Review of American Airlines flight Washington Las Vegas in Domestic First

Airline American Airlines
Flight AA1081
Seat --
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 05:30
Take-off 30 Nov 19, 08:30
Arrival at 30 Nov 19, 11:00
AA   #61 out of 87 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 551 reviews
By SILVER 1381
Published on 26th August 2020


Hello and welcome to this series of American Airlines domestic First class reviews. Note that these reviews are pre-Covid, with the flights taking place over the Thanksgiving Holiday week in November 2019–the current groundings having allowed me to catch up a bit on previously unpublished reviews. 

Obviously, airline service protocols within the US have temporarily changed in times of Covid, with greatly reduced food and beverage availability on board.  The current measures are, of course,  precautionary in order to avoid physical contact. Hopefully service levels will return to pre-Covid levels once the crisis has been contained.


As I'd mentioned above, these flights took place over Thanksgiving week, which is traditionally the busiest period of the year for domestic travel in the US. Normally, we avoid domestic US travel like the plague over Thanksgiving and have taken advantage of flight deals to far-away destinations each year for the past decade, including Brazil, Greece, and Peru just the previous three years. You'll find those flight reviews, and many more, on my profile page.

Having a kid changes everything of course, so this year domestic travel was finally in the cards over the dreaded Thanksgiving period. As we'd just moved to Southern California a few months prior, we headed back to DC to spend the holiday with family. Though flying domestically with a 10-month-old over the a busy travel week isn't ideal, having TSA pre-check and flying in a premium cabin help to make the experience a bit less stressful.  

This review will cover the 1st leg of the return trip. The best prices between LAX and WAS had us connecting in Las Vegas for the return–the savings were significant enough to choose the connecting itinerary over the non-stop flight. 

In case you missed the previous review, you'll find a link below.


Reviews in this series:


photo 1-routing

pre-flight and check-in

As mentioned in the previous review, domestic First/Business class travel within the US does not come with lounge access, except for a handful of "Premium" transcontinental flights (e.g. NYC-LAX/SFO). Also, unlike IAD, there are no Priority Pass lounges at DCA–we therefore only arrived at the airport a little over an hour prior to departure to drop off the baby's car-seat at the Priority counters. 

photo img_7188

The B/C security checkpoint was a mess, as expected for the busy Thanksgiving holiday weekend, though the rest of the terminal was quiet at this early hour.

photo img_7189photo img_7190

Luckily, there was no wait in the TSA Pre-check queue, and we were through security in minutes despite the additional screenings involved with flying with a baby (i.e. testing of baby formula containers).

photo img_7191photo img_7192


By the time we arrived at the gate, it was now daylight out and we could check out or ride to LAS. 

photo img_7193photo img_7194

As I'd been previously told by AA gate agents that pre-boarding with an infant was not automatic and needed to be requested, I presented myself with my son at the podium for pre-boarding. 

The gate agent responded, "you can board with Group 2" without even looking up to acknowledge me or look at my boarding pass. 

I was taken aback and showed the agent that I held a First class ticket–which is Group 1–to which he curtly replied "Well then you're all set to board in Group 1." At this point I was annoyed and said…"well, that's not really pre-boarding, now is it?" to which he just shrugged his shoulders.

AA's inconsistent pre-boarding policy is very annoying. Technically, it appears that there is no official policy, as the AA website stated that "early boarding" may be requested–a distinct difference with pre-boarding. The boarding order policy also fails to mention where "early boarding" falls. As I've experienced in the past with other carriers, namely Delta, the pre-boarding policies just don't take in to account families flying with infants in First or Business class. 

This is not a huge deal, but pre-boarding can definitely alleviate stress for parents of very young children and this is an area that needs clarification, in my opinion.   

photo aa-boarding-order

In the end, the agent did the right thing and called us over out of the Priority queue to pre-board right behind a customer with a wheelchair–passengers with mobility issues certainly should board first.

I appreciate that the agent rectified the situation and made sure to thank him for his assistance. 

