Review of KLM flight Amsterdam Copenhagen in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL1127
Class Business
Seat 1F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:21
Take-off 25 Nov 19, 10:59
Arrival at 25 Nov 19, 12:11
KL   #41 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1011 reviews
Published on 12th December 2019

thanksgiving scandinavia trip

My family just about never celebrates Thanksgiving, so this year I decide to take a trip out of the country and visit a friend in Copenhagen. I ended up adding a few days in Stockholm as well an overnight layover in Lisbon on the way back.


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photo ezgif-1-a3ce1bd7f4ca

crown lounge 25

It was easy enough walking through Schipol Airport. I think it is reputed to be one the smoothest transit experiences in Europe and lived up to that reputation. The security lines for entering the Schengen Zone was nonexistent and I was quickly welcomed into Europe. The Schengen Crown Lounge (25) was found shortly after entering the Schengen part of the airport. 

photo 20191125_074145

The Crown Lounge 25 can be found upstairs right after entering the Schengen area of the airport.

photo 20191125_074337-44197

Check-in was via various electronic readers so you can just scan your boarding pass and go.

photo 20191125_074356-86015

This is easily one of the larger "domestic" lounges I've been in. There were seats everywhere in all kinds of configurations, from individual business desks, to counters, to small dining tables, etc . . . As you can see by the picture, even though it was not even 8am, the lounge was already packed, though it was easy enough to find a seat. The business desks were all occupied unfortunately.

At the far left was a completely enclosed smoking area.

photo 20191125_081356-70053

Here's a layout of the lounge from my phone (it was from a link that was sent to me for service). Later, when looking for this report, I was not able to find this picture on the Internet.

photo screenshot_20191125-07515

There was fairly decent breakfast buffet spread. It was mostly cold options, but there were some hot options like soup, bacon, scrambled eggs, etc . . .

The beverage selection was decent for a non-international lounge. The main attraction of the bar was a massive array of Heineken glasses.

Given that it was still dark outside and I was short on sleep, I opted for no alcohol. Instead, I grabbed a chocolate croissant and some hot options.

photo 20191125_075239

As soon as I arrived at the lounge, I went to the service desk to ask for a shower room. I was 9th in the waitlist (not sure how many showers there were). Luckily, I had well over an hour before I was supposed to board. Once you put yourself on the waitlist at the kiosk, you can enter your phone number. KLM will text you a link (mentioned above) to indicate where you are sitting in the lounge. When the shower room is ready, a lounge attendant will come get you. The only issue with this is that if you change where you are sitting (as I did), the link did not work to update my location. About 1:15 after I reserved the shower, I received a text and a call from KLM telling me to come to the service desk, where I was given the keys to the shower room.

The shower room itself was fairly basic, with stool for changing, a hairdryer, and some basic amenities. The water pressure was quite good.


Tons of flights were showing as cancelled or delayed on the screens in the lounge, but strangely enough, not mine. So I made my way over to Gate C10 a few minutes before boarding. The gate area was a mess, with hordes of people already lined up and crowding around. Shortly after I arrive, an announcement is made for a 30-minute delay. The scheduled boarding time was 9:34 CET, now pushed back to 10:00AM. However, 10 comes and passes without any boarding announcements. At 10:05, the captain came out and made an announcement explaining the situation: the fog at Schipol had delayed many other flights and he was waiting on the rest of his crew. They arrived about 10 minutes after the announcement and we began boarding at 10:20AM.

Boarding was an absolute madhouse. It made places like EWR or ORD look civilized by comparison. Either everyone on the plane was SkyPriority or priority boarding was not enforced whatsoever. I was pushed and squeezed constantly as I made my way in. 

photo 20191125_100453-84905

Here is the plane: PH-BXE, a nineteen years-old 737-800.

photo 20191125_092753

KLM has the standard intra-European business class: economy seats with a blocked middle seat.

photo 20191125_102457

In the U.S., I try to avoid the bulkhead seat when flying in domestic first because I find the lack of floor storage inconvenient on shorter flights. In the E.U., I try to get the bulkhead seat because that's the only seat with additional leg space. It's not bad here.

photo 20191125_102549

The seat was fairly standard. The power outlets could be found underneath each seat. The overhead panel had individual air nozzles. The tray table folded out from the side and there was a hook in front to hang your coat.

