Review of Ryanair flight Bergamo Tel Aviv in Economy

Airline Ryanair
Flight FR2005
Class Economy
Seat 23F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:20
Take-off 18 Sep 19, 12:00
Arrival at 18 Sep 19, 16:20
FR   #9 out of 9 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 312 reviews
By 803
Published on 21st October 2019

Hello and buongiorno!
Here's my flight report about my flight with Ryanair from Bergamo to Tel Aviv - Ben Gurion.

Pre flight experience - BGY airport

I started my day in the car rental parking, in order to return my rental car:

photo 20190918_084243photo 20190918_084300

The returning process was fast, however, I found the car rental parking a little bit busy and small to maneuver.
At least, It wasn't too far from the main terminal building.

By walking of 5 minutes, You'll arrive to the terminal building.

I took some photos during the walking to the terminal:

As I entered to the terminal, I found It busy and a little bit noisy, however, It was OK and I could walk freely in the terminal without any problems.

I took some photos of the check in area, while I waited to the tax free office to be open:

photo 20190918_085608photo 20190918_085613

And as You can see, It looks good, nothing special, but also I couldn't complain about anything.

Then, I went to the change in the airport in order to get the money from the tax free, I also took some photo of the terminal while I waited there:

photo 20190918_090757

Then, I returned to the check in area again, in order the finish the check in process to my flight.
The queue to the check in counters wasn't too long, and after 10 minutes of waiting, I finished the check in process:

photo 20190918_091906

The check in counters are very simillar to those I saw in Vienna airport in 2018, but here there's someone who does the job for You… :)

Shotrly after, I went to the duty free area:

photo 20190918_093653

There are many shops in this airport, I found It surprising, since I had very low expectations from this airport, due to the fact that It serves mostly LCC.

Here's some photos from the duty free shops:

Shotrly after, I went to the toilets near to the duty free:

photo 20190918_094155photo 20190918_094158

And as You can see, It was clean.

Some bicycle model in the airport:

photo 20190918_094534

After I finished with the shopping, I went to the dining area.
Since It was morning and I wasn't too hungry (I ate breakfast in the hotel), I bought coffee and ice cream in Mcdonalds.
The price was Ok for airport, I paid 6 Euro for 2 cups of coffee and ice cream.

Here You'll be able to see the prices and my order:

photo 20190918_100903photo 20190918_100917photo 20190918_101534

The view from the dining area is nice, but It's definitely not brilliant:

photo 20190918_101558

Then I went to the gate area, but on my way I found this aircraft model, which I found strange:

photo 20190918_103608

After this visit, I went to the gate area, where also were the immigration counters.

I found It simillar to TLV airport, near the gate area You'll find smaller duty free shop and some dining options:

photo 20190918_104504photo 20190918_104506

I tried to take photos during the ride on the bus to the aircraft, unfortunately, something with my memory card wasn't OK, and I was able to fix It only during the waiting in the queue to board the aircraft.

Not far from us, Air Arabia A320:

photo 20190918_110419

Flight experience, BGY to TLV

Aircraft information:
Boeing 737-8AS(WL)
In service since April 2012, almost 7.5 years old when I flew on It

Our aircraft during boarding:

The boarding process was slow, I don't know why.

Here's the view from my seat, 23F:

photo dsc05023

And as You can see, the window was very dirty, it was almost impossible to take photos to take good photos from window like this.

While We waited something like 30-40 minutes before pushback (which resulted a little delay in the landing) I took some photos of the cabin:

photo dsc05024photo dsc05025photo dsc05026

The legroom was Ok in my opinion, but I'm not tall at all, I'm 1.64-1.65 meters… So maybe taller people may encounter in the seat in front of them.

The old PSU:

photo dsc05029

Finally, after the delay, We pushed back:

photo dsc05032photo dsc05035

Legroom, again:

photo dsc05044

As usual, I took some photos of aircraft during the taxi procedure:
Some Boeing 737 (maybe 400):

photo dsc05047

British airways A320:

photo dsc05049

Ernest A320:

photo dsc05051

ASL Boeing 737-400F:

photo dsc05053photo dsc05055

Before take off:

photo dsc05058

Take off video (4K available):

Cabin view, shortly after take off, during climbing over Italy:

photo dsc05064

30 Minutes after take off, the crew started the service.
I checked my tray table, It was small and unstable:

photo 20190918_123000

I bought two drinks and chips:

photo 20190918_125534

The chips wasn't tasty and It wasn't crispy enough in my opinion.

