Review of Singapore Airlines flight Singapore Auckland in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ281
Class Economy
Seat 33K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 09:50
Take-off 23 Jan 14, 08:45
Arrival at 23 Jan 14, 23:35
SQ   #4 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 703 reviews
Published on 24th November 2019


After arriving in Singapore on SQ921 from Manila and spending the night at Changi Airport, it was time to continue my journey onboard another Singapore Airlines flight to Auckland.
My Flight Report username may be called CanadianWings, but I am actually from New Zealand. I have lived there almost my entire life until I moved to Canada in January 2015. 

Anyways, enough about my life and let's get back to the flight report!


At the time, Singapore Airlines had two flights to Auckland. I originally wanted to go on the evening SQ285 flight operated by a B777-300ER, but that flight was full and the only option of getting to AKL as early as possible was to take the last SQ flight out of Manila, overnight in Singapore and take the morning SQ281 flight. However, unlike the evening flight, SQ281 is operated by the B777-200ER with older cabin products. 

The flight's departure time was delayed to almost an hour.

photo 1655712_10152191038896252_1062567930_o_10152191038896252

On the way to the gate, I stopped by to do a bit of plane spotting.

photo 1548091_10152191039616252_1452109857_o_10152191039616252photo 1518647_10152191039986252_1686504618_o_10152191039986252

An SQ A330 pushing back

photo 1658557_10152191039931252_349685887_o_10152191039931252

Here is the Boeing 777-200ER being used for the flight to Auckland. Registration# 9V-SVH. This aircraft is no longer operating for SQ and has flown to the aircraft graveyard in Victorville on May 23rd 2016.

photo 1505348_10152191040491252_392634819_n_10152191040491252


Seated in 33K, which has a great view of the engine.

photo 466354_10152191040361252_459351136_o_10152191040361252

This aircraft features an older Economy Class product with a smaller LCD screen and different colours as opposed to the new seats. However, this seat was more comfortable than the newer Y class ones as it also offers not just an adjustable recline, but an adjustable lumbar support as well.

photo 1492347_10152191045376252_1719244097_o_10152191045376252


The KrisWorld entertainment system was already activated during boarding, but there was no sound coming out of the headsets. At first I thought my headset was broken, until I saw other passengers around me wondering the same thing. The crew shut off the IFE during taxi to the runway, which took over 30 minutes due to congestion at Changi Airport. They reactivated it again when the seatbelt sign was turned off and it worked this time. 

photo 1507268_10152191040471252_452807148_o_10152191040471252

The crew passed out peanuts again before the main meals were served. Choices were Rice Vermicelli or an Egg Omelette.  I went for the latter option. To wake myself up, I got a coffee and orange juice for the drink. 

photo 1534911_10152191042681252_1300173963_o_10152191042681252

It was a decent meal overall, albeit a little light. It's also nice to have airlines have metal cutlery in Economy Class, while other carriers are cost-cutting and replacing them with plastic ones instead. 


After meal service, the lights were dimmed and the crew requested the shades to be lowered for passengers to rest. In the meantime, I explored the IFE to pass the time. The selection wasn't extensive as the newer Economy Class seats offer, but there was still a lot of content to choose from. 

photo 1502904_10152191042716252_1797837954_o_10152191042716252photo 1495381_10152191046226252_683359444_o_10152191046226252photo 1519173_10152191042011252_135723450_o_10152191042011252

I dozed off for several hours before going up to use the lavatory. There was also a mini bar set up in the galley for passengers who want to grab something to snack on. 

photo 1511964_10152191045581252_917758895_o_10152191045581252photo 1502851_10152191043666252_1955638601_o_10152191043666252

Cabin view with the older Economy Class seats.

photo 1601983_10152191048016252_1891382289_o_10152191048016252photo 1524230_10152191046931252_1536830319_o_10152191046931252photo 1523282_10152191044326252_980675845_o_10152191044326252

It was a great day for flying.

photo 1519384_10152191045551252_1778483243_o_10152191045551252photo 1504267_10152191046111252_938462519_o_10152191046111252photo 1556263_10152191046011252_1385122432_o_10152191046011252


