Review of Singapore Airlines flight Auckland Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ286
Class Economy
Seat 79A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 10:30
Take-off 10 Dec 14, 13:30
Arrival at 10 Dec 14, 19:00
SQ   #3 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 711 reviews
Published on 30th November 2019


The 10th of December was the day I left my home country of New Zealand and moved to Canada to start a new life. Instead of heading there the quickest way possible, the routing will have stops in Asia as I decided to tour there a bit before arriving eventually in Calgary. This flight report covers SQ's daily afternoon flight to Singapore. Normally, SQ286 is flown by a B777-300ER, but during the summer months it switches to an A380-800. 


The flight was scheduled to depart at 1:30PM, and so I arrived at the airport a full 3 hours before flight departure in order to check-in. The queue was long and supposedly it was going to be an almost completely full flight as well. 

The aircraft used for the flight to Singapore. Registration# 9V-SKE and as of August 2018, this aircraft is no longer in service with Singapore Airlines. 

photo 10850106_10152918877391252_2404773445795884612_n_10152918877391252

The walk to Gate 15 from the security checkpoint took almost 15 minutes. 

photo 1546406_10152918877446252_6821153026161834865_n_10152918877446252photo 10624770_10152918877526252_4263086453587519534_n_10152918877526252

Boarding was done according to row numbers, and I was seated in 79A located on the upper deck.

Economy Class on the upper deck has a smaller cabin, but is configured in a 2-4-2 configuration as opposed to the 10-abreast on the main deck, making it feel a little roomier.

photo 10849804_10152918883636252_4791904581921124325_n_10152918883636252


Pushback was on time, and the safety video was played but malfunctioned about 3/4 of the way through. The crew did a manual demonstration for the bits that did not show on the video. 

photo 10390477_10152918878161252_8519436134614670538_n_10152918878161252

Inflight connectivity was available onboard, but the prices weren't too appealing.

photo 10616698_10152918879236252_633499001979974413_n_10152918879236252photo 10375033_10152918882451252_8763279742285703964_n_10152918882451252

Passing by a Malaysia Airlines B777-200ER; MH has also retired them and uses A330s on their AKL services now. 

photo 10407957_10152918878241252_5390554585793498562_n_10152918878241252

An Air New Zealand 787-9

photo 10801813_10152918878201252_3586465218992093768_n_10152918878201252photo 1472774_10152918878416252_7527846364669222319_n_10152918878416252

Air NZ 767-300ER

photo 1488185_10152918878311252_2080565657432671246_n_10152918878311252

Takeoff shot with a view that I may not see again for several years.

photo 1533782_10152918879136252_6100966742232584946_n_10152918879136252


After takeoff, the crew began to start the inflight service. A pack of peanuts and beverages were served to everyone. I requested for some chips as well. 

photo 10155662_10152918880751252_4282383071146440678_n_10152918880751252

The stewardess serving drinks. I opted for a 7UP.

photo 10849931_10152918880886252_7122484504131206515_n_10152918880886252-93779photo 10850026_10152918879351252_4797177233608665096_n_10152918879351252-88256photo 10599649_10152918880651252_6201392547378980627_n_10152918880651252-22628

Choices for the meal were sweet and sour fish or chicken and vegetables. Being a seafood person, I opted for the fish with rice. I opted for 7UP again for the drink.

photo 1978805_10152918880956252_8563034695449414287_n_10152918880956252

The meal tasted very good, although I feel like SQ had reduced their main course portions compared to my Singapore to Auckland flight in 2013.


After the meal trays were cleared, I explored the IFE. There were plenty of choices for the 10 hour flight to Singapore.

photo 10801910_10152918879291252_7469169376860344994_n_10152918879291252photo 10372099_10152918880791252_1009977848322859152_n_10152918880791252photo 10253803_10152918886321252_2627319496125052357_n_10152918886321252

For the most part, however, I put on the Flight Path.

The view outside was good; it was a nice day for flying. 

