Review of British Airways flight London Madrid in Economy

Airline British Airways
Flight BA456
Class Economy
Seat 42K
Aircraft Airbus A350-1000
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 02 Oct 19, 06:20
Arrival at 02 Oct 19, 09:40
BA   #70 out of 120 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 798 reviews
Danny R
By 917
Published on 17th October 2019

British airways - a350-1000 - G-XWBA - heathrow to madrid

Hello all!

Welcome to this flight report from London Heathrow to Madrid Spain.

This was a special flight for me, fellow aviation enthusiasts and the crew onboard.
It was the first flight for crew training at the beginning off October for British Airways. 

Normally the A350-1000 for British Airways will be deployed on long haul routes such as Toronto and Dubai. But to make it easier to train the new crew on the aircraft, BA sent the A350 down to Madrid and back as it is a shorter route. 

Lets get this FR started! 

photo dscn2599

I woke up at 2:30am to get the 423 bus which is free to use  from my hotel to Terminal 5.

Upon arriving at T5 I was expecting to see tons off people, but I was surprised to find it empty only the odd passengers.
Passing through security was super easy and quick.

photo dscn2601-35089

Due to being at the airport so early (4am) only a few places to eat were open.

It was really quiet, it felt like the terminal was made just for me! 

photo dscn2605-68180photo dscn2607

After around a hour running around the spacious empty terminal like a hyper kid on M&Ms,
I made my way to concourse C by train to the gate.

photo dscn2606

The T5 shuttle train assistant screen lady wasn't awake either this morning. Although her jeans and shoes were present. 

To see what she looks like, check out my previous FR flight on board BA 747-400 to New York JFK.

photo dscn2609-71280photo dscn2610

Made our way onto the train, little tip advice from me is to hold on soon as you step on.

The train goes at some high speed and shakes a lot.

photo dscn2612-84837photo dscn2613

As I reached my gate I was greeted to the sight of the A350-1000. The first for British Airways and first to be registered to the UK. I couldn't believe the size, She looked wonderful!

photo dscn2614photo dscn2615

Gate C66, the furthest gate at Terminal 5. Boarding started soon as I arrived.

photo dscn2621photo dscn2622

My seat for this early mornings ride, 42K. the Economy seating is layed out in a 3-3-3 configuration.

On the seats I found three little envelopes with free earphones inside.  

photo dscn2661photo dscn2623

Taking my seat I looked out to see the giant A380 park up next to our A350.

photo dscn2626photo dscn2641

Push back started not long after boarding. We taxied past the Amsterdam flight and full throttled down the runway.

photo dscn2630photo dscn2642

Inside the cabin the lighting changed to different settings.

I really like this soft blue colour.

photo dscn2637

Soon as we broke through the clouds and levelled out the sun began to rise from the east.

Lets check out the In Flight Entertainment on this 2 and half hour flight. 

photo dscn2656photo dscn2645

British Airways offer a great IFE! 
I counted dozens off movies, TV shows and documentaries. I found at least 15 different games to help pass the time even some great movies for the kids.

Of course my Favourite part off the IFE is the live flight map. The system was very responsive and easy to use.  

photo dscn2650photo dscn2651photo dscn2649

Due to the flight being fairly short I didnt pay to much attention to the IFE.

I did listen to some off ELO live music that was on the media section. 

photo dscn2665

Lets take a look at the other facilities offered in Economy.

The IFE screen was a good decent size with crisp detail. 

The tray table can easily drop down and extend towards you by flipping over the other half. 

photo dscn2658photo dscn2659

There is also the standard double audio ports and a USB port to charge up electronic devices. You can also use your own ear pieces if you dont want to use the free ones provided.

One little feature I like when offered is a coat hanger. I never use it for my coat but rather a trash bag holder. It does provide multiple options! :D  

photo dscn2667photo dscn2666

Toilet tour time! 

