Review of Cathay Pacific flight Rome Hong Kong in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX 292
Class Economy
Seat 68A
Aircraft Airbus A350-1000
Flight time 10:55
Take-off 18 Aug 19, 13:35
Arrival at 19 Aug 19, 06:30
CX 465 reviews
Published on 1st September 2019


Hello FlightReporters
For an aviation geek like me summer means only one thing: flying
At the beginning of June my family and I started to discuss about a big trip in August
We evaluated many places in South East Asia and also India
Finally we find an Italian tour operator offering an interesting 14-day trip of Vietnam and Cambodia
The tour spaced between many places in Northern Vietnam (like Ha Noi and Ha Long bay), Central Vietnam (Hoi An and Hue), South Vietnam (Saigon and Mekong's delta) and Cambodia (Phnom Pehn and Angkor's temples)
To get there from Rome we would have fly with Cathay Pacific through Hong Kong
After some worries about Hong Kong's political situation we left on August 18th
Return planned for September 1st

photo fco-hkg-0

Some personal stats:
First time on an A350
First time with Cathay Pacific


In order to meet our groupmates and check-in our agency invited us to be at the airport around 3 hours before departure time
We left home around 9.30 and in about half a hour we arrived at Roma-Fiumicino "Leonardo Da Vinci" International Airport

photo b1

We had booked long-term parking, located 2.5km far from the Airport
It is connected to the Terminals by a free bus service running every 5 minutes
In around 10 minutes the bus left us in front of Terminal 3, used by all the carriers except Alitalia and partners (located at Terminal 1)
The older part, renovated in 2017…

photo b4

…and the newest one

photo b2

Inside Terminal 3, very bright after the renovation
A giant replica of Leonardo's Vitruvian Man is located in the main hall

photo b5

The FIDSs reported our check-in desk to be 214, in the newest part of the Terminal

photo fco-hkg-9aphoto b6

The agency had already chosen our seats: 71A-B-C-D
Since both my sister and I wanted a window seat we ask the kind check-in lady to change our seats
She found another window seat for me, 68A
Moreover she registered our British Airways Executive Club accounts to get miles

photo b7

My boarding pass and HKG transit guide
Our gate (E33) was already reported on the BP
Usually for non-Schenghen flights the gate is showed only minutes before boarding, as it happens in UK airports
Also the BPs usually present just gate "E"

photo b8

After meeting our groupmates we decided to go through the security checkpoint
Despite the crowd we passed through the control in about 10 minutes
Almost every screening lane was open
The passport control was made in no time thanks to eGates

photo b9

We get airside around 11.15
The boarding was scheduled at 12:25
As in many airport the screening area is followed by a forced passage through the duty free

photo b11

The departure lounge, opened in 2016, is the flagship of FCO
It's full of luxury italian brands and food excellences

photo b12

The foodcourt is located upstairs, but unfortunately it lacks of spotting points

photo b15

Having a lot of spare time we made a walk around some shops and rest in the middle of the departure lounge
About 15 minutes before boarding time our gate was confirmed by FIDSs
Gate E33 is located in boarding area E31-44, a satellite connected by an APM called SkyBridge

photo b16photo b17

The APM is a typical Bombardier Innovia APM 100

photo b18

The ride, which takes around one minute, gives the possibility to spot some planes on the apron
Delta Airlines, Air Transat, Kuwait Airways and Alitalia A330s parked at boarding area E11-24

photo b19

The satellite terminal
Our plane, Cathay Pacific A350-1000 and another Alitalia A330

photo b20

MEA A320 and Alitalia Boeing 777

photo b21

The boarding area is located at the second floor
Our gate was on the left

photo b22photo b23

spotting time

Our aircraft:
Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-1041, B-LXL, delivered in May '19 (0.3 years old)
The plane is equipped with 334 seats (C46-W32-Y256)

photo b24photo b29photo b28

Love the "eyeliner" around cockpit windows

photo b34

Thay Airways A350 parking next to ours

photo b25photo b35

Aeroflot and Tunisair A320s, Boeing 737s, Alitalia A330s (one in SkyTeam livery) and Boeing 777

photo b26

Air China A330 parked at remote gates

photo b27

Air Transat A330

photo b31

American Airlines Boeing 777 in oneworld livery and Air Canada Boeing 777

photo b32

Alitalia A330 next to our plane

photo b30photo b37

Cannot stop to admire this beauty :D

photo b36


Boarding was called 5 minutes later than scheduled

photo b39photo b40

Going downstairs for boarding

photo b41

Our baby as seen from the jetway

photo b42photo b43

The Thai neighbor still desembarking passengers

photo b44

Almost on board…

photo b45

Mandatory wing pics from the jetway

photo b46photo b47

I gave the flight report form to the Purser and made my way to my seat, 68A
The plane was divided in four sections: Business, Premium Economy and 2 Economy Class
My seat was in the second Economy cabin
First Economy cabin, between Doors 2 and 3

