Review of KLM flight Buenos Aires Santiago in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL701
Class Business
Seat 01L
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 09 Feb 19, 08:55
Arrival at 09 Feb 19, 10:55
KL   #65 out of 98 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 777 reviews
By GOLD 848
Published on 5th December 2019

Hello again,

Now the most interesting part of the report can start with the long haul flights!  


transit EZE

I am welcomed by this nice looking A332:

photo dsc_0793_resultat

Connecting passengers on the same flight are given a transit coupon. The walk to the transit sector is the same as the walk to the arrival, upstairs and with a very long walkway:

photo dsc_0794_resultat

See you in a bit!

photo dsc_0795_resultat

The transit procedure is really easy and simple: just a security check and there is no need to put laptop and liquids out of the bag. Even water bottles brought from the plane can be kept. I really liked how easy it was.

photo dsc_0797_resultat

I could have gone to the lounge, the stopover is officially two hours but the boarding starts at H-45. The time to walk to the security and clear it, my layover was already down to 01H30 and I also wanted to see with the gate agent about a seat change. I was aware that the flight was far from being full and I hoped to trade my aisle seat for a window seat on the right hand side. The Andes view is not to be missed on that leg, so I tried my luck.

A really nice lady took care about my request and I was surprised to see that her french was far better than my spanish. We had the whole discussion in french. She checked the seatmap and confirmed 1K for me. She then says that I would still have time to go to the lounge as the boarding would not start before 30' but I wanted to make a bit of spotting and frankly speaking, I had been seating for the past 14H so a little stretching was needed :)

Sadly there wasn't too much to see apart from the A332 Avianca: 

photo dsc_0798_resultatphoto dsc_0799_resultat

My 773 being catered:

photo dsc_0801_resultat

I then walked a bit through the terminal:

photo dsc_0800_resultatphoto dsc_0803_resultat

That was my door:

photo dsc_0804_resultat

Transit documents:

photo dsc_0805_bis

the flight

Boarding was right on time:

photo dsc_0806_resultat

A not so nice fuselage shoot:

photo dsc_0807_resultat

Funny wise, PH-BVP took me to Bali two years ago.

photo dsc_0810_resultat

As almost usual with KLM a very warm welcome at the door. The crew was mostly super senior. The steward that was in charge of my row was most probably the oldest crew I ever had. Nevertheless this guy was absolutely great.
The cabin is still the same, no wonders at it is the same plane :) 

photo dsc_0811_resultatphoto dsc_0812_resultat

No covers / duvets for this short flight:

photo dsc_0813_resultat

My seat mate in the place:

photo dsc_0814_resultat

Norwegian just landed bound from London:

photo dsc_0815_resultat

The feet box is slightly larger here:

photo dsc_0816_resultat

A welcome drink was offered, it wasn't too early for a glass of champagne!

photo dsc_0817_resultat

The IFE already worked:

photo dsc_0818_resultatphoto dsc_0819_resultat

Menus are handed out, and I was really pleased to see that despite the flight leaving at 08:55 it would be a lunch on the flight. It makes sense as we just had breakfast before!

photo dsc_0820_resultat

Lunch menu:

photo dsc_0821_resultat

A coffee is offered a short while after, this is the first time I see both cold and then hot drinks as welcome. Much appreciated.

photo dsc_0822_resultat

As we push back LH arrived ex FRA and UX ex BCN:

photo dsc_0823_resultatphoto dsc_0824_resultat

Aerolineas again:

AZ ex MXP 773:

photo dsc_0828_resultat

Aerolineas again :

photo dsc_0829_resultat

737-800 :

photo dsc_0830_resultat

Line up:

photo dsc_0831_resultat

Adios Buenos Aires!

photo dsc_0832_resultatphoto dsc_0833_resultat

The climb rate was pretty steep as we were almost half full.

photo dsc_0834_resultatphoto dsc_0835_resultatphoto dsc_0836_resultat

The screen definition is pretty good:

photo dsc_0837_resultat

Exiting the clouds:

photo dsc_0839_resultatphoto dsc_0840_resultat

Tray table:

photo dsc_0838_resultat

As almost usual with KL, the service starts with a hot towel:

photo dsc_0841_resultat

The view begins to clear:

photo dsc_0842_resultatphoto dsc_0843_resultat

This time the handset works!

photo dsc_0844_resultatphoto dsc_0845_resultat

I took the gnocchis:

photo dsc_0846_resultatphoto dsc_0847_resultat

Together with the cutlery:

photo dsc_0848_resultat

The small Parma ham starter was perfectly adequate and the gnocchi hit the spot. Really nice and flavorful. The bread was excellent.

photo dsc_0849_resultatphoto dsc_0850_resultat

The dessert came with a generous Bailey's glass:

photo dsc_0851_resultat

Sadly the dessert wasn't as good as the rest of the meal. Too sweet and quite industrial.

