Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Oslo in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH858
Class Economy
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:42
Take-off 02 Oct 19, 17:00
Arrival at 02 Oct 19, 18:42
LH   #53 out of 136 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 1090 reviews
Published on 16th October 2019


Hello FlightReporters
Apart from flying I also like music and I'm a big of Ariana Grande
Unfortunately her Sweetener World Tour didn't have any date in Italy
Last January I start to search for tickets in other parts of Europe
According to my university exams' plan, I found the best option: 3rd October in Oslo, Norway

Around June I started to search for an accomodation and for the flight
Apparently the best price was a direct flight with Norwegian, but the return was too early in the morning the day after the concert
Since I didn't want to rush for the flight and I wished to visit the city I chose a solution with Lufthansa, stopping over in Frankfurt
LH costed around 200€ (Norwegian was 180€)

I've already flew with LH in 2013, on FCO-DUS-LHR-MUC-FCO route
Moreover in the same year I made a stopover in Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2 going to NYC
This time will be my first inside Lufthansa's reign, Terminal 1

photo fra-osl-1


After arriving from Rome it's time to me to take my flight to Oslo
My flight was desembark at gate A28, in the oldest pier of Terminal 1A
It was around 15:20

photo fra-osl-2

Boarding was scheduled at gate A20 at 15:35

photo fra-osl-3

The pier has large windows where it was possible for me to make some plane-spotting
Lufthansa A320neo

photo fra-osl-4

Lufthansa A321 in old livery

photo fra-osl-5

Having just fifteen minutes before boarding I made my way to gate A20
It was around 300 metres far

photo fra-osl-6photo fra-osl-7

Terminal 1A apron, with Pier A-Plus on the background

photo fra-osl-8

No doubts about who rules here

photo fra-osl-9

Heading to the gate I spot some other interesting birds
Lufthansa A321

photo fra-osl-10

Lufthansa 747-8
I really like these holdrooms which are quite close to the aircraft nose

photo fra-osl-11photo fra-osl-12

Egyptair Boeing 787 Dream)Liner parked at Terminal 1B

photo fra-osl-13

A lot of flights departing at FRA

photo fra-osl-14photo fra-osl-15

I arrived at the gate in less than 10 minutes
Even if the boarding time was close there was no one queuing

photo fra-osl-16photo fra-osl-17

Time for other spotting
United Airlines Boeing 777

photo fra-osl-18

Pier A-Plus
Lufthansa Boeing 747-8, A320 and A380, and SunExpress Boeing 737

photo fra-osl-19

Meanwhile a wonderful United Airlines Boeing 777 in Star Alliance livery docked at the gate next to mine
Unfortunately I wasn't able to take it entirely

photo fra-osl-20photo fra-osl-21photo fra-osl-22

Boarding started 15 minutes after scheduled

photo fra-osl-23

The whole process was like a funny movie
Only one automated gate was opened and moreover it didn't work properly
This meant that almost half of the passengers tried twice before being called at the manned gate
Everyone queuing started to laugh and joke about this

photo fra-osl-24

We would board our plane by bus
This mean only one thing…plane spotting!

photo fra-osl-25


It was around 15:55 when I get on the apron bus
United Airlines Boeing 777 in Star Alliance livery

photo fra-osl-26photo fra-osl-27

Lufthansa A320 in old livery

photo fra-osl-28

Lufthansa A320s line up

photo fra-osl-29

Star Alliance dominated's apron

photo fra-osl-30

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i

photo fra-osl-31

Lufthansa A320 and A380, SunExpress Boeing 737 and Swiss Air Lines A220 landing on runway 25R

photo fra-osl-32photo fra-osl-33

This hangar looks really impressive from below

photo fra-osl-34

Lufthansa A330

photo fra-osl-35

Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777F

photo fra-osl-37

Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777F and MD11F

photo fra-osl-38photo fra-osl-39

Lufthansa Cargo MD11F in Cargo Human Care livery
MD11 is one of my favourite plane ever, such a pity it's not flying anymore with passengers

photo fra-osl-40

Lufthansa A321 and Air Dolomiti Embraer E195 (one in Star Alliance livery)