photo fco-hkg-49

My home for the next 11 hours

photo fco-hkg-50

The seat was very comfortable
It has an adjustable headrest, two magazine pockets, a big table and a smaller one big enough to hold a cup and the cellphone
The pitch was decent for me (I'm 180 cm tall)

photo fco-hkg-51

Outside view with Thai A350
I really like the blended winglet

photo fco-hkg-53photo fco-hkg-60

The cabin as seen from my seat
I've flew on the Boeing 787 many times and honestly I feel it as poky and uncomfortable
A350 cabin is definitely better than Dream)Liner's one
Not only it's wider, but also bright and welcoming

photo fco-hkg-52

IFE Start Page

photo fco-hkg-54

Safety Chart and In-Flight Magazine

photo fco-hkg-55photo fco-hkg-56photo fco-hkg-57

The IFE is equipped with tail and front camera
Unfortunately the latter was not working

photo fco-hkg-58

Etihad Airways Boeing 787 Dream)Liner just landed

photo fco-hkg-59

The paper menu was delivered by the cabin crew
Every of them was very kind and spoke English correctly

photo fco-hkg-61photo fco-hkg-62

Doors were closed and armed around 13

photo fco-hkg-63

Safety video was played while pushing back

photo fco-hkg-64

Cabin during taxi

photo fco-hkg-65photo fco-hkg-69

Pushback on time, at 13.05

photo fco-hkg-66

Alitalia A330 EI-DIR (named Filippo Brunelleschi) in SkyTeam livery
It was delivered initally to Canada 3000 Airlines in May 1999 and to Alitalia in January 2009

photo fco-hkg-67

Air China A330 departing next to us

photo fco-hkg-70

Plus Ultra A340

photo fco-hkg-72

Qatar Airways A330 just landed on RWY16R/34L

photo fco-hkg-73

Emirates A380 in a special livery landing
(Who can recognize it?)

photo fco-hkg-74photo fco-hkg-75photo fco-hkg-76

Taxiing to RWY7/25, generally used for takeoffs
Alitalia Embraer E175 in old livery

photo fco-hkg-77

Alitalia A320 painted with toughts by employees

photo fco-hkg-78

Air China A330 departing with a Saudia A320 just landed behind

photo fco-hkg-79photo fco-hkg-80

A small queue behind us
Emirates A380 in the background

photo fco-hkg-81

Alitalia A320 ready for departure next to us
But we left first

photo fco-hkg-82

Aligning to RWY25

photo fco-hkg-83photo fco-hkg-84

The two Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 went full thrust with a wonderful sound

On the left boarding area E11-24 and on the right E31-44, with many heavies parked

photo fco-hkg-90photo fco-hkg-91

Crossing RWY16R/34L, generally used for landings

photo fco-hkg-92

Fiumicino town and Roman coastline

photo fco-hkg-93photo fco-hkg-94photo fco-hkg-95

The airport with Rome in the background
The hexagonal lake is the ancient Traian's Port, built by Romans in I Century A.D.

photo fco-hkg-96photo fco-hkg-97

Tiber's mouth in the Tyrrean Sea

photo fco-hkg-98

Pratica di Mare Military Airport (ICAO: LIRE)

photo fco-hkg-99

Banking over Roman coastline

photo fco-hkg-100photo fco-hkg-102photo fco-hkg-101

FCO in the distance

photo fco-hkg-103

Castel Romano Outlet (above) and Cinecittà World amusement park, themed about cinema (below)

photo fco-hkg-104

EUR district in souther Rome

photo fco-hkg-105

Rome city center with many landmarks like Colosseum, Termini Station and Olympic Stadium

photo fco-hkg-106photo fco-hkg-107

A24-GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare, Great Ring Junction) motorway interchange
A24 motorway connects Rome with Adriatic coast (L'Aquila, Teramo and Pescara)

photo fco-hkg-108

Flying over Roman countryside

photo fco-hkg-109photo fco-hkg-111

Cabin during climb, with mood lighting set on light purple

photo fco-hkg-110

L'Aquila city, in Abruzzo Region

photo fco-hkg-112

Gran Sasso d'Italia (2912 m) Appenine's highest peak

photo fco-hkg-113photo fco-hkg-115photo fco-hkg-116

A24 motorway passes underneath the mountain with a 10-km tunnel
The tunnel is also the access for the National Gran Sasso Laboratory, a physics underground research institute

photo fco-hkg-114

Adriatic coast

photo fco-hkg-117

While crossing Adriatic Sea a welcome snack was served
It was made of a choice of drinks (I took a Coca Cola) and salty peanuts

photo fco-hkg-118

Meanwhile we reached Croatian coast

photo fco-hkg-119

Waiting for the lunch I started to explore the IFE
The choice of movies and other entertainement was great
Moreover the system was very user friendly
The pages in order are: Movies, Music, Newspapers and Magazines, Children, Duty Free, Maps, Game, Cameras and Infos