Boarding was complete at 10:45 with the 3-row business cabin full 12/12. We pushed back at around 10:59.

I saw two planes ahead of us waiting to take off, one of which was a Delta 767-300.

photo 20191125_110543

We took off at 11:09. Service began about 10-15 minutes into the flight.

photo 20191125_111700

Breakfast was served all at once on a tray. I opted for just coffee to go along with my breakfast. Normally I do not drink coffee, but I had an uphill battle to stay awake all day to fight the jetlag. Bread was offered and I opted for a croissant.

The smoked salmon was decent, as was the yoghurt. Everything else was a bit bland though. Trays were collected very quickly after it was apparent I was not going to eat anymore.

photo 20191125_112355photo 20191125_112439

Oddly enough, the menus were on the trays after they were served - kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it? Here's what the options for intra-Europe flights were that day:

I checked out the lavatory after meal service. It was basic, with the same Rituals Tulip & Yuzu hand foam as on the long-haul flight.

photo 20191125_113751photo 20191125_113754photo 20191125_113805

The purser was a very welcoming lady. She had a long conversation with the two gentlemen sitting in the aisle seats in the first row. They kept asking to see various bottles of wines, but did not drink any. Apparently, they worked for a company that had lost out on a bid to cater KLM's wines.

The purser announced the descent at 11:55am and we touched down 11 minutes later. We arrived at the gate at 12:11pm, about 50 minutes behind schedule.

One last shot of the plane: 

photo 20191125_121540
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Cabin crew8.5

KLM Crown Lounge - Schengen


Amsterdam - AMS


Copenhagen - CPH



Lounge: The Crown Lounge (25) was decent for a regional lounge. It had all the necessary options: clean showers, a hot and cold breakfast spread, and a decent beverage selection. It was very crowded. However, it serves as a nice place to freshen up when connecting from a redeye.

Cabin & Seat: Intra-European business class seats just economy seats with the middle seat blocked. At least the bulkhead gives plenty of legroom.

Service: Again KLM provided warm and welcoming service. It was also very efficient given the short duration of the flight.

Meal & Catering: I don't fly intra-European all that much, but it still feels like this was one of KLM's weaknesses. Is it better than a U.S. domestic first? Probably, but that's too low of a bar.

Bottom Line: I wouldn't ever pay for intra-European business on its own, but so long as it comes as part of an award ticket, I'll enjoy sitting up front.

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  • Comment 533578 by
    airberlin GOLD 1841 Comments
    Thanks again for that review YGeorgeW. I see that the seating has been changed in the lounge. The upper tables left from the entrance are new and were not there back in Summer. They replace an area which limited drinks and food which was not not appealing at all. Right move!
    Otherwise a pretty standard european KLM flight. The tray is more than sufficient, the cabin looks worn, the flight attendants are great - it's normally always what I get ;) Thanks for posting!
    • Comment 533633 by
      YGeorgeW SILVER AUTHOR 260 Comments
      Thanks for reading Airberlin!

      I agree about the seats. There is no need to have more than two food/beverage areas and adding these tables provides a lot more seating with outlets.
  • Comment 534795 by
    socalnow 978 Comments
    Thank you for continuing the story YGeorgeW.

    This is easily one of the larger "domestic" lounges I've been in.

    No kidding, it looks massive. Thanks for the tour and the map.

    Instead, I grabbed a chocolate croissant...

    We have a theme for this trip developing. The lounge food looks nicely presented.

    Breakfast was served all at once on a tray.

    Well it sure beats the UA snack basket!

    Bread was offered and I opted for a croissant.

    Sans chocolate?

    I wouldn't ever pay for intra-European business on its own, but so long as it comes as part of an award ticket, I'll enjoy sitting up front.

    Seems like a reasonable summation.

    Thank you again for the great read. Happy flying.
    • Comment 534801 by
      YGeorgeW SILVER AUTHOR 260 Comments
      Thanks for reading and commenting Christian!

      We have a theme for this trip developing. The lounge food looks nicely presented.

      - What can I say? Haha, I have a fondness for chocolate and croissants. When they're combined . . . can't be beat.

      Well it sure beats the UA snack basket!

      - Definitely. One nice thing about intra-European J is they seem to usually have decent catering.

      Sans chocolate?

      - Unfortunately, no chocolate option was available. The meal score would have definitely gotten a boost had there been chocolate croissants.

      Thanks again!

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