Review of Lufthansa flight Oslo Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH867
Class Economy
Seat 9A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:38
Take-off 04 Oct 19, 19:13
Arrival at 04 Oct 19, 20:51
LH   #54 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 1130 reviews
Published on 18th October 2019


Hello FlightReporters
Apart from flying I also like music and I'm a big of Ariana Grande
Unfortunately her Sweetener World Tour didn't have any date in Italy
Last January I start to search for tickets in other parts of Europe
According to my university exams' plan, I found the best option: 3rd October in Oslo, Norway

Around June I started to search for an accomodation and for the flight
Apparently the best price was a direct flight with Norwegian, but the return was too early in the morning the day after the concert
Since I didn't want to rush for the flight and I wished to visit the city I chose a solution with Lufthansa, stopping over in Frankfurt
LH costed around 200€ (Norwegian was 180€)

I've already flew with LH in 2013, on FCO-DUS-LHR-MUC-FCO route
Moreover in the same year I made a stopover in Frankfurt Airport Terminal 2 going to NYC
This time will be my first inside Lufthansa's reign, Terminal 1

photo osl-fra-1

before the flight

Online check-in for Lufthansa is available only 23hours before the flight
Since the day before the flight I was at the concert I asked my father to print the BPs for me
This was made in order to get seats in the first rows
I got 9A and 8A on OSL-FRA and FRA-FCO respectively


The three-day vacation in Oslo was great
Ariana Grande's concert was a wonderful experience, her voice is impressive listened live
Oslo is a really nice city, with a cozy city center. It can be visited in one day just walking
Moreover I visit Holmenkollen Ski Jump, 9 kilometres from the city, with a stunning view of Oslo and the fjords

But it's time to come back home
With the flight to FRA scheduled at 18:45 I decide to leave my hotel around 16
It was located just 5 minutes walking from Nationaltheatret Station, the second busiest in Oslo
From there the Flytoget train takes 22 minutes to reache the airport

photo osl-fra-2photo osl-fra-3

The train costs 98NOK (around 10 euros) with the Student discount

photo osl-fra-4

The station is located entirely underground
Flytoget service is scheduled every 15 minutes

photo osl-fra-5

The train arrived precisely at 16:04

photo osl-fra-6

The high speed train is very comfortable inside
It's equipped with baggages racks and electric plugs at every seat

At 16:30 we arrived at Oslo Airport - Gardermoen

photo osl-fra-7


Oslo Airport Station is located straight under the terminal building

photo osl-fra-8

The stairs from the platforms leads to the arrivals hall

photo osl-fra-9photo osl-fra-10

Going upstairs to the bright departure hall
I really like Oslo Airport's design
Wood is something unusual to see in big airport terminals

photo osl-fra-12photo osl-fra-11

Checking the FIDS in order to print my BPs
Row 6 for my flight

photo osl-fra-13photo osl-fra-14

Close to LH check-in I found an automated machine to print BPs
The system was very easy to use and in 5 minutes I print my boarding passes

photo osl-fra-15

Not only I was able to check-in, but I also registered my Miles&More account

photo osl-fra-16

The unique Terminal handles all the flights here at OSL
Gates A-B-C for domestic flights and D-E-F for internationals

photo osl-fra-18

Having nothing to do landside I proceeded straight to the security checkpoint

photo osl-fra-17

Even if 10 minutes waiting time was reported, more lanes were opened
I complete the entire procedure in 6/7 minutes
It was around 16:45, while boarding was scheduled at 18:15

photo osl-fra-19

Having one hour and half before boarding, I decide to make a tour of the airport
I'm studying architecture and my aim is to work on big airport terminals
For this reason every time I fly I try to understand airports' layout
Since this airport is quite new it would have been quite interesting to understand how it works

photo osl-fra-20

Gate D9 for my flight, located in the newest part of the terminal

photo osl-fra-21

A bit of spotting:
SAS Boeing 737

photo osl-fra-22

KLM, SAS and Norwegian Boeing 737s
DY dedicated to Gidsken Jakobsen, a Norwegian flight pioneer

