Review of easyJet flight Tel Aviv Venice in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U23350
Class Economy
Seat 16F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:00
Take-off 05 Sep 19, 14:45
Arrival at 05 Sep 19, 17:45
U2   #6 out of 9 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 673 reviews
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Published on 23rd September 2019
Hello and welcome to this flight report, about my flight with EasyJet from Tel Aviv to Venice!

Since EasyJet is LCC, I arrived to terminal 1 in Tel Aviv airport, where most low cost flights are from this terminal.
I'll write about the advantages and disadvantages of this terminal (compared to terminal 3) later in this flight report.

Pre flight experience - TLV airport, terminal 1

The main building of the terminal:
photo 20190905_113213photo 20190905_113216

As I wrote in my flight report about LY2523 flight, terminal 1 still serves only the outbound international flights, inbound low cost flights will park close to terminal 1, and the passengers from the inbound flight will arrive to terminal 3 by buses.

The flights screen near to the entrance:
photo 20190905_113639

The check in area:
photo 20190905_113949photo 20190905_115125

The check in process was fast, much faster than my previous flight in terminal 1, but I had faster check ins in terminal 3, however, It wasn't bad at all.

During the way to the security check and immigration:
photo 20190905_120304

As usual, the immigration process was fast since I have biometric passport.
The security check was very fast.

Now I'm actually in the terminal, so here's some photos after the security check:
photo 20190905_121319photo 20190905_121426

I just saw what I could buy to eat, but I went to Aroma, which has good coffee and nice food.
In terms of dining, terminal 3 offers better options, not only more options for dining, but also the same restaurant will offer You different products. Let's take Burger ranch as our example.
The branch in terminal 3 offers hamburgers, chicken, children meals and more, while the branch in terminal 1 offers only sausages and schnitzel sandwich.
Also, the dining area in terminal 3 is much bigger and most the times I could find place to sit, however It's more difficult in terminal 1.

I went to the toilets:
photo 20190905_121634photo 20190905_121643

And as You can see, they were clean, whoever, as always, there are some small details which can be better (Like the residues of sticker on the walls)

The duty free area:
Touch It which operated by Office Depot, offers electric products, gadgets, etc.
photo 20190905_121916photo 20190905_130810

James Richardson duty free shop, which offers chocolates, perfumes, etc.
photo 20190905_122404photo 20190905_122423

You can see the same shops in terminal 3, however, the branches in terminal 3 are much bigger (but still, I could find in terminal 1 all the things I wanted to buy).

I bought coffee and Israeli breakfast in Aroma:
photo 20190905_130758photo 20190905_130803

It wasn't cheap, but It was tasty and I was hungry, so I went for breakfast and not for croissant.

Our gate, still empty since the boarding didn't started yet:
photo 20190905_133150

I went again to the toilets:
photo 20190905_135837

And as You can see, It was clean.

Shortly later, the boarding started and I went to my gate.

While the bus took as to the aircraft, I took some photos in the airport!
Airport vehicle:
photo dsc03125
Terminal 1:
photo dsc03132
Elal 747-400, very soon, Elal will retire all the fleet of the 747:
photo dsc03136
Our aircraft:
photo dsc03139
4X-EAJ which returned to the leasing company just today:
photo dsc03144
I also flown on this aircraft in 2016, You can read my flight report.
Our aircraft, again:
photo dsc03147
4X-ICA, Boeing 747-400F operated by CAL:
photo dsc03149

Flight experience, TLV to VCE

Aircraft information:
Airbus A320-214(WL)
OE-ICR (past registration: G-EZOY)
Almost 4 years old when I traveled

Outside view of our aircraft in TLV airport:
photo dsc03154photo dsc03157

Cabin view:
photo dsc03158photo dsc03159

My seat, 16F:
photo dsc03160photo dsc03161photo dsc03162

I was impressed about the cabin and the legroom, my expectations were very low since EasyJet is LCC.
The tray table is small but It was steady.

The modrem PSU:
photo dsc03164

Wing view:
photo dsc03165

Another advantage, my seat had 2 windows!
photo dsc03168

Sundor Boeing 737-800, 4X-EKR:
photo dsc03170

Elal maintenance garage, Boeing 767-300ER inside, 4X-EAR, which withdrawn from service:
photo dsc03173

Some photos during taxing to Runway 26:
EasyJet A320, G-EZUZ:
photo dsc03178

Arkia EMB-195, 4X-EMF:
photo dsc03181
I really like Arkia new color shcemes! I hope to try their new aircraft like the A321NEO and the EMB195, since I only flew on the ATR72 and Boeing 757-300.
If You find It interesting: IZ547, IZ572.

