the plane. premium economy seats are in light brown color, i would not say that this is premium economy, same service with just wider pitch and you may opt to pay for these seats.

did not bother to take a photo of the business class as its was messy =>

singapore changi airport

Changi is well known for its world class facilities and services which i attest to that.

queues for foreign passport are long while empty automated scanner for Singaporean, residents and long term pass holders.

Dutyfree after check point.

T1's newly upgraded belt.

and that concludes my flight experience on my recent holiday. hope you enjoy my series of flight.

Cheers and more flights to come!

Comments, critiques and suggestions are welcome. 

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Philippine Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Manila - MNL


Singapore - SIN



it was pleasant flight experience, aside from the delayed and chaotic boarding which i think can handled better. the only complain that i would say is the aircraft, it was dated and uncomfortable. Seat width and pitch are narrower than 5J's A330 (which is even denser). even im seated on the 2 seater side, i felt smaller space between us, im trying to avoid this plane if given a choice. IFE is via streaming, it would be better if there are IFE on every seats. Hope they will considered reconfiguring these aircraft to align on their other planes hard product and to be more cohesive amongst their other aircraft.

Cabin crews are friendly, nice and polite. they managed very well the unruly and entitled passenger at the back of economy cabin.

food is a piece of childhood memory, it was delicious. as mentioned, collaboration with local brands and chef is a best way to promote Philippine and what she can offer more

Information on the route Manila (MNL) Singapore (SIN)


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    lbfortress 68 Comments

    Nice report. I would not have been happy if I had made a bid request expecting one product only to have it switched to an inferior cabin. Hopefully PAL will try to get a more consistent cabin.

    I tried the Aristocrat chicken onboard once when I flew MNL to Guam. It was a nice meal, even at midnight.

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