Upon boarding, I was once again pleasantly surprised to discover we were on an increasingly rare 737 equipped with in-seat entertainment. So that made 2 of 2 flights so far on this trip!

photo img_7196

The seats on these IFE-equipped 737s are much more plush and comfortable than the newer First class seats…these aren't even old–it's such a shame to see them being ripped out along with the seat-back screens!

photo img_7198photo img_7199photo img_7201

The boy checking out his seat for the next 5 1/2 hours/

photo img_7204photo img_7205

No doubt that DCA is an AA hub, with flAAg tAAils everywhere.

photo img_7206

In addition to personal screens, each Domestic First class seat features individual USB and power outlets. 

photo img_7211

The 40 inch (102cm) seat pitch on these 737s in the older configuration is among the most spacious for a domestic First class cabin. Sadly, cabins are being densified as part of the ongoing "Project Oasis" and bringing pitch down to a more typical 37-38 inches.

photo img_7213photo img_7226

Shortly after settling in, pre-departure drinks were offered with a full choice of the bar. 

As it was only 8AM I had a healthy breakfast drink…a mimosa. 

photo img_7212

the flight

Boarding of this very full flight was completed on time and doors were promptly closed for departure.  

photo img_7217

The safety video played as we awaited to push back from the gate.

photo img_7214photo img_7215

Delta A321 taking off as we push back from the gate.

photo img_7219

Today's route….pretty straightforward.

photo img_7220photo img_7225

Taxiing past Terminal B/C

photo img_7221photo img_7223

Lining up at the end of the runway.

photo img_7227

As always, taking off to the north offers great views of DC from the right side.

photo img_7228photo img_7229photo img_7230

The Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Tidal Basin, National Mall, Smithsonian, and Capitol Building can all be seen as we climb.

Downtown DC with the Ellipse and White House towards the center of the photo.

photo img_7240

The Lincoln Center and the Watergate as we follow up the Potomac River.

photo img_7241


photo img_7242

The French Embassy and Georgetown Hospital.

photo img_7244

The National Cathedral

photo img_7246

Bethesda, the National Institutes of Health, and Chevy Chase, MD

photo img_7247photo img_7250

Climbing above the clouds.

photo img_7251

The in-flight entertainment offers a large selection of films, TV series, documentaries, music, and games. Plenty to keep one occupied on a 5-6 hour transcontinental flight like this.

photo img_7252photo img_7253

The in-flight service began with drinks as we levelled out at cruising altitude.

photo img_7254

Shortly after, breakfast was served. There were two options, as usual. I went for the omelette and sausage in a spicy Chipotle sauce. I don't remember what the other option was, but knowing AA, it was probably steel cut oatmeal…that seems to always be one of the options on breakfast flights. 

photo img_7255

Though breakfast is never too exciting on planes, I liked that the sauce had a spicy kick to it and just the right amount of seasoning–a nice change from the usual bland domestic F options. 

photo img_7256

One thing AA always does right, warm biscuits. 

photo img_7258

FAs came through the cabin regularly offering drinks and made a pass with the snack basket as we got closer to landing.

photo img_7259

The little one slept most of the way once again, which made for a relatively relaxing flight.

photo img_7260-90535

Though I'm not a fan of people having their dogs outside of their carriers, this guy was very well behaved throughout the flight. I assume this was an "emotional support" animal as it was allowed to be out of the carrier, unlike standard pets-in-cabin.

photo img_7261

The kid woke up for a bit as we flew over the Rocky Mountains. I entertained him with the Lion King…

photo img_7265photo img_7266

As I entertained myself with the gorgeous landscaped outside.

photo img_7269photo img_7270photo img_7271

As we approached LAS and the desert southwest, the scenery changed drastically.

photo img_7272photo img_7273

We were treated to beautiful views of Lake Meade as we made our descent.

photo img_7274photo img_7275photo img_7276

I always love flying over the Western US. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but the skies are usually very clear, making it easy to enjoy the views.

Lush green golf courses in the middle of the desert…only in America!

photo img_7283photo img_7284

Las Vegas suburbs that appear to stretch to the horizon…very Los Angeles-esque

photo img_7285photo img_7286

And to end a scenic flight, we land at McCarran with views of the famous Las Vegas strip

photo img_7287photo img_7288photo img_7289

I hadn't expected to see an El Al 787 in retro livery in LAS

photo img_7291photo img_7292

Welcome to Vegas! Too bad we won't be staying this time….though, it probably wouldn't be any fun with a baby, hah!

photo img_7297photo img_7298

Thanks for reading!

