Review of Cathay Pacific flight Hong Kong Rome in Economy

Airline Cathay Pacific
Flight CX 293
Class Economy
Seat 74D
Aircraft Airbus A350-1000
Flight time 12:40
Take-off 01 Sep 19, 01:05
Arrival at 01 Sep 19, 07:45
CX   #4 out of 121 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 457 reviews
Published on 5th September 2019


Hello FlightReporters
For an aviation geek like me summer means only one thing: flying
At the beginning of June my family and I started to discuss about a big trip in August
We evaluated many places in South East Asia and also India
Finally we find an Italian tour operator offering an interesting 14-day trip of Vietnam and Cambodia
The tour spaced between many places in Northern Vietnam (like Ha Noi and Ha Long bay), Central Vietnam (Hoi An and Hue), South Vietnam (Saigon and Mekong's delta) and Cambodia (Phnom Pehn and Angkor's temples)
To get there from Rome we would have fly with Cathay Pacific through Hong Kong
After some worries about Hong Kong's political situation we left on August 18th
Return planned for September 1st

photo hkg-fco-1


After landing in HKG from Siem Reap we had just 65' to get to our flight to Rome
While transfering in Hong Kong last time we had to rush to the gate since we didn't know about the underground APM

We desembarked at a remote stand and were carried by bus to the center of the Terminal
The apron bus left us at the Terminal around 23:30
Boarding time was scheduled to start at midnight

photo hkg-fco-2

Our gate was reported to be number 41, located in the Western part of the Terminal
(We desembarked where the red dot is)

photo hkg-fco-3photo hkg-fco-map

Security was a bit crowded
Fortunately the airport provides a fast track for connecting passengers with less than one hour before boarding
We used it and we past through the checkpoint in less than 10 minutes

photo hkg-fco-4

The departure lounge
Most of the shops were already closed
This made the Terminal's atmosphere silent

photo hkg-fco-5photo hkg-fco-6

Since our gate was number 41 we proceeded downstairs to get the people mover
If it had been between 10 and 36 we should have walk

photo hkg-fco-7

I really like this Terminal, designed by award-winner architect Norman Foster

photo hkg-fco-8

Going down towards the APM

photo hkg-fco-9

It runs around every five minutes
First stop for us: gates 40-80
The second stop serves the Satellite Terminal

photo hkg-fco-10photo hkg-fco-11

The ride lasted around one minute
Going upstairs to the departure lounge

photo hkg-fco-12photo hkg-fco-13

The departure lounge is incredibly long!
We had to walk it entirely last time we transfered here

photo hkg-fco-14

Turning left for gate 41

photo hkg-fco-15photo hkg-fco-17

We arrived at the gate around midnight
People were already queuing, but boarding still had not started
The plane seemed to be full

photo hkg-fco-18

Our plane for tonight's flight
Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-1000, B-LXD, delivered in October '18 (1 year old)
It's equipped with 334 seats (C46-W32-Y256)

photo hkg-fco-19photo hkg-fco-20

Twin A350 parked next to ours

photo hkg-fco-21photo hkg-fco-22

My boarding pass

photo hkg-fco-23


Boarding was called 15 minutes later than scheduled

photo hkg-fco-24

Our plane from the jetway

photo hkg-fco-25photo hkg-fco-26

While boarding I gave the flight report form to the Purser
She saw my camera and asked me not to take pics of the crew
The first Economy Class cabin

photo hkg-fco-27

Our travel agency had already assigned the seats
My family and I had 74A-B-C-D
In Siem Reap we asked for two window seats, but since the plane was full, they couldn't change it
Being a night flight I decided to take the 74D, on the aisle
Very good seat and pitch
Unfortunately the headrest was broken, it didn't stay in the upright position

photo hkg-fco-28

The view from my seat as boarding continued

photo hkg-fco-29

IFE showing Colosseum

photo hkg-fco-30

Differently from FCO-HKG flight the front camera was working
It is located under the fuselage and shows the landing gear

photo hkg-fco-31photo hkg-fco-33

Tail camera

photo hkg-fco-32

While boarding ended the crew delivered the menu

photo hkg-fco-34photo hkg-fco-35

Time to go to the active runway

photo hkg-fco-36

During taxi the mood lighting was gradually lowered

photo hkg-fco-37photo hkg-fco-38photo hkg-fco-39

At 00:45, five minutes after scheduled, we took off from Hong Kong

photo hkg-fco-40photo hkg-fco-41

The two Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 engines went full thrust

photo hkg-fco-42

Bye Bye Hong Kong
Hope to visit you one day

photo hkg-fco-43photo hkg-fco-44

After T/O I made a short nap
I was awaken for the dinner, one hour into the flight
The cabin during meal service

photo hkg-fco-45


Vegetable salad with beef pastrami - Bread and butter
Choice between
Traditional salt baked chicken, pak choy and steamed jasmine rice
Pan fired fish, green beans, carrot, new potato and tomato lemon myrtle sauce
Mushroom and olive penne with tomato coulis
To finish with
Ice cream - Tea - Coffee

photo hkg-fco-46

Since I spent most of the vacation eating chicken and was afraid about pasta I decide to get fish
It was very tasty and the pan fried was quite delicate
Potatoes were perfectly cooked
I ate also the pastrami slice, jumping the salad

My dad took pasta and told me it was decent, just a bit overcooked

photo hkg-fco-47

Strawberry ice cream to finish, very good

photo hkg-fco-48

The cabin immediately after dinner

photo hkg-fco-49

Since I was very tired I decided to jump movies and tried to sleep

Contrary to my usual I spent around 8 hours sleeping :D
I woke up two hours before landing, while flying over Balkans
Outside sun was rising

photo hkg-fco-50photo hkg-fco-54


Seasonal fresh fruit - Fruit yoghurt - Breakfast bread - Fruit preserve and butter
Choice between
Omelette, bacon, roasted potatoes, mushroom and cherry tomato stew
Seafood congee
To finish with
Tea - Coffee