Not a lot going on in here, but the room is very spacious. You can easily walk in and not feel closed in. 

There is a good sized mirror to make it feel more spacious and everything is kept clean.

photo dscn2671photo dscn2673

The legroom in this photo does not give it much justice, but it was very generous. 

When in reclined position the seat slides forward, this allows the passengers sitting behind to have more leg room. 

photo dscn2676photo dscn2675

The seat headrest like on board many other BA aircraft's can adjust up and down.

It can also fold out to provide support if you wanted to sleep.

photo dscn2678-21336photo dscn2679

Soon enough it was time to land into Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport. The no smoking and fasten seat belt sign light up.

Crew passed through the cabin to prepare the aircraft for landing and checked every passengers seat belts.

We circled for a little while over the dry looking dessert like countryside before making our approach onto runway 36L. 

photo dscn2705photo dscn2689photo dscn2699

After vacating the runway we pasted many Iberia aircraft's, Spain's main flag carrier airline.

I quite like Iberia's A340 aircraft's. They sometimes fly into Heathrow on the Madrid - London service. 

photo dscn2701photo dscn2702

I spotted a very rare Spanish airline, Plus Ultra A340-300. Started up in 2015 now with 4 aircrafts as off this report with a further 3 on order to assist on the airlines small long haul routes.

We then parked up next to another A350 aircraft in the livery off Cathay Pacific.

I was very lucky to visit the cockpit on my way off the aircraft. 

Enter text here…

photo dscn2718

After a few minutes in the cockpit I made my way to passport checks and headed into the city.

The whole experience on the A350 was fantastic.

The aircraft is in great shape apart from the slight damage in the rear toilet. It flew smoothly and is by far the quietest plane I have flown on, cabin crew did exceptionally well considering it was their first training day.

I like to thank personally to the cabin crew and pilots for the fantastic service they provided and made me feel like a VIP.
It was also a pleasure to meet a fellow aviation fan like me, the lovely German lady Anne from Southampton.
I shall be looking forward to flying more A350 flights in the future.
Have you flown the A350 yet? or plan too?
Drop a message in the comments section, I will love to hear from you all.

Thank you for reading this trip report. I have plenty more reports to come, including easyJet A320/ A320NEO reports. Also in December 2019 I shall be flying with easyJet again to Dusseldorf on an A319 and flying from Cologne back home on a British Airways A319.

Until then,

Keep flying and smiling! :D 

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  • Comment 526871 by
    KL651 TEAM 4491 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Nice looking cabin and a beautiful plane!
    Overall it looks more comfortablr than BA 787s.

  • Comment 526880 by
    Danny R AUTHOR 27 Comments

    Thank you KL651. That is interesting, I need to try BA 787 at some point :)

  • Comment 526881 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5302 Comments

    Hi Danny, nice report! Awesome to see a FR on the new BA A350-1000. Just missing a passing shot of the new Club seats ?

    Very nice night shots of your bird at Heathrow. The cabin looks really nice and fresh as you'd expect on a new plane. I like the seat design with the seatback pocket higher up, clearing more space around the knees. I also like that the seat pan moves forward when reclining--all things that maximise legroom.

    I can't believe I still haven't gotten to fly an A350. I had a flight booked on the IB 359 last year, but had a last minute change in plans so I missed out, grrrr. Lucky you got to visit the cockpit.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Comment 526921 by
    emyrrs SILVER 99 Comments

    Hey Danny! Thanks for sharing it with us...

    I couldn't believe the size, She looked wonderful!

    She is wonderful looking airplane I'm agree with you.
    the Economy seating is layed out in a 3-4-3 configuration.

    3-3-3 you mean? I can't imagine if it configured into 3-4-3...

  • Comment 526925 by
    Danny R AUTHOR 27 Comments

    Thank you Kevin DC! Glad you enjoyed this FR. Ohh no that is a shame hopfully you will get the chance to fly the A350 in the new year :)

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