One hour into the flight lunch was served
The crew was very careful and warm

photo fco-hkg-130


Dried beef with pineapple and apple salad - Bread and Butter

Choice between
Braised pork with Wuxi sauce, steamed jasmine rice and broccoli
Chicken breast, grilled Mediterranean vegetables, creamy potato mash and herb butter
Lasagna marinara with creamy mornay sauce

To finish with
Ice cream, tea or coffee

photo fco-hkg-131

I asked for the chicken, but it was finished
The drawback of being in the last rows
The dried beef was good, however I found a bit strange with pineapple and apple
Regarding the main course, the beef was quite tasty and a bit spicy
Rice was tasteless, but good with the meat

photo fco-hkg-132

FlightReport corporate pic

photo fco-hkg-133

To finish the crew distributed a very good vanilla ice cream

photo fco-hkg-137

Meanwhile we started to fly over Black Sea
Clouds gradually hide the land below us

Less than one hour after lunch the crew lowered the lights to let passengers sleep

photo fco-hkg-139

I spend a bit of time walking around the cabin and getting biscuits in the galley
Many snacks and drinks were available and noodles too

Later I felt asleep quite deeply
Two hours before landing in HKG I was waken up by the crew for the breakfast


Fresh seasonal fruit - Fruit yoghurt - Breakfast bread - Preserve and butter
Choice between
Frittata, tomato confit and zucchini, Nurnberger pork sausage, Provencale mushrooms and roasted potatoes
Stir fried noodles Shanghai style with chicken and soya sauce
To finish with
Tea or coffee

photo fco-hkg-140

I chose Frittata
The course was in general quite good
The fruit salad was a bit dry, but tasty

photo fco-hkg-141

While having breakfast sun started to rise

photo fco-hkg-143photo fco-hkg-147photo fco-hkg-148

Half a hour before landing we started our descent to HKG

photo fco-hkg-144photo fco-hkg-145photo fco-hkg-146

Cabin was set for landing, with purple mood lighting again

photo fco-hkg-149

Descending to HKG we passed through a thick layer of clouds

Hong Kong appearing below us

photo fco-hkg-154

Old Kai Tak Airport, closed in 1998
It was famous for its hard approach over mountains

photo fco-hkg-155

Hong Kong Island with Kowloon in the background

photo fco-hkg-156

118-story International Commerce Center, the highest skyscraper in Hong Kong

photo fco-hkg-157

Banking over the New Territories

Starting final approach to HKG
We followed North Lantau Highway

photo fco-hkg-161photo fco-hkg-162

Hong Kong Disneyland's Island

photo fco-hkg-163photo fco-hkg-163a

Landing gear down…

photo fco-hkg-165

Last moments before landing…

At 6.29 we touched down at Hong Kong-Chep Lap Kok International Airport
Landing was a bit bumpy and brake run quite long

photo fco-hkg-169photo fco-hkg-170

Vacating the runway

photo fco-hkg-171

Local birds
HK Express A320s and many Cathay Pacific planes

photo fco-hkg-172photo fco-hkg-173

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 in oneworld livery

photo fco-hkg-174

Perfectly on time we parked at Gate 49

photo fco-hkg-175photo fco-hkg-176

We had to wait about 10 minutes before leaving the aircraft
Economy class cabin while desembarking…

photo fco-hkg-177

…and Premium Economy class

photo fco-hkg-178

Before desembarking I asked the Purser if it was possible to visit the cockpit
She guided me through lie-flat Business Class
The seat looks soooo comfortable XD

photo fco-hkg-179

The Captain welcomed me in the cockpit warmly
He showed me all the features of the plane and asked me many thing about my passion
Unfortunately due to Hong Kong protests he told me it was no possible to take pics in the cockpit
The flight report was quite well filled

photo fco-hkg-180

Desembarking through L1 jetway

photo fco-hkg-182

Last snaps of our plane
Bye bye B-LXL

photo fco-hkg-181photo fco-hkg-183

Having less than two hours we searched immediately for our gate to Ha Noi

To be continued…

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Cabin crew9.0

Rome - FCO


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I've been very well impressed by Cathay Pacific
The cabin was very comfortable and the crew was superb
Moreover the A350 made this flight much better



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