One hour and 20 minutes after take off, I went to the rear toilets, but I found them occupied, the flight attendants weren't in the rear galley, so I found the opportunity to take some photos of the rear galley:

Cabin view:

photo dsc05073

The rear toilets:

photo dsc05081photo dsc05083

In my opinion, the toilets were clean for this time of the flight.

2 Hours into the flight, I ordered coffee:

photo 20190918_142346

Altough It looks nice, It was the worst coffee I ever drank in aircraft.

The rest of the flight was OK, nothing special to tell about.

Then It was the time for the descent and approach to TLV airport.
The descent was rapid and uncomfortable.

The Israeli coast:

photo dsc05088

Landing video (4K available):

The landing was really hard, but according to my knowledge, It's usual thing in Ryanair flights.

I also took some photos during our taxi procedure in TLV airport:

Terminal 3, Elal Boeing 737-800 and British Airways Boeing 777-200:

photo dsc05096

Elal Boeing 737-800, 4X-EKP, with the newer color scheme:

photo dsc05103

Shortly after, We arrived to our parking position.
TLV airport ground crew worked very fast, 2 minutes after the aircraft was parked, They started to unload the baggage:

photo 20190918_163211

Last seat view:

photo 20190918_163437

After flight experience - TLV airport, Terminal 3

After deboarding, outside view of our aircraft:

Sun'dor Boeing 737-800, 4X-EKR:

photo 20190918_1635390

I also took many photos during the ride in the bus, from the parking (near to terminal 1) to terminal 3:
Elal Boeing 737-800, 4X-EKI and Boeing 767-300:

photo 20190918_1637510

Terminal 1 buidling:

photo 20190918_163758

Elal Boeing 737-800, 4X-EKU, which used previously by UP and now with newer Elal color scheme:

photo 20190918_163805

You can read my flight report about UP, LY2523 flight here.
Arkia Boeing 757-300, 4X-BAU:

photo 20190918_163834

I also have flight report about this aircraft, flight IZ547: here.

Elal Boeing 747-400, 4X-ELD, which withdrawn from use:

photo 20190918_163837

Boeing 747-400F:

photo 20190918_163845photo 20190918_163852

Arkia Boeing 767-300, I-NDOF, operated by Neos:

photo 20190918_163902

Elal Boeing 747-400, 4X-ELA:

photo 20190918_164157

Elal Boeing 747-400, 4X-ELC, probably the last 747 to be withdrawn from service, in 3rd November 2019:

photo 20190918_1642030photo 20190918_164208

Elal Boeing 737-800, 4X-EKO, still with UP color scheme:

photo 20190918_1642370

Ural airlines A321:

photo 20190918_1644330

Entrance to terminal 3:

photo 20190918_164538

During the way to immigration and baggage claim area:

photo 20190918_164818photo 20190918_1649580

As usual, the immigration process was fast, since I have biometric passport.

The baggage claim area:

photo 20190918_165413

After customs, in terminal 3 inbound flights area:

photo 20190918_170756photo 20190918_170800photo 20190918_1715560

Outside view, during my way to the taxi parking area:

photo 20190918_172114photo 20190918_172120photo 20190918_172141

Thanks for reading! I hope You enjoyed!

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Cabin crew10.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Bergamo - BGY


Tel Aviv - TLV



The flight with Ryanair was cheap and good.
I had very low expectations, but the legroom was good and the cabin was in decent condition, there are 2 bad things I can say about Ryanair cabin - the seats aren't reclining, but I know that It's common in LCC, also the tray table was small and unstable.
For such short flight, It's OK, however, for longer flights, such as Tel Aviv to London, It may be uncomfortable.
The service from the flight attendants was very nice, I can't say nothing bad about them.
The buy on board prices are OK in my opinion.
Will I fly with Ryanair again? If They'll offer good prices, of course, but actually from the LCC, I prefer EasyJet.

The terminal in Bergamo was very nice, easy to navigate, there are many shops, big dining area, fast check in process and immigration process, the terminal building wasn't far from the rental car parking.
The cleanliness can be better, however It was very good.
The distances between the check in area to the duty free and from the duty free to the gate were a bit long, so I reduced the access score.

TLV terminal 3 was very good, as always, this time I can't compalin about the cleanliness this time, since It was very good!



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