Review of Lufthansa flight Rome Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH233
Class Economy
Seat 7A
Aircraft Airbus A321neo
Flight time 01:29
Take-off 02 Oct 19, 13:41
Arrival at 02 Oct 19, 15:09
LH   #54 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 1130 reviews
Published on 15th October 2019


Hello FlightReporters
Apart from flying I also like music and I'm a big of Ariana Grande
Unfortunately her Sweetener World Tour didn't have any date in Italy
Last January I start to search for tickets in other parts of Europe
According to my university exams' plan, I found the best option: 3rd October in Oslo, Norway

Around June I started to search for an accomodation and for the flight
Apparently the best price was a direct flight with Norwegian, but the return was too early in the morning the day after the concert
Since I didn't want to rush for the flight and I wished to visit the city I chose a solution with Lufthansa, stopping over in Frankfurt
LH costed around 200€ (Norwegian was 180€)

I've already flew with LH in 2013, on FCO-DUS-LHR-MUC-FCO route
Moreover in the same year I made a stopover in Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2 going to NYC
This time will be my first inside Lufthansa's reign, Terminal 1

photo fco-fra-1

Before the flight

Lufthansa gives his passenger the possibility to check-in online 23hrs before the flight
The day before the flight I logged-in on LH's website to check-in
Even if the system assigned me automatically 18A and 20D I was able to change my seats and get better ones

photo fco-fra-2a

I'd like to take a moment to rate LH Mobile App
I found it really useful and easy to use
The night before the flight it already reported the arrival gate at FRA and the departing one to OSL
Moreover it was equipped with a map showing the path between the two gates

AT the airport

Despite having BPs printed and flying only with cabin baggage I decided to be at the airport two hours before the flight, scheduled at 13:20
My dad brought me by car
The journey took around 30 minutes
Around 11 I arrived at Roma-Fiumicino "Leonardo Da Vinci" International Airport

photo fco-fra-3photo fco-fra-4

My father left me in front of Terminal 1
Originally it was used as Alitalia base, but now it also hosts other European carriers as LH

photo fco-fra-5photo fco-fra-6

The bright departure hall, branded with Alitalia's colours

photo fco-fra-7

Old-style FIDS
Check-in 115-119 for my flight and gate D7 for boarding

photo fco-fra-8

Even if I already printed my boarding passes I decided to get new ones at the desk
I was able to use "Economy Class with boarding pass" line, which was empty

photo fco-fra-9

In no time I get my new boarding passes
Online check-in is very useful, but I always like to have "traditional" BPs

photo fco-fra-10

Having nothing to do landside I proceeded straight to the security checkpoint

photo fco-fra-11

Despite the crowd I get airside in 5 minutes
Going upstairs to the shopping area
The departure lounge is located on the same level of the checkpoint, but the passage through the shopping area is obliged

photo fco-fra-12photo fco-fra-14

Aeroporti di Roma banners showing the new pier-A project
It will maybe open in late 2020 and will handle domestic and Schenghen flights

photo fco-fra-15

Going back downstairs to the departure lounge
What makes an airport called "hub": Victoria's Secret shop

photo fco-fra-16photo fco-fra-17

Having around 1 hour and half before boarding I decide to stroll around the airport
Pier B, which hosts domestic and Schenghen flights

photo fco-fra-18

Pier A, under construction

photo fco-fra-19

Mistral Air ATR72-500, operated by Italian mail service

photo fco-fra-20

Walking towards Pier D, from which my flight would depart

photo fco-fra-21

Boarding area C and its shopping area

photo fco-fra-22

I've departed from FCO two weeks earlier and from that time a new passage was open between gate C and gate D areas

photo fco-fra-23

Gate D area is quite nice, equipped with many shops and food

photo fco-fra-24photo fco-fra-25photo fco-fra-26

My gate, D7, was still boarding the previous flight

photo fco-fra-27

Unfortunately this pier lacks of good spotting points
However there are some windows on the upper level
Ryanair Boeing 737 taxiing

photo fco-fra-28

Many birds waiting for take off on RWY25
Emirates Boeing 777, Vueling A320, China Airlines A350, Finnair A320