photo fra-osl-41

Another milestone of aviation
DHL Aviation A300
This is the first time I see this plane operating (the other one was at Aeroscopia Museum in Toulouse)

photo fra-osl-42photo fra-osl-43

Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i

photo fra-osl-44photo fra-osl-45

Lufthansa Cargo MD11F
Cannot stop to admire this wonderful plane

After 15 minutes of bus ride, at 16:10, we reached our plane
It was parked at the most western apron of the airport
Lufthansa A320-200, D-AIUG, delivered in July '14 (5.2 years)
It is equipped with 168 seats

photo fra-osl-50photo fra-osl-51

South African Airways A340-600 parked in the distance

photo fra-osl-52

For unknown reasons the bus door didn't open
Maybe we would have gone to Oslo by bus instead of plane

photo fra-osl-53

Finally after 10 minutes waiting next to the aircraft the doors opened

photo fra-osl-54

Fuselage shot
Old livery this time

photo fra-osl-55

I gave the Flight Report form to the Purser and took my seat 6A
Also this time I was in the extra legroom row
Lufthansa Embraer E190 parked next to us…

photo fra-osl-56

…which left minutes after

photo fra-osl-57

Despite departure was scheduled at 16:05 we left our parking area at 16:45
It happened 50 minutes after scanning my BP at the gate
Air Dolomiti Embraer E195

photo fra-osl-58

Taxiing to the runway
Lufthansa Cargo MD11F in old…

photo fra-osl-59

…and new livery

photo fra-osl-60

DHL Aviation A300

photo fra-osl-61

Turkish Airlines, Condor and Lufthansa birds at remote stands

photo fra-osl-62

Regional LH planes line up

photo fra-osl-63

Turkish Airlines A330

photo fra-osl-64

British Airways Embraer landing on 25R

photo fra-osl-65


photo fra-osl-66

Actually I'm leaving, but thank you as well

photo fra-osl-67

Another favourite plane of mine
Condor Boeing 767

photo fra-osl-68photo fra-osl-69

Lufthansa A320 and Austrian Airlines Embraer

photo fra-osl-70

Condor Boeing 767 in old livery

photo fra-osl-71

Lufthansa Retro Livery A321

photo fra-osl-72

Aegean Airlines A321

photo fra-osl-73

Terminal 1 with many LH tails

photo fra-osl-74

Austrian Airlines Embraer E195

photo fra-osl-75

Condor Boeing 757 landing on 25R

photo fra-osl-76

Asiana Airlines A380

photo fra-osl-77

Air Canada Boeing 777

photo fra-osl-78

Qatar Airways A380

photo fra-osl-79

TAM Boeing 777

photo fra-osl-80

Etihad Airways Boeing 787 Dream)Liner

photo fra-osl-81

Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dream)Liner

photo fra-osl-82

All Nippon Airways Boeing 777

photo fra-osl-83

Terminal 2, which hosts non-LH partners

photo fra-osl-84

Waiting for T/O next to a Lufthansa Regional CRJ900

photo fra-osl-85


photo fra-osl-86photo fra-osl-87

Entering RWY25C almost one hour after scheduled departure

photo fra-osl-88

Condor Boeing 767s (one in Retro Livery) and Ethiopian Airlines A350

Waiting patiently for departure

photo fra-osl-93

Lufthansa A320 landing on 25L

photo fra-osl-94

At 17:00 we start our take off run

photo fra-osl-95photo fra-osl-96

Bye bye Frankfurt

photo fra-osl-97photo fra-osl-98photo fra-osl-99

Crossing RWY18

photo fra-osl-101photo fra-osl-102

Banking towards South

photo fra-osl-103

Frankfurt Airport in the distance

photo fra-osl-104

Climbing towards North

photo fra-osl-105photo fra-osl-106photo fra-osl-107

Less than 20 minutes into the flight a light snack was served
It was made of a good rice chocolate bar and a drink

photo fra-osl-108

After the snack I decided to rest a bit

Beautiful sunset while approaching Norway's airspace

photo fra-osl-110photo fra-osl-111

Around 18:20 landing was announced
Cabin crew continued to apologize for the late departure

photo fra-osl-112photo fra-osl-113

First glimpse of Norway land
Definitely a total different landscape from Italy or Germany

