Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt New Delhi in First

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH760
Class First
Seat 2K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:45
Take-off 11 Aug 19, 13:40
Arrival at 12 Aug 19, 00:55
LH   #63 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1593 reviews
By SILVER 2679
Published on 19th September 2019

With barely enough sleep on the flight and an ungodly landing time, we zombie walked allllllll the way to immigration and then walked to the FCT.

This route looks very familiar to some of you …

photo 48624471101_65e372f272_cphoto 48624471186_c94e43cc22_cphoto 48624471451_82f22d9f6f_c

Excitement mounting.

photo 48624450046_3a9747ed62_c

Urge to giggle like a school girl, rising.

photo 48624471811_e8a53a4988_cphoto 48624449936_b1598e445f_c

Into the elevator and one floor up to the reception area. Seating area to the right and reception to the left.

photo 48624122333_c47f8731da_cphoto 48624472371_ebb6477812_c

One of the two agents manning the front desks came over to greet us and escorted us through security and gave us a tour of the lounge.

Gotta catch ‘em all, Rubber Duckies! (admit it, you sang that line in your head)

photo 48624472576_cba3b10016_c

Aint gonna lie, forgot to take extensive pictures due to lack of sleep plus warm conditions in the lounge. Will do my best to paint a good story.

After the agent gave us the full tour, my wife headed for a shower while I relaxed in front of the wonderful Samsung curved TV to watch the news about Brexit and the Donald. Was starting to fall asleep and decided to walk around and make good use of the time to take pictures as it was super quiet in the lounge – ‘twas 7am.

photo 48624472891_b07cb3531e_cphoto 48624617392_f4db0bdc41_c

One day, I will have a bar like this in my basement.

photo 48624123048_39f2b5ac11_cphoto 48624123153_b8e1a33b00_c

Decent self-serve in the cigar lounge.

photo 48624473301_3ffc52dc1c_c

My beloved finally decided she was presentable to society after her shower plus make over and we headed over to the restaurant section for breakfast.

photo 48624123568_4fe879a778_cphoto 48624123488_af497be431_cphoto 48624618147_2660acb4a7_c

Mmmmmm, ham.

photo 48624473861_0a25fc5929_c


photo 48624124238_2b34f6c8ae_c

I ordered the Bavarian breakfast.

photo 48624618812_02ce2e45de_c

She got the eggs benny which was the hands down winner.

photo 48624449176_d9f036906b_c

After breakfast, we each got our own nap room and went down for about 2.5 hours. Wifey was grumpy when I woke her up, so I left her and made a beeline for the showers to refresh myself. It was around 11am when I emerged from the shower and we still had some time to kill before boarding for the 1.30pm flight. I assumed it was drinking time somewhere in the world and headed over to the bar. The staff member who served us for breakfast was also manning the bar and was very helpful when selecting whiskey. The conversation went like this:
Me: “What scotch do you suggest?”
Him: “Do you like less peat or more peat?”
Me: “Hmmmm …”
Him: “How about a tasting of least to most peaty?”
Me: “Works for me!”
Note to self – I don’t like peaty scotch. :)

photo 48624448936_b9a23f6440_c

Then he brought out a fourth bottle that was not in the bar and it was absolutely … I don’t even have words to describe it but definitely never touching it ever again. :D

photo 48624619282_05a05f77d0_c

With that, we headed over to eat as my toes were starting to feel tingly. My wife decided to pick stuff from the buffet.

photo 48624474956_6d746ae551_cphoto 48624124878_15f36080bb_c

Everyone’s favourite dish.

photo 48624475201_ab6e53e20b_c

Felt less tingly after lunch plus multiple glasses of water. We waited another 30 minutes before being picked up by the agent from the morning who then escorted us downstairs to immigration. With the formalities done, we hopped into our ride for the short drive to the plane. No Porsche as we had another passenger on the same flight - how inconsiderate. :(

Oh … spoils from the shower rooms. ;)

photo 48624122803_5215e1bb23_c

Once we collected our bags from the van, we were escorted in an elevator and onto the tube. No issues with lineups in the tube and we were handed off to the cabin crew stationed at the door. In her infinite noobery, my wife stepped on the plane, said hi to the crew member by the door and turned right towards business class. She was half way through the cabin when I called out to her to come back and show the BP’s to the crew member. With one look at the BPs, the crew member laughed and said “Oh, you definitely don’t want to be going there” and pointed to J. LOL!

Our seats were on opposite sides of the cabin (2A and 2K) and the cabin was 6 of 8 full. Lucky for us, 2 D and F were empty which were turned into beds after the lunch service. Compared to the A340, the A380 F cabin is definitely more spacious with no overhead bins. There are lockers at the back of the cabin which have enough storage.

photo 48624622152_2bba53637c_cphoto 48624128478_94d1e2d96f_c

Both cabin crew members came by to welcome us on board and we were asked what we wanted as our PDB. I went with the usual.

photo 48624621832_140a36b0df_c

Food menu.

Drinks menu.

Changed into PJs and boarding was completed by the time I was back at my seat. It was a quick 10 minute taxi to the runway and we were off. The engine roll up is quite smooth.

photo 48624479796_9468468951_c

View out the window.

Lining up for take-off and spotted the SA A340.

photo 48624130898_bd6c2e1bb1_c

While on the ground, the cabin crew came by to take our lunch orders. I was slightly full from the lunch at the FCT, so I kept it light on board. I went with the main course and a dessert that was served an hour after take-off. I nodded off during that time and my wife had to throw something at gently wake me up for the meal service.

The main attraction – Scallop and Prawn skewer with Thai curry sauce and coconut risotto. Just the right size and was filling.

photo 48624625362_0dc97fc97d_c

The famous LH stamped butter.

photo 48624625432_eca2611cf9_c

For dessert – the gulab jamun cheesecake which was absolutely sensational.

photo 48624131348_dd6aaa8d5d_c

View out the window.

photo 48624625677_d5fdffef08_c

With the meal service done, the crew made up our beds and I konked out for nearly 3 hours and rolled around for another 30 minutes. Forced myself to get up and had another quick meal before landing.

Club sammich with turkey and chips. Too much cheese.

photo 48624481726_1ca7264c1f_c

Had to have another cheesecake – when on vacation … right?

photo 48624625812_d95548c0ec_c

Landed in DEL around 30 minutes ahead of schedule which forced us to wait on the side due to our gate being occupied by the Air France flight that was due for push back soon.

photo 48624596877_bc65d598df_c

Once off the plane, it was a mad dash to immigration by everyone for some reason.

photo 48624452516_d70bb52abc_cphoto 48624096613_8cb013d75f_c

Next up – DEL to IXZ via AI J

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Cabin crew10.0

Lufthansa - First Class


Frankfurt - FRA


New Delhi - DEL



FCT - AMAZING! Reading multiple TR's cannot do justice to the actual experience one goes through when visiting for the first time. The staff were excellent, clean amenities, good food selection. Oh, did I mention the amazing bar? ;)

Flight - even though it was short, the ride was super comfortable, the flight crew were on point and very engaged. The food was enough to keep us satisfied.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6709 Comments
    Very nice report! The FCT looks fantastic as always. Yum, the eggs benedict look really good.

    7 hours is almost too short to fully enjoy Intl First class, but it seems like you had a wonderful experience with a good cabin crew, which can make all the difference.

    Thanks for sharing!

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