photo fco-fra-29

Getting downstairs I noticed that my gate was changed from D7 to D9
Fortunately they were next to each other

photo fco-fra-30

Boarding was scheduled at 12:50
Actually it started around 15 minutes later

photo fco-fra-31


photo fco-fra-32photo fco-fra-32a

Going down towards the plane

photo fco-fra-33photo fco-fra-34

A bit of spotting from the jetway
Aeroflot A320 and American Airlines A330

photo fco-fra-35

My plane for today:
Lufthansa Airbus A321neo, D-AIEB, delivered in June '19 (0.4 years old)
The plane is equipped with 215 seats (the first rows can be used as business class)

This would be the first time for me on a A321neo

photo fco-fra-36

Corporate door shot

Willkommen an Bord

photo fco-fra-37

Fuselage shot
I like new LH livery, simple but bery effective

photo fco-fra-38

I gave the Flight report form to the Purser and made my wayto my seat, 7A
Rows 1-4 were dedicated to Business Class

photo fco-fra-39

Changing my seats from 20A to 7A had been a very good idea
My new seat was in an extra legroom row
No need to say that legroom was very good
Moreover the middle seat was empty. I put my bag there and spent a very comfortable fly

photo fco-fra-40

The view from my seat with Hainan Airlines A330 taxiing in the background and SmartWings Boeing 737

photo fco-fra-41

Ryanair Boeing 737 parked next to us

photo fco-fra-42

SmartWings Boeing 737

photo fco-fra-43

Around 13:20 doors were closed…

photo fco-fra-44

…and the loading bridge was retired immediately after

photo fco-fra-45

Pushback started five minutes later

photo fco-fra-46

Delta Airlines A330 and Alitalia Boeing 777 parked at Pier E

photo fco-fra-47

Air Transat A330 taxiing to the runway
I really like their livery

photo fco-fra-48photo fco-fra-49

Former AirBerlin A320 and British Airways A319

photo fco-fra-50

This A320, D-ABZI, used to belong to Air Berlin
Now it's owned by Eurowings

So sad to see this livery

photo fco-fra-51

British Airways A319

photo fco-fra-52

KLM Boeing 737 taking off

photo fco-fra-53

Alitalia CityLiner Embraer E175 departing

photo fco-fra-54

Alitalia A319

photo fco-fra-55

Air Transat A330 lining up for takeoff

photo fco-fra-56photo fco-fra-57

Reaching our holding position
We would depart from RWY25, usually used for T/Os at FCO

photo fco-fra-58

Qatar Airways A330 landing on RWY16R

photo fco-fra-59photo fco-fra-60

Alitalia A321 taking off before us

photo fco-fra-61

Entering RWY25 for departure

photo fco-fra-62photo fco-fra-63

Air China A330 queueing behind us

photo fco-fra-64

HOP Bombardier CRJ700

photo fco-fra-65

At 13:40 we start our takeoff run

photo fco-fra-66photo fco-fra-67


photo fco-fra-68

Terminal 3 and Pier E

photo fco-fra-69

Pier E and Satellite Terminal
They both hosts international departures

photo fco-fra-70

Satellite Terminal and Runway 16R/34L, genereally used for heavies' landings

photo fco-fra-71photo fco-fra-72

Fiumicino town and Tiber River's mouth

photo fco-fra-73

Banking and climbing over Roman coastline

photo fco-fra-74photo fco-fra-75

The first thing that impressed me about A321neo was its incredibily silent engines
Maybe because I was in the first rows, but the general impression was like being on a high speed train instead of a plane

photo fco-fra-76

Clouds while flying over Italian land

photo fco-fra-77photo fco-fra-78

Monte Argentario and Giannutri Island
Hidden by the clouds is Giglio Island, where Costa Concordia cruise ship sunk in 2012

photo fco-fra-79

20 minutes into the flight lunch was served
There were two choices of sandwiches: chicken or cheese
I went for chicken along with a glass of coke
The sandwich was quite tasty

photo fco-fra-80

Food service was overall good
The cabin crew passed with the drink cart asking for a second glass