photo fra-osl-114photo fra-osl-115

Banking over the fjords

photo fra-osl-116photo fra-osl-117

Never seen such a wonderful sunset from a plane

photo fra-osl-118

Last moments on air

photo fra-osl-119photo fra-osl-120

We would land on RWY01R
Approaching from south

photo fra-osl-121photo fra-osl-122

At 18:42, 42 minutes after scheduled, we touched down at Oslo Airport - Gardermoen

photo fra-osl-123

The Terminal is very close to the runway

photo fra-osl-124


Norwegian Boeing 737 and Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777

photo fra-osl-125

Vacating the runway

photo fra-osl-126

The very modern terminal with Norwegian Boeing 737 parked

photo fra-osl-127photo fra-osl-128

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777 and Air Baltic Boeing 737

photo fra-osl-129

Air Baltic Boeing 737, SAS A321 and Lufthansa A320
The latter was bound to Munich

photo fra-osl-130

Parking at gate D3, next to our twin

photo fra-osl-131photo fra-osl-132

The very short loading bridge was connected immediately after

photo fra-osl-133

Desembarking the Purser handed me the flight report form
It lacked of a bit of infos

photo fra-osl-134

Bye bye D-AIUG

photo fra-osl-135

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777 in the distance

photo fra-osl-136

We had arrived at the new pier, opened in 2017
It hosts domestic (Gate C) and international (Gate D) flights, with the boarding lounges located on two separate levels

photo fra-osl-137

Last snap of my plane's nose

photo fra-osl-138

The Terminal building was very nice and pleasant
Being an architecture student made me appreciate its design by Nordic Office of Architecture studio

photo fra-osl-139photo fra-osl-140

Going downstairs to the baggage reclaim hall

photo fra-osl-141photo fra-osl-142

Velkommen til Norge
Velkommen til Oslo

photo fra-osl-143

For the first time I saw a duty free shop on the way to the baggage reclaim
As I read later it's forbidden in most European airports
However Norway applies some different customs laws

photo fra-osl-144

The baggage reclaim hall
Having only my hand luggage I proceeded straight to the exit

photo fra-osl-145

Meeters and greeters hall
I really like the mixture of concrete, glass and wood
Very Nordic style

photo fra-osl-146photo fra-osl-147

Having my hotel close to Nationaltheatret Station I opted for the Flytoget train
It takes 22 minutes and costs 98NOK (around 10 euros) with the student discount
The station is located underneath the terminal

photo fra-osl-148

The high speed train took around 20 minutes to bring me to the city center
My hotel was about 5 minutes walking from the station

I took my room, went out for dinner and made a short walk around the Karl Johans Gate
Ready to enjoy the city and the concert I went to bed

Stay tuned for the return flight to Rome

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Cabin crew7.0

Frankfurt - FRA


Oslo - OSL



Frankfurt is a really big and busy airport. This is maybe why we left with an almost hour delay (no explains were given onboard)

In general LH was fine also on this flight. The cabin crew was very careful about passengers needs and requests

Oslo Airport is a very good airport: well designed, efficent, clean and perfectly connected to the city

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The airline with the best average rating is Lufthansa with 7.4/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 52 minutes.

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    emyrrs SILVER 90 Comments

    Nice report Carlo!

    Meanwhile a wonderful United Airlines Boeing 777 in Star Alliance livery docked at the gate next to mine

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to take it entirely
    WoW that was quite interesting, the plane was really near to the terminal building...

    ahhhh so that's the Report Form you handed out to the crew

    Desembarking the Purser handed me the flight report form

    It lacked of a bit of infos
    I doubt that crew in Indonesian airline want to fill that out for passengers :D

    thanks for sharing it with us! Keep writing and sharing!

    • Comment 526834 by
      Carlotherocks AUTHOR 47 Comments

      Thank you very much for your appreciation! You're very kind, hope I'll have more and more occasions to report flights

      Talking about the flight report form it depends, sometimes crew are very kind and also offers to visit cockpit after landing
      Moreover they also made me special gifts like weather charts or other stuff like this
      Stay tuned for OSL-FRA report and you'll see what they gave to me this time

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