I don't know if it's just me or are the A380 windows a little small?

photo 1509145_10152918886441252_2955596825117300707_n_10152918886441252

I decided to walk around the cabin during the middle of the flight. I went downstairs to the main deck and stayed there for a bit just to stand and stretch my legs.

photo 10404497_10152918884911252_999072293914910572_n_10152918884911252photo 10407448_10152918886531252_7981442315090077178_n_10152918886531252

When I got back to my seat, I explored the IFE some more.

photo 10846276_10152918880701252_65878775449889920_n_10152918880701252photo 10346215_10152918885941252_6490992291593745605_n_10152918885941252photo 10308566_10152918886926252_9147529604899114400_n_10152918886926252


Sometime during the flight, the crew passed out some snacks to the passengers as well as drinks. I got myself a fudge brownie and cookie, as well as apple juice.

photo 1455953_10152918884781252_690452464991008437_n_10152918884781252

The crew making their rounds to see if passengers need anything.

photo 10653630_10152918882566252_6870747224257451755_n_10152918882566252-48632photo 10427673_10152918882501252_2646981574507438532_n_10152918882501252-75646


The lights were turned on about 2 hours before landing, and the crew came by and distributed hot towels to freshen up.

photo 10502088_10152918885866252_8385855919134111934_n_10152918885866252-89508photo 10516827_10152918885826252_6988752047967387972_n_10152918885826252photo 10421623_10152918880846252_2258708820911013761_n_10152918880846252

By the time the crew got to my row, there was only one option left. I got the chicken with potato wedges and opted for another 7UP as the drink.

photo 10847790_10152918886211252_292209338815966838_n_10152918886211252

The meal tasted much better than it looked!


photo 10407134_10152918886026252_6381409447927204000_n_10152918886026252photo 10698487_10152918886761252_3836680305328162793_n_10152918886761252photo 10845926_10152918886691252_2307036479491799225_n_10152918886691252

The view during descent.

photo 10375033_10152918887066252_4307199116130022478_n_10152918887066252photo 10847771_10152918887276252_4430490880056972025_n_10152918887276252

I decided to use the IFE and listen to as much music and watch films before arrival.

photo 1939868_10152918882636252_1653217221551451105_n_10152918882636252

The landing was rather hard, but nonetheless it was still an on-time arrival.

photo 10858618_10152918890861252_3262943824497217972_n_10152918890861252photo 10502088_10152918891006252_6496658356259254104_n_10152918891006252

Passing by several SQ jets on the way to Terminal 3.

photo 10857905_10152918890656252_3480427990053624343_n_10152918890656252photo 1460048_10152918890801252_4365549714607435892_n_10152918890801252photo 10703845_10152918890826252_7367225881025768372_n_10152918890826252

It was already getting dark outside.

photo 10403292_10152918890956252_368590689544675141_n_10152918890956252photo 10425103_10152918891036252_3463948270892684551_n_10152918891036252photo 10615331_10152918890891252_7640816614435498113_n_10152918890891252

Parked next to a B777-200ER.

photo 10175021_10152918891386252_2155970827033169587_n_10152918891386252


While all the other passengers were disembarking, I asked the leading stewardess serving my row if I could visit the suites. She happily agreed and just told me to wait till the other passengers have disembarked. 

A (blurry) shot of the Business cabin.

photo 1604391_10152918891651252_7683008873670027978_n_10152918891651252

The stewardess explained all about the suites and was happy to pose for a picture afterwards.

photo 10850031_10152918891906252_5191495737643041269_n_10152918891906252-74002photo 1395822_10152918892096252_2143453830782794249_n_10152918892096252photo 10847771_10152918891961252_2426775541293108142_n_10152918891961252

Afterwards, I headed back upstairs to grab my belongings. Another (blurry) shot of the Business cabin.

photo 10628402_10152918891836252_4569165784831187102_n_10152918891836252photo 10671322_10152918891621252_1740474884001520642_n_10152918891621252

This concludes my flight on SQ286. It was now time for an overnight layover at the Crowne Plaza before flying on SQ118 to Kuala Lumpur.

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Auckland - AKL


Singapore - SIN



It was a nice flight to Singapore on SQ, despite the long journey.
The crew were fantastic especially the leading stewardess who took the time to explain about the Suites.
Hopefully will get to fly with SQ again soon.

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  • Comment 532682 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6719 Comments
    I had no idea SQ were running A380s on that route. I guess it makes sense given their Joint-Venture with Air NZ. It's incredible how many A380s there were at one time at AKL for being a relatively small city--I remember seeing 3 EK A380s a few years ago (I know they aren't doing those Trans-Tasman A380 flights anymore, though). Still AKL gets some big birds, I guess it attests to the New Zealand's power to attract visitors. Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 532874 by
      CanadianWings AUTHOR 31 Comments
      I had no idea SQ were running A380s on that route.

      I was shocked as well when SQ sent an email to me saying that the aircraft was switched from the 77W to the A380! Although SQ still flies them today, I would rather much prefer the refitted 77W flight with newer cabin products.

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