Review of Spicejet flight Port Blair New Delhi in Business

Airline Spicejet
Flight SG254
Class Business
Seat 1K
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 05:25
Take-off 16 Aug 19, 14:55
Arrival at 16 Aug 19, 20:20
SG 12 reviews
Published on 1st October 2019

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1st leg – YYZ-DTW
2nd leg – DTW-FRA
3rd leg – FRA-DEL
4th leg – DEL-IXZ

After 4 wonderful days at the Taj Exotica resort, it was time to head back to Delhi.

Our ferry back to Port Blair was at 9.15am. We left at 8am for the 30 minute drive to the jetty. Once we checked in, it was another 15 minute wait to be allowed onto the dock. The ferry trip back to Port Blair was a bit choppy and caused nausea for a lot of us. Luckily, no heaving over the side. :)

photo 48668694853_32c0085168_c

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photo 48669195787_b8df1f29a2_c

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photo 48669195057_fd9a5cd9fe_c

Our seats at the front this time.

photo 48668692913_2dc84922b7_c

With a lot of time to kill before our 3pm flight to DEL, we pre-arranged with the Taj to have the driver take us to the Naval Museum.

photo 48669189332_d44bc990b8_c

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photo 48669038431_cdd1040e8d_c

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photo 48669038196_e95a0657e0_c

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photo 48668691558_65c11d19a1_c

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photo 48669130787_23e6dc6b83_c

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photo 48669190737_163bf1b502_c

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photo 48669190247_3261ae4ece_c

By the time we finished the museum tour, it was 1pm and many places were closed for lunch time. With no other choice, we went to check-in for our flight.

photo 48668687083_e3821abc25_c

The business class bouncer.

photo 48669033171_c7a546a7a8_c

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photo 48669032916_5e8aa78035_c

With nothing else to do in the airport, we made our way through security and waited until boarding was called. We were approached by the check-in agent who checked us in earlier and she escorted us to the bus waiting for J class passengers.

photo 48668845163_5078c7d6d9

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photo 48669195751_61c6d4ab3a

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photo 48668686113_1b07667beb_c

The entire bus to ourselves. Much better than the Emirate First Class bus. :)

photo 48668685868_d0fb7fc7da_c

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photo 48668685508_11d47491e7_c

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photo 48669187117_4ee4765fe5_c

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photo 48669186887_7f108eba95_c

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photo 48669186067_50e6836707_c

Water as PDB

photo 48668683793_9b0b2f8349_c

Once boarding was done, it was a super fast safety demo and take off right after.

photo 48669029571_685f3d8c4a_c

For some reason, my wife and I both got a bland meal (may have been me fiddling around with the booking before we left). In any case, it was good.

photo 48669184277_b2110f0079_c

Descent into rainy Calcutta.

photo 48668681598_e86fe13428_c

We stayed on the plane again while security and cleaning formalities were taken care of, plus crew change. The crew on this flight were much more personable compared to the IXZ-CCU leg. We were offered a PDB and a dinner menu.

photo 48668681288_7a71b11382_c

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photo 48669183027_9f96dd80a9_c

Both of us went with noodles/chicken dish and was tasty.

photo 48668680683_8c845c7799_c

The flight was delayed leaving Calcutta for an hour due to the rain storm but we eventually made our way out and safely landed in Delhi.

Remote stand.

photo 48669182437_a96fbb1a7a_c

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photo 48668680123_eea2992cbb_c

In the Uber to the hotel.

photo 48669026406_5be229e5e0_c

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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu8.5

Port Blair - IXZ


New Delhi - DEL



Airline - no complaints about the flight itself. The crew on both legs of the journey were personable and attentive. They didnt go out of their way to impress but was much better than Air India. The food was much better compared to AI catering. Like AI, there was no entertainment services, so unless you had a book or your own laptop/tablet, you were out of luck.

IXZ airport - check-in and security were normal. There was no lounge and once through security, you were stuck in a holding area until the flight was called.

DEL airport - arrived at a remote stand with a quick shuttle to the arrival hall. Bags were out quickly and we were outside waiting for our Uber. The road for cars is an absolute mess, so be warned when you waiting for your Uber as you actively have to keep a look out and jump in as cops were impatient to keep traffic moving.



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