Review of Air India flight New Delhi Port Blair in Business

Airline Air India
Flight AI485
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:40
Take-off 12 Aug 19, 05:30
Arrival at 12 Aug 19, 10:10
AI 84 reviews
By BRONZE 1009
Published on 1st October 2019

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2nd leg – DTW-FRA
3rd leg – FRA-DEL

After immigration formalities were complete, we followed signs to the domestic transfer. Walked up to the Air India counter and the guy looked at our passes and basically told us to go up to departures and do a bag drop … sigh. Urge to kill … rising. Went up one level to the departures area, found the aisle for Air India and walked to the J counters. The agent re-issued passes on AI card stock and the bags were on their way. We asked if we had access to the lounge and she said we could pay for it. I asked why we would have to pay if we were business class and her response was “Oh, you’re business class?” and had to check our BPs again to make sure. My wife anticipated my imminent meltdown and quickly defused the situation by telling me it was time to go through security. Past security, we were spit into the main atrium with many shops and a food court above us with the AI and PP lounges.

photo 48634956726_f905414e4b_c

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photo 48635010876_75357b4198_c

We went to the upper level and walked through the food court, past the PP lounge to get to the AI lounge. We were scanned through, provided the WIFI password and were left to our own devices. We asked for shower rooms and the agent said he would find us when it was ready.

photo 48635153052_7ae1336028_c

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photo 48635152662_40d2e24415_c

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photo 48635010146_20044ff75b_c

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photo 48635152207_ef7b201c68_c

There was no food available except for wrapped sandwiches that did not look appetizing. The coffee machine dispensed ready-made coffee and it was good.

I really did not know what to make of the Maharaja cut-outs on the top shelf. Definitely tacky.

photo 48635009741_7a7864e1ff_c

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photo 48635151662_0f62caeed3_c

After 30 minutes of waiting, my wife went back to the front desk and asked again for shower rooms. The agent came by to collect us and told us the cost for the showers. I asked if the cost was applicable to business class and his response was “Oh, you’re business class?” and after showing BPs as proof, he escorted us to the 2 shower rooms. They were small and lacked sufficient toiletries like soap but it was enough to refresh ourselves and get the hell out of dodge. We headed over to the PP lounge to get some food. There were two separate entrances depending on whether you had a local AMEX card or PP card. With wifey’s PP card, we were told to head to the right side. Both sides looked the same to be honest.

photo 48634653368_ac14123375_c

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photo 48634655213_b1d0f1e804_c

Business area.

photo 48635008711_cdfcb2fd73_c

Most of the seats were taken and people were catching up on sleep as it was roughly around 3am. We were told the breakfast buffet would start at 4am, so had some time to kill.

photo 48635008456_4b959d0fca_c

Dining area.

photo 48635150232_79717be4ca_c

Empty bar.

photo 48634654523_f1e84e99a9_c

What’s for breakfast?

photo 48635007956_2a0dc6899a_c

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photo 48634654133_d78553ff9d_c

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photo 48634653653_dd3286f7ec_c

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photo 48635149107_74b62d3acf_c

Once we had our fill, we walked down to our gate.

Looking down when exiting the lounge.

photo 48635006471_a77c59398d_c

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photo 48635148302_cdcf750e2e_c

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photo 48635005996_73181a84d0_c

Boarding was called with families and business class first but people just queued up and gave no room.

photo 48634652288_04d208fe19_c

Another agent came to the next counter and we walked up and went through. Business class was arranged in a 2-2 configuration in 3 rows. We were the only J passengers plus a pilot who sat across us who was probably there for the return leg.

photo 48635147482_dc39b8e408_c

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photo 48635005266_8411a0dcd6_c

Service from the cabin crew was lacklustre as was expected (I really set my expectations low). Neither of the 2 cabin crew members working in J welcomed us. One of them came by during boarding to offer a drink. During the meal service, the same person came by ask if we wanted the veg or non-veg meal. At least the service was efficiently done. We never saw the other crew member who was constantly behind the curtain the entire time and only came on the horn to make announcements during takeoff and landing.

photo 48636401102_774cc7751b_c

Boarding was done on time and we were on our way after what seemed like an eternity of safety checks. There was no queue for take off and we were off to the races once we turned onto the runway.

photo 48636294401_de1e43df37

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photo 48636300631_6b44a95cd4

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photo 48634650893_6a12dc940d_c

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photo 48634650493_31e7d6d0e5_c

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photo 48634649368_cbb31a3c17_c

See ya in a few days, DEL.

photo 48635002201_6f2b681b10_c

The cabin crew member brought our meals shortly after take-off. The veg meal was way more appetizing that the non-veg. Yes, egg is considered non-veg.

photo 48634647423_01a50bc8ed_c

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photo 48635000786_bafb3a7ac0_c

An hour and change later, we handed in VTZ. We had a 30 minute layover where we would stay on the plane since we were continuing on to IXZ. After passengers got off the plane, security and cleaning crew came on board to get it prepped for the next leg. Security confirmed that the carry-on bags above us were indeed ours and moved down the line. Once that was done, new passengers boarded and we were on our way after.

photo 48634646763_89905410a7_cphoto 48635142167_8ee8197d7b_c

Back in the sky.

photo 48634999396_1c50e0c50d_c

Same crew, same service. We asked what the veg and non-veg meals were this time and the crew member described it to us – so we went with the non-veg option consisting of kebabs, meat pastry and deep fried veggie patty. The dessert of the top left was decent.

photo 48634999246_40ff0de8e8_c

The rest of the flight was uneventful and we arrived at Port Blair.

photo 48634998836_865f4e84d5_c

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photo 48634998211_49f6d941dd_c

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photo 48635140222_a15159a3d2_c

The bus drove for all of 30 seconds to the terminal. While waiting for our bags, we checked in with local security and showed our passports/visas as per process. Once waived through, we collected our bags and made our way out to find the Taj Exotica rep.

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New Delhi - DEL


Port Blair - IXZ



Airline - I really set my expectations low for AI. I did not fly with them since I was a child and for good reason. Service was OK, food was OK although I am just being really nice about it.

DEL airport - no issues with immigration. Domestic transfers was a let down as we were just told to go up to the departures area to recheck-in our luggage. No issues with security again.

Lounge - the AI lounge was dismal but thankful it had shower rooms. The food stations was a joke but at least there was a coffee machine with biscuits and bottled water. The Plaza Premium was a little better in terms of comfort plus food but did not have shower rooms at all.

IXZ airport - not much to comment about this airport. Its stuck in the 90's but there is construction on a new airport and dont know when it will be ready. Bags were out quickly and the hotel agent was outside waiting for us.



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