Breakfast with view

photo hkg-fco-51

I chose the omelette, which was fine

photo hkg-fco-52

The still-sleepy cabin during breakfast

photo hkg-fco-53

The Purser came to my seat to give me the flight report back
Surprisingly the captain also gave me the weather chart
I really appreciate this kind of gifts
Moreover the flight report was very well filled

photo hkg-fco-55photo hkg-fco-56

One hour left
Already feeling home's smell

photo hkg-fco-57

Crossing Adriatic Sea

photo hkg-fco-58

While flying over Italy my sister kinldy gave me her window seat, 74A

photo hkg-fco-59

Ice crystals on the window

photo hkg-fco-60

Raked wingtip with a wake

photo hkg-fco-61

Entering Italian's airspace

photo hkg-fco-62photo hkg-fco-64


photo hkg-fco-63

Meanwhile cabin was prepared for landing

photo hkg-fco-65

Finally…Rome in sight

photo hkg-fco-66photo hkg-fco-67

Fiumicino Airport in the distance

photo hkg-fco-68photo hkg-fco-69photo hkg-fco-70

Hainan Airlines Boeing 787 Dream)Liner landing at FCO

photo hkg-fco-71

Tyrrean Coast

photo hkg-fco-72photo hkg-fco-74

Banking over the coastline north of the airport
We'd land from north

photo hkg-fco-73

Bracciano Lake in the distance

photo hkg-fco-75photo hkg-fco-76

Landing gear down

photo hkg-fco-77

Cabin crew prepare for landing

photo hkg-fco-78

Parallel landing on RWY16L
We'd land on 16R

photo hkg-fco-79

Toll plaza on A12 motorway
It connects Rome to Genova

photo hkg-fco-81

Rome countryside while approaching FCO

photo hkg-fco-82

RWY 16R on sight

photo hkg-fco-83

Almost on the ground

photo hkg-fco-85photo hkg-fco-86

50…40…30…20…10…Retard! Retard!

photo hkg-fco-87

At 7:48 (28 minutes after scheduled) we touched down at "Leonardo da Vinci" International Airport

photo hkg-fco-88

Alitalia and Emirates (in Expo 2020 livery) Boeing 777s

photo hkg-fco-89

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dream)Liner and American Airlines tail behind

photo hkg-fco-90

Blue-Express Boeing 737 taking off from RWY 25

photo hkg-fco-91

Some heavies parked at the Satellite Terminal
Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dream)Liner and United Airlines Boeing 777

photo hkg-fco-92

United Airlines and Alitalia Boeing 777s

photo hkg-fco-93

Hainan Airlines and China Souther Airlines Boeing 787s and American Airlines Boeing 777
I really like CZ 787 livery

photo hkg-fco-94photo hkg-fco-95

I realized we'd be parked at a remote stand

photo hkg-fco-96

United Airlines and Alitalia Boeing 777s and Hainan Airlines Boeing 787 Dream)Liner
The latter is the plane I saw landing from air

photo hkg-fco-97photo hkg-fco-98

Just landed American Airlines Boeing 787 Dream)Liner

photo hkg-fco-99

Blocking at the stand minutes before 8:00

photo hkg-fco-100photo hkg-fco-101

The cabin during desembark
I prefer waiting on the plane instead of rushing to get to the bus

photo hkg-fco-102photo hkg-fco-103

Blue Air Boeing 737 taxiing

photo hkg-fco-104

While disembarking I tried to visit cockpit, but the bus was waiting and I had to give up
I was so happy to see this beauty from the tarmac
Fuselage shot

photo hkg-fco-105

Etihad Airways Boeing 777 in the distance

photo hkg-fco-106

Bye bye B-LXD, you're the best

photo hkg-fco-108photo hkg-fco-107

That engine looks massive from outside

photo hkg-fco-109

Love that elegant nose with eyeliner

photo hkg-fco-110

Etihad Airway Boeing 777
The nose cone was a bit ruined

photo hkg-fco-111

United Airlines Boeing 777 and Air China A330 in the background

photo hkg-fco-112

Ryanair Boeing 737

photo hkg-fco-113

Alitalia Boeing 777s in the distance

photo hkg-fco-114

The departure lounge seen from outside
That glass bubble is really nice

photo hkg-fco-115

R(H)ome sweet Home

photo hkg-fco-116-83622

Taking right gate for European Passports

photo hkg-fco-117photo hkg-fco-118

The arrival inspection area had been improved in the last years
A lot of new control booths were added and also a lot of eGates
The eGate inspection took just few seconds
Belt number 9 for our baggages

photo hkg-fco-119photo hkg-fco-120

Our baggages started to be delivered once we got at the carousel

photo hkg-fco-121

We greet our group mates and proceeded through customs

photo hkg-fco-122

Meeters and greeters hall

photo hkg-fco-123

We went outside to take parking shuttle bus
The airport seemed like it had just woke up

photo hkg-fco-124

The bus arrived in around 5 minutes

photo hkg-fco-125

In about 10 minutes we got to the long term parking to take our car
We arrived at home in less than half a hour

I've been really happy making this vacation. We've seen wonderful and surprising place and encounter this particular culture
Moreover our groupmates contribute to make this travel amazing

See you to the next report

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Cathay Pacific

Cabin crew9.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Rome - FCO



Like on FCO-HKG I've been well impressed by Cathay Pacific service
Maybe it was for tiredness, but sleeping was very easy on that comfortable seat

HKG is a very good airport, big but very efficent
FCO grows and improves everytime I us it



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