Lunch ends with more Bailey's and a chocolate. 

photo dsc_0852_resultat

I had a digestive walk around the plane. The small J cabin behind the galley was empty: 

photo dsc_0855_resultat

It gives me the opportunity of a nice engine shoot:

photo dsc_0856_resultatphoto dsc_0857_resultat

As said … empty!

photo dsc_0858_resultat

The Eco Comfort section is pretty empty also:

photo dsc_0860_resultat

Let's have a look at the seat:

photo dsc_0862_resultat

The pitch is awesome:

photo dsc_0863_resultatphoto dsc_0864_resultat

Door 13:

photo dsc_0865_resultatphoto dsc_0866_resultat

Not that many passengers also in the back:

photo dsc_0867_resultat

Regular Y seats:

photo dsc_0868_resultat

View from the last row:

photo dsc_0869_resultat

The pitch isn't as good as in premium but really acceptable:

photo dsc_0870_resultatphoto dsc_0871_resultat

Another wing view:

photo dsc_0872_resultat

Rear door:

photo dsc_0873_resultat

Going back to my seat:

photo dsc_0874_resultat

I was really looking forward to the Andes crossing:

photo dsc_0875_resultatphoto dsc_0876_resultat

But before, the Delft House are out :)

photo dsc_0877_resultat

This is the seat in the full flat mode: 

photo dsc_0878_resultatphoto dsc_0879_resultat

Andes are coming closer:

photo dsc_0880_resultatphoto dsc_0881_resultat

the andes

I usually never put a subtitle for aerial views, but here, it was so breathtaking that I though it would be worth it :) 

photo dsc_0882_resultatphoto dsc_0883_resultat

Simply amazing:

photo dsc_0884_resultatphoto dsc_0886_resultat

As the flight progressed I was more and more captivated by the view:

photo dsc_0885_resultatphoto dsc_0886_resultat


photo dsc_0887_resultatphoto dsc_0888_resultat

Love those valleys:

photo dsc_0889_resultatphoto dsc_0890_resultat

I was speechless:

photo dsc_0891_resultatphoto dsc_0892_resultat

If you don't like, just scroll down ^^

photo dsc_0893_resultatphoto dsc_0894_resultatphoto dsc_0895_resultat


photo dsc_0896_resultatphoto dsc_0897_resultatphoto dsc_0898_resultat

Summit flirting:

photo dsc_0899_resultat

I loved the small cloud on top of this mountain:

photo dsc_0900_resultatphoto dsc_0901_resultat


photo dsc_0902_resultatphoto dsc_0903_resultat


photo dsc_0904_resultatphoto dsc_0905_resultat

What a beauty:

photo dsc_0906_resultatphoto dsc_0907_resultat

That was one of my best flight!

photo dsc_0908_resultatphoto dsc_0909_resultat

We're almost over the Andes

photo dsc_0910_resultatphoto dsc_0911_resultat

And soon back to the ground:

photo dsc_0912_resultatphoto dsc_0913_resultat


photo dsc_0914_resultat

scl - santiago de chil

Lots of constructions here. The terminal was supposed to be finished in 2018, we are February 2019 and it wasn't any close to be finished.

photo dsc_0916_resultat

AZ 772:

photo dsc_0918_resultat

Our gate:

photo dsc_0919_resultatphoto dsc_0920_resultat

787 LATAM:

photo dsc_0921_resultat

Chile, here I am!

photo dsc_0922_resultat

The walk to immigration was really, really long.

photo dsc_0923_resultatphoto dsc_0924_resultat

At least there were some travellators :)

photo dsc_0925_resultat

But not always:

photo dsc_0926_resultat

And again:

photo dsc_0927_resultatphoto dsc_0928_resultat

And no more :)

photo dsc_0930_resultat

At least … it took forever to get here :)

photo dsc_0931_resultat

Immigration was pretty quick, took less than 10 minutes. A tip if you go to Chile: the officer just put that paper in my passport without saying anything about it. Keep it. It needs to be given back when you leave the country. 

photo dsc_1037

A very nice new stamp in my passport:

photo dsc_1038

As fast as immigration was, as slow luggage delivery was. The area was overcrowed with AZ, UA, DL and some LA flights passengers all waiting for their bags. It was ways too hot in the waiting room and really not comfortable.

Once you collected your belongings, they all need to go through a scan and the queue was horribly long.

I waited 40 minutes for the belt to start. To make thing worse, all priority bags were delivered last. I took an hour to get my bag.

The good thing was that in the meantime the queue to the scanner was 80% smaller. All in all it took a solid hour to exit the airport.

I easily found my driver and already enjoyed the 32°C outside !

Next part is coming up soon, as usual, a big thank you for reading!

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Cabin crew10.0

Buenos Aires - EZE


Santiago - SCL



It was a wonderful flight with KL with a perfect senior crew. The views were breathtaking, I enjoyed every moment of this flight.

Catering was really nice if you except the dessert.

EZE was a breeze but SCL wasn't. The long walk to immigration, combined with the mess at the luggage delivery hall didn't impr

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