Review of Serene Air flight Karachi Islamabad in Economy

Airline Serene Air
Flight ER502
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 12 Aug 18, 13:30
Arrival at 12 Aug 18, 15:30
ER 3 reviews
Published on 20th October 2019

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Hello everyone and welcome to another flight report. Firstly if you are interested in a video version of this trip it is available on my Youtube channel, the link is attached above. Anyways this is of another flight from last year onboard a Serene Air Boeing 737-800 from Karachi to Islamabad. Before  i start let me give you a a short background as to what Serene Air really is . Serene Air are one of the 3 airlines operating in Pakistan with a small fleet of Boeing 737-800s. At the moment they only operate domestic flights around the country but they they do plan to start international flights in the years to come. Anyways i made my way to the airport around 2 hours before departure. Couldnt film much at the check in so got my boarding pass and made my way to the gate.

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A Saudi Boeing 777-300ER at the International terminal pushing back for a flight to Jeddah.

photo img-3636

Here is the aircraft that will be flying me out to Islamabad. A 2008 built Boeing 737-800 with the registration of AP-BND.

photo img-3637

After some time in the departure lounge it was time to board the Boeing 737.

photo img-3638photo img-5107

The seats were pretty  comfortable for this 2 hour flight with some good legroom. Sadly no IFE system but i guess the views from the window will make up for it.

photo img-3643

The view from Seat just behind the emergency exits.

photo img-3644-26127

The seat pocket contents only consisted of this safety card , would be nice if they add an inflight magazine in the future.

photo img-3648-76799

Shortly after all the passengers boarded the aircraft, the cabin crew distributed these sweets which i thought was a really good gesture.

photo img-3674

The cabin on this Boeing 737-800 sadly didnt look modern as the aircraft wasnt that new and it didnt have the new Boeing sky interior.

photo img-3654

We pushed back from our gate on time and  i managed to get a quick picture of this  Qatar Cargo Airbus A330-200F getting loading up for its flight to Doha.

photo img-3660

A quick taxi to Runway 25L , the runway most frequently used at Jinnah International Airport.

photo img-3661

And we then blast out of Karachi on our way to Islamabad.

For those interested, here is the whole take off from Karachi.

photo img-3662photo img-3667

A little cloud surfing while we climb to out cruising altitude of 32000 feet.

photo img-3680

After sometime we made it to our cruising altitude

photo img-3688

Shortly after we reached cruising altitude, the cabin crew commenced the lunch service. For the main meal there was  a chicken gravy  which was accompanied with some  rice along with which there was a cucumber salad , a potato salad and a Swiss roll and got myself a glass of 7up. This was hand down the best meal i have had on a short domestic flight . Everything was perfect ,from quality to quantity couldnt really  find much fault. What are your thoughts on this meal for a 2 hour domestic flight ?

photo img-3700

Some more amazing views as we  continue towards our destination.

photo img-3704

And just like that its was time for us to commence our descent into Islamabad. 

For those interested the approach into Islamabad can be viewed here.

photo img-5129

On finals for Runway  10R

photo img-3706

And touchdown in Islamabad International Airport on time, good job by the pilots with the smooth touchdown.

photo img-3708

Got a good view of the new Islamabad Airport that opened just  year ago.

photo img-3715

We parked next to a PIA ATR42  , bringing us to the end of this flight report.

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So overall this was a fantastic flight onboard Serene Air. The seat although not the most comfortable was bearable for the 2 hours. The cabin crew very cheerful and also eager to help out other passengers and all of them had a bright smile on their faces. The meal was the most surprising for me, i wasnt really expecting so much food for this 2 hour flight. So this is how a domestic flight in Pakistan onboard Serene Air is like, would love to hear what a domestic flight is like in your country.



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