Review of Singapore Airlines flight Manila Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ921
Class Economy
Seat 52A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 03:35
Take-off 22 Jan 14, 19:00
Arrival at 22 Jan 14, 22:35
SQ   #2 out of 99 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 617 reviews
Published on 24th November 2019

Welcome to this flight report! This mini-series is a throwback to all the flights I have taken in the past 6 years, starting with this flight report from Singapore Airlines' last daily flight from Manila to Singapore. 

I posted some of these flight reports before on my old FR account, but have deleted them since and will re-post them on this one instead.


Currently, Singapore Airlines uses Terminal 3 at Manila due to congestion. However, this flight was taken when the airline was still using the older Terminal 1. 

photo 1507989_10152187400591252_385780990_n

The aircraft operating for the flight. It had just arrived as SQ916 and will now operate as SQ921 back to Singapore. This also means a turnaround flight for the crew as well. 

photo 1536569_10152187400826252_1546903304_n

Boarding took a while to complete as Economy Class boarding was a little disorganized. The announcement for Y class was to board strictly by row numbers, but almost everyone had fallen in line even though their row numbers weren't called yet. Those people were pulled over to the side to allow the designated passengers to board first. 

onboard and inflight

SQ's A330 featured the newest Economy Class seats at the time, with a 10.6" screen at every seat. The cabin was also maintained well despite the aircraft going through a tight turnaround time. Crew's face blurred for privacy reasons.

photo 1555470_10152187401896252_1254412393_n-97742

The No Smoking sign has been replaced with Please turn off Electronic Devices sign. 

photo 1511753_10152187401996252_607295163_n

A Cathay Pacific B777-300 from Hong Kong parked next to us.

photo 1620531_10152187402596252_1698825377_n

The flight took off on-time as there was very little traffic around MNL. Soon after, the cabin service began. The stewardesses began handing out a pack of peanuts to each passenger. 

photo 1620743_10152187402311252_1645354318_n-43303

I explored the IFE and put on Flight Path to track the flight's progress. This IFE doesn't feature touchscreen control like on the retrofitted 77Ws, as well as the 787-10 and A350 (which now operate the Manila route today). There were, however, still a lot of good content to watch and was more than enough for this 3.5 hour flight. 

photo 1620598_10152187405176252_2077358741_nphoto 1546312_10152187405716252_1491563801_n


About an hour after takeoff, the meal service began. 

photo 375728_10152187404151252_852358769_n-82573photo 68375_10152187404331252_66533179_n-39264

Meal choices were Sweet and Sour Fish or Roasted Chicken. I opted for the fish. Meal comes with a salad, bread, a cup of water and a slice of chocolate cake. I got a 7UP for my drink.

photo 1538952_10152187405286252_1079860487_n

Overall, a tasty meal. However, the chocolate cake was a little too sweet for my tooth. 


After the trays were cleared, the crew dimmed the lights for passengers to rest. However, I decided to explore the IFE more and put on Flight Path while listening to music.

photo 994730_10152187405371252_1634189665_nphoto 1554450_10152187404901252_1010248447_n

Later on, my screen suddenly stopped working and I pushed the call button. Not long after, a stewardess to came to my seat.
"Yes, sir? How can I help you?" 
"Hi, my entertainment system froze. Can you please reset it?"
"Sure, absolutely! Sorry for any inconveniences."
She replied with a smile.
Even with the turnaround, the crew were still able to dish out smiles and offer excellent service to the passengers. Just five minutes later, my IFE had been reset.  

photo 1546301_10152187405546252_669428581_nphoto 1004944_10152187405936252_1448724111_n


Soon after, the lights were turned back on as the crew prepared for landing. By this point, the aircraft was nearing Singapore.

photo 1557655_10152187404016252_375533773_n-11197photo 1555330_10152187405831252_106336921_nphoto 996120_10152187405646252_1387743591_n

After landing preparations were completed, the cabin lights were turned off again. The flight landed at 10:25PM.

photo 1528634_10152187406101252_1193366513_nphoto 1532052_10152187406411252_1689035287_nphoto 1620763_10152187406286252_298615705_n

Taxiing to Terminal 2 was not too long and the flight was able to arrive on-time. Parked next to a Silk Air A320.

photo 1544446_10152187406676252_1163683819_nphoto 1551509_10152187406561252_541224720_n

An Etihad 777 preparing for a long haul flight to Abu Dhabi can be seen.

photo 1609600_10152187406501252_470568759_nphoto 1528630_10152187406211252_1115277432_n

Time for an overnight layover in Singapore before continuing onto SQ281 to Auckland.

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Manila - MNL


Singapore - SIN



It was a nice intra-Asia flight onboard SQ. The boarding process at MNL was a bit disorganized but the flight still managed to arrive in Singapore on schedule.
Despite the turnaround flight, the cabin crew were friendly and professional.
Overall, a wonderful flight on Singapore Airlines.

Information on the route Manila (MNL) Singapore (SIN)


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