Review of Blue Islands flight Southampton Guernsey in Economy

Airline Blue Islands
Flight BE6301
Class Economy
Seat 1E
Aircraft ATR 72-600
Flight time 00:45
Take-off 02 Jul 19, 08:30
Arrival at 02 Jul 19, 09:15
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Danny R
By 482
Published on 27th September 2019

Blue island airlines (for flybe) - atr-72 - g-isln- southampton to guernsey/ guernsey to southampton


Welcome to this flight report with me trying out what Blue Island Airlines ATR 72 offer for the Southampton to Guernsey service.

This flight is operating on behalf off Flybe. 

I woke up very early at my hotel in central Southampton to catch the train to Southampton Airport. 

photo dscn1501-25683photo dscn1503-44938

After walking a few steps from the train station into the terminal, I found the very empty check in hall.

Luckily for me I already checked in online and only have hand luggage. I headed straight to security checks. 

photo dscn1504-17114

Security took no time at all.

Passed through smoothly and made our way to Costa Coffee upstairs. We have an hour to wait until we board.

As always the views from here are amazing off the apron.  

photo dscn1506-35325photo dscn1508

A little while and a cold coffee later, it was time to start boarding.

photo dscn1510

Our aircraft taking us to and from Guernsey today.

Registered G-ISLN aged 9.5 at the time off the flight.
ATR 72 built in November 2009 and delivered fresh to Arkia- Israeli Airlines December that year.

It would then be sold on to Kirk Kapital in 2017, then to Nordic Aviation Capital in January 2019 and finally to Blue Island Airline a month later. 

photo dscn1511

Sadly when I took my seat I discovered the window was in terrible dirty scratched condition!

Luckily it cleared up when we took off. 

photo dscn1512photo dscn1520

Lets take a little look at the cabin.

Legroom on this all economy aircraft was very generous. plenty off space to stretch out my legs and not bash my knees on the seat in front.  

photo dscn1524

The tray table is in a very good condition which can also extend towards you.

The seat and tray table was kept clean and maintained which is rare to come by these days. 

photo dscn1529

the seat can also recline by flipping up this little switch located on the tip off the right arm rest.

photo dscn1526

The cabin itself was very spacious, in this 2-2 seating configuration the central aisle is big enough to walk along with no hassle.

The overhead storage bins are a new sleek design which can hold many bags. 

photo dscn1541-65508photo dscn1697

It wasn't long after levelling out we began our approach into Guernsey.

photo dscn1532

Touch down onto runway 09 we braked heavily, making a quick right turn towards the terminal.

We was greeted by the Islands main airline, Aurigny. 

photo dscn1542

Walking into the terminal arrivals I was surprised to see just one luggage reclaim belt!

photo dscn1545

Due to still be travelling within the UK, we had no passport control and made our way outside to catch the bus into the islands main town. 
St. Peters Port.

photo dscn1549photo dscn1558

I recommend anyone to visit Guernsey or any other Channel Island, it's amazing!

photo dscn1561-19672

After spend a few hours wondering around the little streets and shops we decided to check out some beaches.

photo dscn1620photo dscn1624

I spotted a very rare DO 228, operated by Aurigny Air flying to Alderney.

This aircraft is on my next to fly list.

photo dscn1565

Sadly after wonderful 6 hours on the island it was time to head back to the airport.

photo dscn1662photo dscn1665

I LOVE! this WW2 memorial near the passenger drop off zone. 

 Just like Southampton in the morning, the check in hall was completely empty.

I already pre checked in before the trip so I made my way straight through security and into the departures gate area. 

photo dscn1667-43593

Whilst walking though duty free I came across a lovely model off Aurigny's only E190 aircraft.

I had to buy one! :D 

photo dscn1669

Unlike the check in hall, the departures area is super cramped.

Why did the airport build this terminal with a giant check in hall which is big enough to hold several buses and hardly any space to hold people in the departures hall? puzzles me. 

photo dscn1671-64103photo dscn1675

Guernsey airport displays the arrivals and departures information in all areas off the terminal.

photo dscn1677photo dscn1679

Soon it was time to board our flight back to Southampton. The aircraft was the same one we flew on earlier that morning.

photo dscn1680

Whilst walking to the plane, I noticed the small ATR 42 sporting the Aurigny Air design and the rare ATP cargo operated by West Air Europe to East Midlands Airport.

photo dscn1681photo dscn1683

After boarding and waiting for the crew to do manual checks it was time to depart.

Taxing along the runway and into the sky, flying over Alderney as we climb to the altitude off 12,000 feet. 

photo dscn1684photo dscn1689

There is also extra leg room seats at the front off this aircraft. the tray table folds out from the arm rests.

This is also one off the emergency exit locations. 

photo dscn1691photo dscn1692

Nothing else really interesting happened on this 45 minute flight.  So I decided to take a little half hour nap.

I woke up moments before landing when a cabin crew member told me to prepare for landing. 

Arrived just on time back in a sunny Southampton evening. 

photo dscn1694

On the way of the plane I passed the cargo hold which is located at the front off the aircraft. 

Photo is blurry due to quickly walk past.

photo dscn1698

That was it!

My day trip to Guernsey was over, Blue Island Airlines was fantastic.
Southampton Airport as always is very clean, easy access from the city and offer a great selection off destinations across the UK and parts off Europe.

Guernsey Airport was something else, although the departures hall being very small the exterior off the terminal is very modern.

Blue Island Airlines was spectacular! being very similar to Flybe the airline was very efficient, cheap and straight forward with the basics. Highly recommenced anyone to fly with the airline.

I then spent the rest off my holiday by taking a day trip to Bournmouth. Here are two photos from that day.

Thank you for reading this report and hope you enjoyed it. Have you flown this route before? or the airline? or if you have any questions to leave a comment below.
Until the next flight report,
Keep flying and Smiling! :D 

photo dscn1706photo dscn1721-57874
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Southampton - SOU


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  • Comment 524435 by
    East African 1543 Comments

    Superb FR as usual Danny!
    Along with Eastern Airways, which other (UK only?) airlines operate via Flybe?
    Quite funny to read "mail" as a destination on the FIDS.
    Was Aurigny more expensive?
    Looks like you enjoyed your time at St Peter port!
    Thanks a lot for sharing and looking forward to more ?

    • Comment 524946 by
      Danny R AUTHOR 30 Comments

      Thank you East African! Sorry for this late reply.
      I am pleased you enjoyed this FR and my other reports. I I believe Air Stobart still operate for Flybe on selected flights? and until recently (2017 I think) Logan Air did as well.
      Especially out of Edinburgh on the short Scottish island hopper flights.

      St. Peters Port is amazing! If you haven't been before I highly recommenced you do.
      I shall be publishing my next flight report very soon on my recent trip onboard British Airways brand new A350! :D

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