photo osl-fra-23

The main departure lounge of the Terminal
A sort of custom control is made to access gates D-E-F (International)
There's no way to come back after getting through it
Domestic C gates are located upstairs, above D gates

photo osl-fra-24photo osl-fra-25

The large duty free area seen from gate C

photo osl-fra-26photo osl-fra-27

This part of the airport, opened in 2017, still smells new

photo osl-fra-28

SAS Boeing 737s line up

photo osl-fra-29

Norwegian Boeing 737s

photo osl-fra-30

British Airways A320 and Norwegian Boeing 787 Dream)Liner visible in the distance

photo osl-fra-31

C gates, which handles domestic flights only

photo osl-fra-32photo osl-fra-33

Since the time before boarding was still long I went to D-E-F gates
Passing through the customs border

photo osl-fra-34

Accessing the large duty free area

photo osl-fra-35

The airport has many good shops

photo osl-fra-36photo osl-fra-37

Brussels Airlines A319 and SAS Boeing 737s parked at the new pier

photo osl-fra-38

Having "completed" the tour I decided to go to my gate, D9, and wait there

photo osl-fra-39

Passing through the huge duty free area

photo osl-fra-40

Gate D area
Its design is really interesting in my opinion

photo osl-fra-41photo osl-fra-42

SAS Boeing 737 and Norwegian Boeing 787 Dream)Liner

photo osl-fra-43

The tail is dedicated to Victor Borge, Danish pianist and comedian

photo osl-fra-44photo osl-fra-45

Gate D9 is located at the end of the pier

photo osl-fra-46

Norwegian Boeing 737

photo osl-fra-47

Victor Borge taxiing

photo osl-fra-48photo osl-fra-49photo osl-fra-50

Like father and son

photo osl-fra-51

Boarding for the previous flight (Copenhagen) was still ongoing while I reached the gate

photo osl-fra-52

Gate D area seen from the end

photo osl-fra-53

Thomas Cook Airlines A330
So sad to see this airline, which closed its operations 10 days before
Farewell Thomas Cook!

photo osl-fra-54

I took a seat close to the gate
While I was reading my book an airport agent approached me
She was holding a tablet and asked me if I could make a survey about the airport
I replied yes and answered some questions about my flight, the reasons of my travel and some personal data for statistics
It took around 5 minutes

Meanwhile boarding time arrived, but nothing happened
Due to the late arrival of inbound flight, boarding started around 18:40
It was scheduled for 18:15

photo osl-fra-55

As in Frankfurt the automated gate made some issues to many passengers
Maybe the old manner is better sometimes

Going down the jetway, feeling last smells of Norway

photo osl-fra-56

the flight

photo osl-fra-57photo osl-fra-57a

Our bird for this evening's flight:
Lufthansa Airbus A320-200, D-AIWH, delivered in August 2019 (0.2 years old)
It is equipped with winglets and 180 seats

The old livery A320 at the near gate was bound to MUC

photo osl-fra-58photo osl-fra-59

Queuing inside the very small loading bridge

photo osl-fra-60

New livery also this time

photo osl-fra-61

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777 in the distance

photo osl-fra-62

Mandatory fuselage shot

photo osl-fra-63

After boarding I gave the flight report form to the purser and took my seat, 9A
Differently from the FCO-FRA-OSL flights the seat next to me was occupied

photo osl-fra-64

SAS Boeing 737 parked next to us

photo osl-fra-65

Despite the late start of boarding, doors were closed quite on time
We pushed back around 19

photo osl-fra-66

TAP and SAS A320s and Norwegian Boeing 737

photo osl-fra-67

Taxiing to RWY01R

photo osl-fra-68photo osl-fra-69

Lufthansa A320 to Munich and Norwegian Boeing 737 waiting for their turn to go

photo osl-fra-71

Lufthansa A320 would depart before us

photo osl-fra-72

Norwegian Boeing 737 departing…

photo osl-fra-73

…and our twin immediately after

photo osl-fra-74

Time to go

photo osl-fra-75photo osl-fra-76

Meanwhile sun was setting

photo osl-fra-77

Around 19:13 we were cleared for take off

photo osl-fra-78photo osl-fra-79


photo osl-fra-80photo osl-fra-81

Bye bye Oslo

photo osl-fra-82photo osl-fra-83

Climbing we passed through the clouds

photo osl-fra-84photo osl-fra-85

On the other side of the plane sunset was something spectacular
The pic doesn't give the idea, but the sky passed from pink to vivid orange