Mainland Italy scrolling below us

photo fco-fra-82photo fco-fra-83photo fco-fra-84

Alitalia's plane going somewhere…

photo fco-fra-85

Flying over Po Valley (Pianura Padana in Italian)
Modena city…

photo fco-fra-86

…and Verona

photo fco-fra-87photo fco-fra-88

Lake Garda, the largest in Italy, visible in the distance

photo fco-fra-89

Crossing the Alps, completely covered by clouds

photo fco-fra-90photo fco-fra-91

After the lunch I made a little nap
I woke up while the plane was starting its descent

While descending the cabin crew comunicated all the connecting passengers' gate
My flight to Oslo would have departed from gate A15, as reported on the BP printed at FCO

photo fco-fra-93photo fco-fra-92

German countryside while starting approach at FRA
A windfarm was visible in the distance

photo fco-fra-94photo fco-fra-95

Last banking before lining up with the runway
We would approach FRA from East

photo fco-fra-96

Kraftwerk Staudinger Power Plant

photo fco-fra-99photo fco-fra-98

Last minutes on air

photo fco-fra-100

Autobahn 3 and 661 intersection

photo fco-fra-101

Frankfurt suburbs

photo fco-fra-102

Autobahn 5 passing close to airport boundaries

photo fco-fra-103

We would land on RWY25C

photo fco-fra-104photo fco-fra-105

Terminal 3 building site

photo fco-fra-106

At 15:09 we touched down at Flughafen Frankfurt am Main
Despite the landing was smooth, the brake was on the the shortesT (and roughest) I've ever experienced

photo fco-fra-107

Korean Air Cargo in the distance

photo fco-fra-108

Vacating RWY25C

photo fco-fra-109photo fco-fra-110

Arrival at FRA

Time to spot many German and international birds

photo fco-fra-111

Condor Boeing 757s in both old and new livery

photo fco-fra-112photo fco-fra-113

Lufthansa A321 in new livery

photo fco-fra-114

LH Technik hangars and ATC
Really like both designs

photo fco-fra-115

Pier A-Plus, opened in 2012, capable of handling A380s

photo fco-fra-116

No doubts about the place

photo fco-fra-117

Lufthansa Regional Embraer E190 and Lufthansa Boeing 747s

photo fco-fra-118

Her Majesty the Queen of Skies…Boeing 747-8i

photo fco-fra-119

Lufthansa A320 (?) landing on RWY25R
In most of the airports it's usual for planes to approach from very far
While here it's quite strange to see them coming from over the Terminal's area

photo fco-fra-120

Our arrival gate would have been A28, in the oldest part of Terminal 1A

photo fco-fra-121

United Airlines Boeing 777 and Lufthansa A321 parked at Pier A

photo fco-fra-122

Our "neighbor" was a Lufthansa A320

photo fco-fra-123photo fco-fra-124

At 15:16, 15 minutes after touchdown, we docked at gate A28

photo fco-fra-125photo fco-fra-126

Desembarking I asked the Flight Report form to the Purser
She gave me and let me say "thank you" to the Captain and F/O

photo fco-fra-127

Last view of my plane from the jetway
Bye Bye D-AIEB

photo fco-fra-128photo fco-fra-129

Definitely the best welcome in Frankfurt: Thai Airways A380 taxiing next to the pier
It's really impressive to see it so close from the terminal's windows

photo fco-fra-130photo fco-fra-131

The online printed boarding pass reported A69 as departure gate for FRA-OSL flight (located at the fair end of Pier A-Plus, 1.3 km from my arrival gate)
On the plane the connecting passengers' gates were announced and mine had become A15
When I exit the plane I discovered it was changed in A20, located just 300m from here

Stay tuned for the next leg to Oslo!

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Cabin crew9.0

Rome - FCO


Frankfurt - FRA



I found the entire LH experience very pleasant
The cabin was really comfortable, the cabin crew very meticolous and the meal good for an European flight
I'm very impressed by the A321neo, especially by the almost noise-less engines



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