Review of Israir flight Eilat Tel Aviv in Economy

Airline Israir
Flight 6H 042
Class Economy
Seat 9A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 10 Sep 19, 15:30
Arrival at 10 Sep 19, 16:15
6H 8 reviews
By 357
Published on 21st September 2019

Hello and welcome to my flight from Eilat Ramon airport to Tel Aviv on Israir A320-200 (4X-ABI).
Israir is a charter compant that operating flights from Tel Aviv to all around Europe and domestic flights in Israel. They operating flights to Greece, Tirana, Sochi, Batumi, Odessa, Baku, Bucharest, Burgas, Bellgrad, Verona, Varna, Tbilisi, ljubljana, and they will start operate flight to Teneriefe island Via Barcelona for refuling.
Some of Israir flights is departure from Terminal 3 in TLV and all the domestic flights is departure from Terminal 1.
In Ramon new airport just one terminal for domestic and International flights.
OK lets start.
On our way from Eilat to Ramon airport.

photo img_20190910_141310photo img_20190910_141343photo img_20190910_141425

The entrance to the airport.

photo img_20190910_141609photo img_20190910_141622photo img_20190910_141817

Check In area.

photo img_20190910_142144photo img_20190910_142147

After security check.

photo img_20190910_143454photo img_20190910_143556

Duty Free area.

photo img_20190910_144342photo img_20190910_144347photo img_20190910_144355

The way to the plane can be by bus or by walk.
Down stears the way to gate.

photo img_20190910_144657photo img_20190910_151210

VIP lounge with very poor food selection (green salads with cheese and some sauces)

photo img_20190910_151509

Our gate.

photo img_20190910_151517

Boarding began.

photo img_20190910_153125photo img_20190910_153201

Arkia Embraer 195 taking off after us also to TLV.

photo img_20190910_153220

Inside the Israirs Airbus.

photo img_20190910_153543photo img_20190910_153548

All Israir planes has the same seats look.
Cabin and the tight seat pitch.

photo img_20190910_153644photo img_20190910_154129

Taxi+ Take off.

photo img_20190910_155324photo img_20190910_160110photo img_20190910_160531


Starting decend to Ben gurion airport.

Landing on runway 21.

After the landing there is free shutle transfer to center train station in Tel Aviv (30 min ride), there is also bus center station.

photo img_20190910_165409photo img_20190910_165905

5 min ride by bus to landing domestic terminal, which is renewal landing area in Terminal 1.

photo img_20190910_165931photo img_20190910_170009

Landing area in Terminal 1 is located near Fattal terminal lounge for VIP passangers, the new private lounge in the airpot.

There are passengers from Eilat that need medical assistance that don't have in Eilat, so they fly almost every week to TLV to get the medical assistance.
Because of closed old Sde Dov (SDV) airport in beach/center Tel Aviv, israeli airports authority make free shuttle buses to the hospitals in Tel Aviv, that passangers will fly on this flights.
The closing SDV airport result made less passangers flying to Eilat from Ben gurion airport and the airport starts to make decisions to make those flights grow again.
The way out from the landing area to the free shuttle buses to Terminal 3 or to the Sheba/ Tel Hashomer hospitals in Tel Aviv.

photo img_20190910_172927
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Cabin crew8.0

Eilat - ETM


Tel Aviv - TLV



In conclusion there is just 2 airlines that fly to Eilat from TLV (Arkia, Israir), there would be maybe in the future another airlines that would fly to ETM (Airlines that want: EL AL, WizzAir, Ryanair).
If you don't want to take a flight to Eilat, you can ride by bus from Tel Aviv (5 hours ride).
Hope you've enjoyed the FR!

Information on the route Eilat (ETM) Tel Aviv (TLV)


  • Comment 523381 by
    02022001 SILVER 4363 Comments

    Thanks to share ;)

  • Comment 523394 by
    Dor 86 Comments

    Unfortunately, since Eilat airport closed, I can't find any sense in flight from Tel Aviv to Ramon airport, when You consider the time You'll waste in the check in, the time You need to arrive to the airport, the time You need to arrive to your hotel in Eilat, It seems that driving by car will be much more logical choice (unless You're unable to drive long distances or You don't have driving license).
    I can find this airport logical only for tourists and people who live in Haifa.

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