photo osl-fra-86

Next time I fly from OSL I'm not gonna choose A side ahaha

photo osl-fra-87

20 minutes into the flight a light snack was served
It was made of a cranberry and cereal bar and a drink
The bar was a bit too sweet IMO

photo osl-fra-88

I was very tired for the concert the day before and I felt asleep
I slept for around one hour
German land was scrolling below us when I woke up

photo osl-fra-89photo osl-fra-90

It was almost impossible to spot any landmark

photo osl-fra-91photo osl-fra-92photo osl-fra-93

Frankfurt suburs below us

photo osl-fra-94photo osl-fra-95

Finally I realized we were landing on runway 25R
The approach over the airport terminals was something spectacular
Terminal 2

photo osl-fra-96

Terminal 1

photo osl-fra-97

Pier A-Plus

photo osl-fra-98

Lufthansa Technik Hangars

photo osl-fra-99

One minute after scheduled, at 20:51, we touched down at Flughafen Frankfurt am Main

photo osl-fra-100

Vacating RWY25R

photo osl-fra-101


Lufthansa A320s parked in front of LH Technik Hangars

photo osl-fra-102

According to LH App we would desembark at Terminal 1A
Lufthansa A320 and Boeing 747-8i

photo osl-fra-103

Parking next to the Queen of Skies

photo osl-fra-104photo osl-fra-105

We blocked at 21:01
Boarding time for my flight to FCO was scheduled at 21:20
Fortunately the gate seemed to be close

photo osl-fra-106

Desembarking the Purser handed me the flight report form
Once inside the Terminal I found inside the folded paper a surprise: two ACARS messages
The report itself was very well filled

I really appreciate the kindness of pilots in these cases
Happy Landings to you too!

photo osl-fra-107photo osl-fra-108

Last view of my plane
Bye Bye D-AIWH

photo osl-fra-109

We arrived at gate A21
Having just 20 minutes before boarding to FCO I headed straight to the gate
Fortunately it was A16, which is quite close to the one we arrived

Stay tuned for the last report of this trip!

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Cabin crew9.0

Oslo - OSL


Frankfurt - FRA



I really enjoyed Oslo Airport efficency
The long waiting time was very pleasant

LH service was good as other flights, despite the bit of delay, fortunately regained in flight



  • Comment 526951 by
    KL651 TEAM 4471 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    The snacks seems pretty small for a longer flight, it's the same they offer on German domestic flights.
    Nice spotting at Oslo, the terminal looks really nice.

    • Comment 526964 by
      Carlotherocks AUTHOR 47 Comments

      You're welcome
      Maybe LH makes different services on certain routes, no matter what time the flight is
      On FCOFRA and FRAFCO there was a choice of two sandwiches, while on FRAOSL and OSLFRA just a snack bar
      The Terminal Building is really good, modern and very efficent. Moreover it's full of good spotting opportunities

  • Comment 526983 by
    Manbou 34 Comments

    Thanks for the third part of your nice report. You're lucky to always get the new planes - I always get old ones when flying in Europe ;) (even though I know that old doesn't have to mean bad). I would have liked a photo of the cabin or a comment about how you found it; but it's a well-known product and you already covered it twice now, so I guess it's kind of unnecessary. And now to the fourth part...

    • Comment 527037 by
      Carlotherocks AUTHOR 47 Comments

      You're welcome dear!
      When I'm covering multiple routes with the same type of plane I try not to "overload" the report
      Since the cabin was exactly the same of other A320s I didn't find necessary to take pics
      It was just very clean ahaha

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