Wing view near to CAL Boeing 747-400F:
photo dsc03184

CAL Boeing 747-400F, 4X-ICA:
photo dsc03189

Fedex Boeing 757-200F:
photo dsc03194

Terminal 4:
photo dsc03196

Video of the taxing from terminal 4 and the take off, which was smooth and nice (4k available):

Some photos over Israel during climbing:
photo dsc03197photo dsc03207

The Israeli coast:
photo dsc03212

And We left It…
photo dsc03213

Cabin view during climbing:
photo dsc03215

EasyJet in flight magazine, dutyfree magazine and food & drink magazine:
photo dsc03217

Safety card and sickness bag:
photo dsc03218

40 minutes after take off I went to the rear toilets, but first I took photo of the cabin:
photo dsc03219

Then, I wernt the the toilets:
photo dsc03222photo dsc03223photo dsc03224

And as You can see, It was clean.
I found the small orange touches in the toilets very nice.

Just when I returned to my seat, the service started.
I bought a can of Coke zero:
photo 20190905_153630

The rest of the flight was standart, nothing special to report about, the flight was nice and smooth.
During the middle of the flight, We climbed from FL360 to FL380.

Now, It's the time to descent to our airport - Venice.

Some photos during the descent:

Landing video (4k available):

I found the landing to be OK, I had better landings in my life, but without any doubt, It wasn't bad.

photo dsc03262

During taxing to the parking:
photo dsc03265photo dsc03266
Bombardier Challenger 350, 9H-VCO:
photo dsc03270
Qatar Amiri Airbus A330, A7-HHM:
photo dsc03272
Fedex ATR42:
photo dsc03276

After flight experience - VCE airport

Outside view of our aircraft in VCE airport:
photo dsc03277photo dsc03278

Finally I took a photo of Boeing 717 (even though, not a good one…):
photo dsc03282

The entrance to the terminal:
photo dsc03285

The immigration process in Venice was very fast, since I had biometric passport.
There are machines which compares your face to the photo in your passport, then agents will stamp your passport.

The way to the baggage claim:
photo dsc03286

Our baggage claim area:
photo dsc03287photo dsc03288

I went to the toilets in Venice airport:
photo 20190905_180138photo 20190905_180140photo 20190905_180258
And as You can see, It was very clean!

During our way to the rental cars area, I took some photos of the terminal, which I found beautiful and very special:
photo dsc03290photo dsc03291photo dsc03292
There's a long way from the baggage claim area to the rental cars area, but It's not special to me.

The rental cars parking:
photo 20190905_185138

Our car for this trip, Fiat Tipo STW 1.6 JTD:
photo 20190905_185134
Nice car and economical!

Our flight in FlightRadar24:
photo eju 3350

Soon I'll post my flight report about my return flight from Italy, FR2005 (BGY - TLV).

I hope You enjoyed,
Thanks for reading!
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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Tel Aviv - TLV


Venice - VCE



The flight with EasyJet was cheap and very nice!
I had very low expectations, but I found the cabin very clean, the legroom was good also, the only bad thing I can say about EasyJet cabin - the seats aren't reclining, but I know that It's common in LCC.
For such short flight, It's OK, whoever, for longer flight, such as Tel Aviv to London, It may be uncomfortable.
The service from the flight attendants was very nice, I can't say nothing bad about them.
The buy on board prices are OK in my opinion.
Will I fly with EasyJet again? If They'll offer good prices, of course.

Terminal 1 was nice, not like terminal 3, but for the flight price I can't complain. It something You should consider when You book yourself low cost flights from Tel Aviv.
I reduced some points about the services in TLV airport, since terminal 1 offers less options in dining and shops, compared to terminal 3.
However, the walking distances in terminal 1 are much less than terminal 3, so for people who have some problems with longer distances, It's better.

Venice terminal was very nice!
It was very clean, very special and I hope to visit there again soon!
I reduced the access parameter score, due to the long distance from the baggage claim to the rental cars area.
In services I gave them the maximal score, since You can find many options to eat and some shops to buy.

I highly recommend to visit in Venice, the city is very nice for 2-3 days visit. You can rent a car and continue to visit in Italy, this is what I did, and It was fun.



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