The flight was now more than 3/4 of the way finished. It started to get dark outside and the crew turned the lights back on to start the second meal service. 

photo 1518297_10152191047896252_1473979114_o_10152191047896252photo 1602032_10152191048891252_1928547764_o_10152191048891252

Cabin crew doing the meal service. Faces blurred for privacy reasons. 

photo 1537845_10152191049321252_577532639_o_10152191049321252-93404photo 1559380_10152191049961252_1668644805_o_10152191049961252-17660photo 1553347_10152191048741252_1377912702_o_10152191048741252-74813

The crew were efficient during the meal service, with one asking what option they would like and the other handing out the meal trays and drinks. 

photo 1622402_10152191048951252_1365110081_o_10152191048951252-67550-13014

The choices were Fish with lemon sauce or Fried Pork with rice. Being a seafood person, I went for the fish option. However, I wanted to try the pork as well so I asked the crew member if there were any leftovers. She went back to check and came back with a pork dish for me as well. For the drink, I opted for 7UP.

photo 1622362_10152191049246252_516595126_o_10152191049246252photo 1622467_10152191049221252_935505556_o_10152191049221252

After the meal service, the crew came around the cabin handing out ice cream to the passengers. 

photo 1617176_10152191050351252_188589033_o_10152191050351252

Overall, it was a nice meal. 


For the rest of the flight, I kept on exploring the IFE before descending into Auckland. 

photo 1617954_10152191048201252_1111071221_o_10152191048201252photo 1501286_10152191048026252_239596996_o_10152191048026252

It was already evening once we crossed over the Tasman Sea on the way to New Zealand. 

photo 1519835_10152191047046252_1311489059_o_10152191047046252

The cabin lights were turned off and the seatbelt sign was illuminated for landing. 

photo 1523570_10152191045211252_1143848914_o_10152191045211252

It was already past midnight of the next day once the aircraft went into final approach. 

photo 1399229_10152191049776252_2107835705_o_10152191049776252photo 1008685_10152191050216252_1643774976_o_10152191050216252photo 1115925_10152191050966252_1485226388_o_10152191050966252

Landed in AKL at 12:20 in the morning. 

photo 883000_10152191051096252_377420668_o_10152191051096252photo 1669661_10152191050766252_1310957512_o_10152191050766252photo 1614572_10152191050466252_2134352451_o_10152191050466252

Taxi to the terminal didn't take long, and we pulled up at the gate at 12:35AM. 

photo 893689_10152191050806252_1616837920_o_10152191050806252photo 1537546_10152191051311252_1816465713_o_10152191051311252

The crew wished the passengers a wonderful day and it was off to immigration. As I exited the aircraft, I saw the crew of the return SQ282 flight at the gate waiting to board the aircraft for its return journey back to Singapore. 

SQ 747 Cargo and Air NZ B767 at the apron in AKL the next day. 

photo 1047984_10152191051436252_64706948_o_10152191051436252
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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Singapore - SIN


Auckland - AKL



Overall, a nice long haul flight on Singapore Airlines. The crew were nice and attended to passengers' needs promptly.
It's unfortunate that this aircraft is no longer with SQ. but it was nice to have flown on it before it retired.
Will definitely consider Singapore Airlines again to Auckland in the near future, but I would like to see how Air New Zealand is on this route as well sometime.

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  • Comment 532175 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6573 Comments
    Thanks for sharing CanadianWIngs!

    My Flight Report username may be called CanadianWings, but I am actually from New Zealand.

    I can change your username to KiwiWings if you'd like ?
    But seriously, NZ is one of the most beautiful countries in the world IMO, can't wait to go back!

    The meals look good for Economy, but that's normal since this is SQ.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 532236 by
      CanadianWings AUTHOR 31 Comments
      Hi KévinDC, thanks for reading!

      -I think I'll stick to my current username for now ?
      -I agree, New Zealand is one of the nicest places on the planet. Although I also love Canada, NZ will always be home to me.
      -SQ has really good meals in Economy, but I'll give a slight edge to ANA as they generally serve seafood IME, which I am a fan of :)

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