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Cabin crew8.0

Washington - DCA


Las Vegas - LAS



Having flown this route several times, I've had both pre-merger US metal (A319/A320) and pre-merger AA 737s, but this was my first time getting a IFE-equipped aircraft on the route, which certainly made for a more pleasant 5h flight. Cabin crew were pleasant and efficient and catering was decent--nothing fancy, but I enjoyed the bold tastes. It certainly beat the cheap fruit and cheese plates and sandwiches they're serving in domestic F these days.



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  • Comment 561853 by
    lagentsecret 12308 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Even if I was hoping something more up-to-date ^^

    Such a long flight with a baby in a 737 : even in "First Class" brrrr :(

    The gate agent fortunately has changed his mind about the pre-boarding concept ;)

    Gorgeous pictures at take off

    The breakfast is typically US food
    Being a bit spicy is at least better

    Great Rocky Mountains pictures too

    And the icing on the cake during the descent to Las Vegas

    A very good flight because of an efficient crew and the beautiful scenery

    See you soon
    • Comment 561998 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6188 Comments
      Hi Lagentsecret, thanks so much for your comments!
      Yes, this is definitely a long flight with a baby, but I’ve gotten used to it—at least I was at the time, before Covid—and it’s better than being in the back with less space ?

      Flying out west on a cleat day is always a treat for the eyes.

      Thanks for stopping by!
  • Comment 561908 by
    NewYorker 187 Comments
    Hey Kevin, and nice to read a report of yours again, even if it's from a while back. Those 737s with PTVs seem to be the best AA narrowbody (other than the A321T, of course), so it's cool that you managed to fly on one them before they are gone. Do you know when AA plans to have all of them "Oasified"? That omelette looked like quite the improvement over a standard breakfast on a US carrier - Chipotle Sauce really does make a world of difference! Again thanks for sharing, and all the best :-)
    • Comment 561999 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6188 Comments
      Hey NewYorket, thanks for your comments!

      Definitely the best natrowbody F product (excl A321T , as you mention) along with the LAA 321

      The time frame for Oasifying has gotten shifted back a few times. Based on the negative feedback on the changes in F (not so much Y) AA is putting Oasified frames through a second round of refits to extent the pitch a bit in The first row of F and add storage and a more sturdy cabin divide. So some frames are having to go through twice for this follow up project denoted “Kodiak” first they get Oasis’d and the. Kodiak’d haha. At this point no idea when things will be done, but there aren’t many Oasis frames out there at the moment AFAIK
  • Comment 561917 by
    Menzenski 28 Comments
    Nice report! The IFE 737s sure look like a nice ride up front.

    I took this segment a number of times in 2019, and at least anecdotally (from my excessive checking the days before my flights) it looked like about 2/3 of the time it would operate with an IFE 737 - and I was lucky enough to get an IFE-equipped bird every time.
    • Comment 562000 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6188 Comments
      Hi Menzenski, thanks for your comment!

      Along with the LAA 321 this is the best domestic F experience IMO.

      I do remember for a while there they were running these pretty regularly on DCA-LAS and LAX along with LAA 321s on the latter but they they started putting MAXs on a bunch of routes, including LAX and it got inconsistent from then on. Even once the Max’s were pulled. In 2017, I got just a standard AA 738 on this route, and LAX has been hit or miss for me, and before that (between 2013-2016) I did a few flights which were all on LUS 32S.

      It’s weird because it seems there are times AA tried to be consistent with products on routes and then other times where it’s all over the place. Oddly, I’ve most often gotten 737s with PTVs on DCA-ORD...which i guess is a key route despite being short as it’s an “exception market” that receives full meals despite being under 900 miles

      Thanks for stopping by!
  • Comment 562230 by
    airberlin GOLD 1778 Comments
    Thanks Kevin once again for this very informative and well written report. Seats seem very comfy, however a wide body would be a plus. Meal option is not bad. On 5 hours I suppose the snack basket was also available outside of meal
    Service. Stunning views during landing. Thanks for that. AB
    • Comment 562845 by
      KévinDC TEAM SILVER AUTHOR 6188 Comments
      Hi Airberlin, thanks for your comments! Good catch, yes the snack basket did come out closer to arrival, I'd forgotten to mention it as I didn't take anything.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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