Review of Thomas Cook Airlines flight London Palma De Mallorca in Economy

Flight MT1216
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Aircraft Boeing 757-300
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 25 Sep 18, 06:35
Arrival at 25 Sep 18, 09:55
MT 5 reviews
Danny R
By 1143
Published on 27th September 2019

Thomas cook airlines (condor) - Boeing 757-300 - G-JMAB - London Gatwick to mallorca

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this very special flight report. 

I wasn't going to make a report from this flight I made in September 2018 because I didn't take much photos. But due to the collapse off the iconic Thomas Cook Airlines, I felt I have to make a small report about this wonderful airline. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this terrible situation.

I would like to dedicate this report for all the TCX staff, holiday makers and fans off the airline.
Wishing all the best to the staff in the future.

This trip report took place September 25th 2018 from Gatwick to Mallorca, Spain.

I gathered screenshots from videos I made from the flight, so the quality won't be that good.

But anyway, lets start! 

photo dscn2899photo dscn2900

Starting the flight very early in the morning at 6:35am

I knew Thomas Cook would be retiring the last remaining 757-300 from the fleet and transfer to German sister airline Condor.
So I had to fly one more time before it left.

Registration G-JMAB in the Condor livery ready for the transfer few after this flight.

I flew on this exact aircraft to Rhodes back in 2011. 

photo dscn2901photo 7309

Boarding was a fairly quick process, walked straight on with no delays and greeted by the cabin crew then took my seat.

Not long after taking my seat the doors closed, cross checked and push back began. 

photo dscn2925

Whilst taxing to the runway, we past a fellow airline aircraft. Airbus A321 in the hybrid livery design off half Thomas Cook and Monarch Airlines.

This aircraft belong to the also defunct British airline, Monarch Airlines.
Thomas Cook took on several aircraft's into the fleet and decided to keep half the designs on the planes.
Many people called this  the "Monarch Cook" plane.

Now looking back at this, it makes me think did Thomas Cook know back then in 2018 they was going to be in huge financial debt and couldn't paint the aircraft in full Thomas Cook design? 

photo dscn2926

We got priority clearance to take off before the other flights that morning. love this line up off easyJets with the one Norwegian Air hiding at the back.

photo 8742photo 3464

In no time at all we hurtled down the runway and into the sky.

A little bit off mist forming over the wing as we lifted up.  

photo 2917photo 5921

We climbed up whilst flying making a sharp right turn towards the coastal town off Brighton and over the English Channel.

photo dscn2929

Lets briefly talk about the cabin inside this rare aircraft.

The legroom unfortunately on Thomas Cook aircraft's were poor. I couldn't barely move my legs! 
As you can see in the photo bellow, I couldn't put my whole hand between my knees and the seat in front. 

Apart from the lack off leg space the seating was very comfortable leather. 

photo 7308photo 7573-61862

You can see how old this aircraft is, aged 17 at the time off the flight.

The overhead unit had the old standard fittings, three reading lights, air vents and two service call bells. 

One little feature I did like was the little peg hooks on the seats in front, handy to hang my rubbish bag on! 

photo 8588photo 7302

Lets take a little look at the snacks menu.

Thomas Cook offered a very good variety savoury/sweet snacks  buy on board service at average airline prices.

photo 7300photo 7301

I opted to get the Tortilla Nachos for £2.30 which came with a little pot off tomato salsa by Heinz…It was tasty! 

It also came with a little cup off water for free.

photo 7654photo 2386

After the two hours passed and having the fellow passenger next to me, pretty much laying all over me sleeping and full off a cold!
we began our decent into Palma Airport. 

photo dscn2932photo dscn2933

With a speedy approach and a bumpy landing, we made it to the Mallorca.

Passing a few Thomas Cook aircraft's as we vacated the runway and towards the terminal. 

photo dscn2935photo dscn2943

Parked up next to a Canadian operator Sunwing Airlines Boeing 737-800, operating for TUI Airways.

photo dscn2950photo dscn2947-41674

And that was it! The flight ended quickly and I hoped onto the bus taking me to arrivals.

Thinking what a fantastic flight flight I had with Thomas Cook (in Condor design) and being most likely my
last ever flight on the rare Boeing 757-300.

But now turning out also to be my last ever flight with the wonderful Thomas Cook Airlines.

photo dscn2971-27214

After passing through passport control I made my way to the bus stop to take a 5 minute ride to my hotel in Can Pastilla. 

I spent 3 wonderful days planes potting and soaking in the Spanish sun. 

photo dscn3073photo dscn3192

Also super sad to see these photos off two other airlines that have since ended under a year after I saw them landing at PMI.

Germania Airlines and Small Planet Airlines. 

photo dscn3235photo dscn3199

That's the end off this short but special.

Thank you very much for reading this report and hope you enjoyed it!

I want to dedicate this report to all the staff that worked for this wonderful airline. I wish you all the very best in the future.

Until the next flight report,
Keep Smiling and Flying! 

                                                                                                      Thomas Cook Group

                                                                                                              1841 - 2019 

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  • Comment 524221 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5893 Comments

    RIP Thomas Cook ?

    I wasn't going to make a report from this flight I made in September 2018 because I didn't take much photos.

    Turns our you have plenty enough photos for a good report. Glad you decided to post.

    Nice planespotting. That Condor 753...beautiful! Glad Condor will weather this storm.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 524294 by
    FlyAlex GOLD 77 Comments

    A very nice report keeping great Thomas Cook and its Airlines in our memories. Thanks a lot for that.
    Nice to see that Condor still manages to continue operations without any trouble so far and keeps flying. Hopefully with the government support and new investors it will have a long independent life from now on. Condor has an amazing staff and team spirit - a lot of Germans love this airline and also it gets great support now from airports and big other tour operators in Germany taking over a lot of seats now.
    Also Thomas Cook Scandinavia now tries to survive independently and their planes are in the air again after only 1 day break.
    So hopefully Thomas Cooks divisions on the continent will continue to survive - I cross my fingers for all of them.

  • Comment 524320 by
    KL651 TEAM 4523 Comments

    Thanks for this review.
    That Thomas Cook bankruptcy is really silly, especially when the loan would have been much less that cost of repatriating the standred clients.
    I heard the airline business was doing better than the rest of the company.

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