Review of Cathay Dragon flight Hong Kong Hanoi in Economy

Airline Cathay Dragon
Flight KA 297
Class Economy
Seat 44K
Aircraft Airbus A321
Flight time 01:35
Take-off 19 Aug 19, 08:50
Arrival at 19 Aug 19, 09:25
KA 68 reviews
Published on 2nd September 2019


Hello FlightReporters
For an aviation geek like me summer means only one thing: flying
At the beginning of June my family and I started to discuss about a big trip in August
We evaluated many places in South East Asia and also India
Finally we find an Italian tour operator offering an interesting 14-day trip of Vietnam and Cambodia
The tour spaced between many places in Northern Vietnam (like Ha Noi and Ha Long bay), Central Vietnam (Hoi An and Hue), South Vietnam (Saigon and Mekong's delta) and Cambodia (Phnom Pehn and Angkor's temples)
To get there from Rome we would have fly with Cathay Pacific through Hong Kong
After some worries about Hong Kong's political situation we left on August 18th
Return planned for September 1st

photo hkg-han-1

Some personal stats: 
First time with Cathay Dragon


We desembark at Gate 49 of Hong Kong Airport, in the main building of Terminal 1
The arrival mezzanine was anonymous as in many international airports

photo hkg-han-2

Looking at FIDS we found our gate number: 510

photo hkg-han-3

Gate 510 is located in the North Satellite Concourse, a midfield building connected to the main terminal by a shuttle bus

photo hkg-han-map

Having one hour and half we asked a CX staff member the fastest way to reach gate 510
She told us to pass through the Western Transfer Area and than walk
After the security screening we had to walk more than 1 kilometre to reach the middle of the Terminal

photo hkg-han-4photo hkg-han-5

The very long main departure lounge, designed by architect Norman Foster

photo hkg-han-6photo hkg-han-7

Once we get to the center of the Terminal we discovered it could have been possible to use the underground APM instead of walking :/
We proceeded downstairs to take the shuttle bus to gates 501-510

photo hkg-han-8photo hkg-han-9

Despite being a strange system to move passengers (from such a big airport I would have expected an APM), the shuttle bus offers good spotting occasions
Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 parked at the gate

photo hkg-han-10

Finnair A350

photo hkg-han-11

Even if the North Satellite Concourse is small, it offers a good choice of shops and food

photo hkg-han-12photo hkg-han-13photo hkg-han-14

Our gate, 510, was ready for boarding

photo hkg-han-15photo hkg-han-16

My boarding pass

photo hkg-han-18

The aircraft for todya's flight:
Cathay Dragon Airbus A321-200, B-HTD delivered to Dragonair in April '99 (20.5 years old) and than transferred to KA in 2016
It still has Dragonair's livery
The plane is equipped with 172 seats (C24-Y148)

photo hkg-han-19

Finnair A350 at Main Terminal

photo hkg-han-20

Hong Kong Airlines A350 landing on RWY25R

photo hkg-han-21

Polar Air Cargo 747-400F landing

photo hkg-han-22


Boarding was called with a 10 minutes delay
Gate agents checked BPs and documents while people queueing

photo hkg-han-23

Cathay Dragon A320 parked next to us

photo hkg-han-24

Our plane as seen from the jetway

photo hkg-han-25photo hkg-han-26

Door shot

photo hkg-han-27

I gave the Flight Report form to the Purser and walked to my seat, 44K
Business Class cabin between doors 1 and 2…

photo hkg-han-28

…and Economy Class

photo hkg-han-29

My seat
Even if the pitch was a bit tight, the seat was soft and comfortable
It is equipped with IFE and USB plug

photo hkg-han-30

My window was full of scratches and it was hard to take good photos

photo hkg-han-36

The cabin while boarding procedures ended

photo hkg-han-32

The IFE was not as good as on the A350, but had a lot of contents as well

photo hkg-han-33

Doors closed and armed, and safey video started to play

photo hkg-han-34photo hkg-han-35

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 in Star Alliance livery and Finnair A350 parked at the Main Terminal

photo hkg-han-37

Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dream)Liner being towed

photo hkg-han-38

Midfield Concourse (Gates 201-230), opened in 2016

photo hkg-han-39

Cebu Pacific A330

photo hkg-han-40

Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Airlines birds in front of Cathay Cargo area

photo hkg-han-41

Cathay Pacific A350 taxiing to the runway

photo hkg-han-42photo hkg-han-43photo hkg-han-45

Cathay Dragon A330 waiting for T/O while a Dragonair A330 departs

photo hkg-han-44photo hkg-han-46

An A350 queue for T/O

photo hkg-han-47

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 departing

photo hkg-han-48

Our turn for T/O
Cathay Dragon A330 and Cathay Pacific A350 waiting to go

photo hkg-han-49

Bye bye HKG, see you for the return flight
(Sorry for the bad quality pics)

Climbing over sea

photo hkg-han-55photo hkg-han-56

Offshore wind farm

photo hkg-han-57

The whole flight was partially cloudy

photo hkg-han-58

Thirty minutes into the flight lunch (or maybe breakfast) was served
I don't remember the choices, but I took chicken with rice
It was accompanied by bread and a fruit salad

photo hkg-han-59

Even if the chicken was decent, it was dip inside a strange jelly-like sauce
The sensation while eating was terrible

photo hkg-han-60

We finished to eat around half way

photo hkg-han-61

Clouds started to disappear while entering Vietnam airspace

photo hkg-han-62photo hkg-han-63photo hkg-han-64

Enormous Honda's facility in Vihn Puch,

photo hkg-han-65

Approaching HAN

photo hkg-han-66photo hkg-han-67

Perfectly on time we touched down at Ha Noi - Nội Bài International Airport

photo hkg-han-68photo hkg-han-69

Heading to Terminal 2, which handles international flights

photo hkg-han-70

Old hangars

photo hkg-han-71

Thank you Cathay Dragon

photo hkg-han-72

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dream)Liner heading to the runway

photo hkg-han-73

Docking at Terminal 2
Most of the planes are from local airlines like Air Asia and Lion Air

photo hkg-han-74photo hkg-han-75

Desembarking I took the flight report from the Purser and ask her to say "thank you" to the Captain

photo hkg-han-76

Some spotting from arrivals mezzanine
Aeroflot Boeing 777

photo hkg-han-77

Vietnam Airlines Boeing 787 Dream)Liner

photo hkg-han-78

Chào mừng bạn đến Viet Nam
Welcome to Vietnam

photo hkg-han-79

Immigration was quite fast since there was no VISA necessary
We pass through it in a few minutes

photo hkg-han-80

Going downstairs to baggage reclaim hall
Our bags will be delivered at belt 6

photo hkg-han-81photo hkg-han-82

The first feeling getting outside was a very high temperature and strong humidity
Having spend almost 18 hours with A/C make it difficult to get used to it

photo hkg-han-83

We met our local guide and took a private bus to our hotel
It was located in the city center
Our program contemplate a visit of Ha Noi, Ninh Binh and a cruise on Ha Long Bay, before taking another flight to Central Vietnam

To be continued…

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Cathay Dragon

Cabin crew7.0

Hong Kong - HKG


Hanoi - HAN



Except from the long walk to the gate and the lack of info at HKG the flight was good overall
Cathay Dragon service was decent for a 2-hour flight

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