Review of easyJet flight London Vienna in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight EZ8995
Class Economy
Seat 22A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:15
Take-off 14 Oct 19, 07:00
Arrival at 14 Oct 19, 10:15
U2   #7 out of 9 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 674 reviews
Danny R
By 392
Published on 29th November 2019



Welcome to this Flight Report.

This FR is my first on EasyJet, but not my first time flying with the airline.
We will be flying on board one off the airlines many A320 aircraft's to Vienna, Austria.  

Nothing exciting happened at Gatwick this time off the morning, passed through security and headed straight to the empty departures area.

photo dscn2849photo dscn2848-36880

Not much to see outside due to it being so early.

Managed to see this TUI Airways B737-800 parked up ready for a busy day ahead.
I have already made a report on a flight with TUI,

Check it out! 

photo dscn2854photo dscn2852

Soon enough it was time to board our flight to Vienna.

This flight is operated on G-EZWP an A320, aged 5.9 years old as off flying date.
Boarded from the rear off the aircraft in cold horrible rain.
Really could have done with the jet bridge! 

photo dscn2857-42442

Boarding was completed in no time, full plane and ready for departure….Or that is what we all hoped for.

Moments after we pushed back from the gate we had to park up onto a empty remote stand.
This was due to poor visibility caused by fog at Vienna airport.
We had to wait for an hour and few minutes, but the captain allowed us to join him and fellow co pilot in the cockpit.

This was fantastic!
I had long discussions with the pilots about all things aviation, the weather conditions at Vienna and watched other aircraft's pass by.

I even got mum in the front seat for a little tour on her birthday!
Thank You to those two pilots, made her day!  

photo dscn2864photo dscn2865-90535

Soon enough it was time for our new time slot out off Gatwick.

We got our priority depature in front off dozens other aircraft's waiting to take off. Hurtled down the runway and up into the thick clouds.

photo dscn2867photo dscn2870

Going through many different layers off cloud and shaking around from turbulence, we broke free and joined the busy airspace.

It's always amazing to see other aircraft zooming past or flying along side us.

photo dscn2872photo dscn2904

Now, lets take a little tour.

This aircraft like most short haul narrow bodies are in a 3-3 seating configuration. 

easyJet operate only Airbus aircraft's with the odd different types leased during busy seasons. So all the aircraft cabins are similar with the basic layouts.  

The cabin is fairly fresh looking with dim lighting and the storage bins are as usual small and cramped.

The over head units are also standard with three lights for reading, two crew assistant call buttons and three air cons.
They remind me off fruit shoot drink lids! 

photo dscn2894photo dscn2895

Lets check out the seating area.

The seats are all economy classed. In front you will find various adverts, standard tray table and a coat hook.

Leg room pitch is very tight but compared to the older aircraft's easyJet own, this was a little better.

photo dscn2873photo dscn2875

The tray table is extremely small compared to my hand.
But it does do the trick with all the food you can order.

Like many low cost airlines the table will be down sized. 

photo dscn2878photo dscn2881

Here is the safety card, the design is used for both A319 and A320 aircraft's.

Do you take the time to look at the safety cards when flying? I sure do.
Also do you or know somebody that collects the cards? drop a comment! I am interested to hear.

photo dscn2879photo dscn2880

Restroom tour now…. not much happening in here.

Apart from its main primary function, it was fairly spacious with good lighting.
It is kept very clean smelt pretty fresh unlike previous past flights I have made.

One thing I personally like was the little soap bottle with the easyJet logo printed on.  

photo dscn2858photo dscn2859

Passing time by looking out the window admiring the wing, I yet to count all the bolts.

Flew over some little villages and town, it was perfect weather conditions to see the ground below. 

photo dscn2899photo dscn2898

Not long after, it was time to descend into Vienna. 

The perfect weather soon changed as we lowered down into the clouds.

flying through thick fog, the captain announced we may have to do a touch and go.
This is when the pilots make a decision to abort the landing if they deem the situation to be unsafe.
The pilot will then increase engine power, pull up and perform another landing.
Luckily for us that wasn't the case.

Out off nowhere the runway appeared! we hit the tarmac hard and slammed on the breaks.

photo dscn2909photo dscn2911

We vacated the runway and taxied to the terminal passing a huge variety off airlines/ aircraft's.

For example we passed the national airline of Austria, Austrian Airlines. this A319 just waiting to take off.

I had a lovely surprise to see the Japanese airline ANA parked up! this Boeing 787-9 from Tokyo is in the special Star Wars R2D2 design.

photo dscn2913photo dscn2934

Whilst waiting for our gate marshal to arrive, more aircraft's passed.

One off my favourites was this Laudamotion Airlines A320.
I aim to fly on this airline in 2020.

Stepped off our plane and into the terminal, shot through passport control and into the train station. 

photo dscn2923photo dscn2927

Unlike other train stations in europe, Vienna airport train station was by the most confusing and stressful experience I endured.

After waiting 2 hours for a train ticket from the help desk we realised no one checked us for tickets. Was there any point in purchasing any?  

photo dscn2937photo dscn2936

That aside me and mum then spent three wonderful days exploring Vienna. 

Here are some photos from the stay. 

photo dscn3236photo dscn3190

I even got the chance to visit the country Slovakia! explored Bratislava the capital city.

Here are some photos from that visit. 

photo dscn3163photo dscn3058

Thank you for reading this report! Hope you all enjoyed it.

Would I recommended the airline to people who yet to fly easyJet?

Easy answer: YES

The airline offers great competitive flights at cheap prices with tons off destinations all over Europe.  

Before the end of 2019 I have two more flights booked.

First flight will again be on easyJet to Dusseldorf. I shall look more into what the airline offers in food and duty free service. 
I will also be flying with British Airways on a A320 in standard economy flying from Cologne. 

Until then,

Keep flying and smiling! :D 

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Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu5.0

London - LGW


Vienna - VIE






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